Our natural cure for toothache by plants is a powder that must be chewing on the party or you evil: it is a local anesthetic. This anesthesia remarkably quickly and evil.

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Toothache is one of the most painful ailments we can suffer in our lifetime. Today, it is rather easy to deal with this problem and discover its origin, thanks to the advanced technologies and training that dentists enjoy. When a toothache occurs, it is rare to be able to get an emergency appointment with the dentist and you often have to wait patiently!

This natural herbal remedy can greatly relieve dental pain. It is specially designed for those who still have pain, even after visiting the dentist. It is also very effective against bad breath. This will allow you to wait calmly before meeting your dentist.

Trust us !

This is the secret to relieve dental pain quickly and in the long term by the plants. But beware ! It does not exempt you from an appointment at your dentist.

Our natural remedy for healing dental pain by plants is a powder that must be chewed on the part where you are in pain: it is a local anesthetic. It is 100% powder made from plants harvested in Africa. These plants have anti-inflammatory compounds that reduce the impact of pain in the affected area, especially when it is an inflammation. This anesthetizes remarkably and quickly the hurt.

This natural remedy is very effective at removing the bacteria responsible for oral or dental infections. It is the solution to quickly relieve toothache and to have a good breath. The use of natural plants against dental pain and bad breath very often gives results. There are many plants in nature that have much more potent components than those present in toothpastes and the like.

This is the secret to relieve dental pain and to end bad breath. Being natural herbal and herbal products, our herbal teas do not cause any side effects, either on the body or on the health. Our natural treatment is not dangerous. It is the solution to relieve your dental pains and find a fresh and pleasant breath without side effects.



Duration of treatment: Our remedy for dental pain relieves toothache from the first minutes. Your dental pain will disappear quickly. However, for long-term treatment, we recommend at least 1 month. Even if this remedy acts magically on your toothache, do not delay to make an appointment with the dentist.



Here are some tips for relieving tooth pain. In addition to these remedies, brush your teeth at least twice a day and do not consume too much sweet products. These remedies will relieve you, but remember that the visit to the dentist is not optional, it is mandatory. It is : Remedy 1: Clove Clove contains a substance called eugenol.

This works as an excellent sedative to calm the dental pain. Its virtues are scientifically proven. How to proceed ? Either hold the clove against the sore tooth as it squeezes the jaws so that it stays in place, or you crush and apply it to the guilty tooth. Leave on the painful tooth for at least half an hour. Guaranteed relief. Its success is such that even dentists use clove paste to disinfect oral infections.


Remedy 2: Garlic Garlic has many medicinal properties, especially antiseptics and antibiotics. Garlic is one of the best ingredients in the world to fight oral infections, as well as the pain they cause. How to use it ? Crush a clove of garlic between your teeth at the level of inflammation or rub it on the teeth and gums. The pain should quickly disappear.


Remedy 3: Ginger Ginger has anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and antibacterial effects that help relieve toothache and remove the cause.


How it works ?

Mix 2 teaspoons of ginger powder with 1 teaspoon of water to obtain a consistent dough. Apply this paste on a cotton and apply it on the painful tooth. Avoid touching the gum.

Remedy 4: Salt The salt has an antiseptic power, able to relieve the dental pain. How to use it ? Dilute a teaspoon of salt in a glass of warm water and rinse your mouth for 30 seconds with the mixture before spitting it out. Salt water acts as a disinfectant on the area of ​​the diseased tooth and causes some of the fluid that causes swelling to come out. Repeat whenever necessary to relieve your toothache.

Remedy 5: Parsley Parsley has anti-inflammatory compounds that reduce the impact of the disorders in the pain area, especially when it is an inflammation. Take a little fresh parsley, and chew it a few times during the day on the part where you feel the pain. This will help calm your pain, and neutralize your bad breath.



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