The natural cure for epilepsy that we offer allows you to naturally reduce the frequency of epileptic seizures. This natural remedy blocks the electrical impulses in the brain diminishing the reactions of neurons that cause seizures.

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Anyone suffering from epilepsy or a loved one who suffers from it knows how much this disease has a psychological effect. Indeed, epileptic patients generally live in permanent fear that a new seizure may occur at any time.

Rest assured!

Our natural treatment will allow you to definitely say goodbye to your epileptic seizures. It is a fast and effective natural remedy for preventing and controlling seizures.

This natural remedy is active in all epileptic seizures. It is suitable for both children and adults. Modern medicine offers drugs for epilepsy. Unfortunately, these medications often result in many disastrous side effects and are not always effective. They inhibit seizures, but are not curative.

Trust us !

The natural treatment to cure epilepsy that we offer allows to naturally reduce the frequency of epileptic seizures. The herbal tea is made of plants whose active ingredients will help you prevent or space your attacks. This natural remedy blocks the electrical impulse in the brain by reducing the neurons reactions that cause the seizures.

It also has another property on brain receptors that amplifies action against epileptic seizures. The herbal tea also helps eliminate anxiety and stress in the epileptic patients. When we know that stress is, in many cases, a trigger for epileptic seizures, it reassures right away. This natural treatment is very effective and has already cured many patients suffering from seizures.

The use of natural plants to cure epilepsy very often gives positive results and reduces the frequency of epileptic seizures. It is often worthwhile to think outside the box and follow the solutions offered by nature. In plants, we find the secret to definitively cure epilepsy.

Being a natural product made from plants and herbs, our remedy for epilepsy has no side effects on the patient, even in pregnant women and their babies. Unlike conventional drugs that can lead to developmental disorders and autistic disorders in children, weight gain or loss, depression, fatigue, fetal malformations, coagulation disorders in the newborn etc ….

Our therapy is currently recognized as effective and has no side effects. So, you can space your epileptic seizures naturally without fear of side effects.



The duration of natural treatment for epilepsy varies from 3 to 4 months. This natural remedy is the secret to cure epilepsy with plants. Our support is individualized. It will vary according to your symptoms and your expectations.



In addition to our treatment, the epileptic patients will have to follow certain recommendations. The nutritional aspect should not be neglected. Here are the precautions you need to take:

-Manage your stress: You must learn to controlled your emotions and stress. Indeed, even if stress is not a cause of epilepsy, it is a factor that triggers seizures. It is therefore essential to find ways to eliminate stress in the epileptic patients.

So, anything that reduces stress and anxiety, such as deep breathing, yoga, sports, massages, will be beneficial for you. Unfortunately, some doctors do not focus on relaxation techniques, which is sad. So, relax, relax, be zen.

– Reasonable usage of television and video games (which triggers seizures): we advise you to choose a television with a frequency of at least 100Hz and make sure that your child stays as far as possible from the screen. You must also keep the room enlightened and avoid playing video games when you are tired.

Avoid drinking alcohol: Are you a regular even moderate consumer of alcohol in all its forms. Be careful ! You will make your case worse. Indeed, alcohol and epilepsy have a dangerous relationship. Alcohol causes significant metabolic changes by increasing epileptogenicity.

Alcohol can cause long-term injury or even cerebral atrophy and thus increases the risk of generalized epileptic seizures. You must avoid alcohol and if necessary seek for help. There’s not just alcohol to avoid; Cannabis and hard drugs too are to be banned from your daily life.

Sports and Exercise :you must exercise regularly to reduce the intensity and frequency of seizures. There is a noticeable decrease in the frequency and intensity of seizures in epileptic patients who do sports. By a more or less complex mechanism, doing sports regularly helps prevent short circuits causing epileptic seizures. The number of attacks decreases and they become much less serious. In other patients, this will improve the disorders that accompany epilepsy ( i.e anxiety, depression, lack of sleep).

Many epileptic children do not practice sports because the parents think that physical activities are not recommended, which is a mistaken perception. For children, sport is a factor of self-esteem, valorization and socialization: 60% of epileptic patients normally practice a sport.

Sport is a great way to fight against low self-esteem and fear of illness.

However, before choosing your sport, we advise you to discuss it  with your doctor.

Avoid lack of sleep: When suffering from epilepsy, lack of sleep or troubled sleep can affect us even more and may, in fact, increase the risk of seizures. Sleep and seizures are connected in many ways. So, rest well, and avoid fatigue situations and long periods of sleep debt.


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