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Les 6 habitudes les plus courantes qui detruisent les reins

The 6 most common habits that destroy the kidneys

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  • On 08/10/2020 at 11:22

As  we all know, the kidneys act as a filter that helps remove toxins, which would otherwise be carried through the blood to organs. The kidneys also balance the level of minerals necessary for the proper functioning of the body. Their role is therefore extremely important.

habits that destroy the kidneys

Therefore, kidney health is a condition for the proper functioning of the body. Let's find out below what are the most common habits that destroy the kidneys


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Insuficiencia renal tratamiento natural

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Insufficient water consumption

To function at optimal parameters, the kidneys need water. Water helps flush out toxins through urine and sweat  and, in addition, hydrates the body. The kidneys are those which ensure the evacuation of these toxins.


The 6 most common habits that destroy the kidneys


High consumption of foods that are too salty or too sweet

too sweet foods

Our body gets rid of unwanted fluids by filtering blood through the kidneys. Therefore, in order to remove excess water from cells, a balance between potassium and sodium is necessary.

Excessive consumption of foods that are too salty  increases sodium levels in the blood, thus disrupting the balance between the two minerals. As a result, the kidneys can no longer efficiently remove excess water from cells

The natural consequence of this is that due to the excess fluid accumulated in the body, additional pressure is created on the blood vessels in the kidneys. Over time, the kidneys' ability to eliminate toxins will be drastically reduced.

Excessive consumption of foods high in sugar  promotes the accumulation of kidney stones, increasing the risk of their formation by 33%.

Abstinence from urination

Let's be honest! However, I did at one point. The reasons why we refrain from urinating when the body demands it are varied and don't matter if we think we are putting our health at risk. Abstinence from urination is one of the most common habits that destroys the kidneys, increasing the risk of developing infections.

Bacterial infections that spread to the urinary system can affect the urinary tract, causing a variety of conditions, including cystitis and kidney stones.

Low magnesium diet

Magnesium is good for your health because it prevents certain cardiovascular diseases, cramps, symptoms of PMS, and the formation of kidney stones. At the same time, this mineral stimulates the elimination of toxins.

Excessive administration of analgesicsaa

Are you in the category of those who, at the slightest pain, take pain relievers? Then you need to know that you are prone to kidney disease. And that's because of the powerful chemicals these drugs contain that have a negative effect on the kidneys.

For example, common paracetamol is converted by the liver into toxic substances that harm the kidneys. After 3-4 days of administration of this medication, a decrease in urine volume can often be observed, accompanied by vomiting and diarrhea.

Increased consumption of red meat

Red meat

According to nephrologists, excessive consumption of red meat promotes the accumulation of waste products in the blood. This involves more strain on the kidneys, which can lead to kidney damage and dysfunction.

The proper functioning of the kidneys is also disturbed by phosphoric acid present in large quantities in red meat. In addition, this substance also promotes the formation of kidney stones. The optimal consumption of red meat is 1 g per kilogram of body weight. Therefore, a person weighing 60 kg should not consume more than 60 g of red meat per day.

Now that you know the most common kidney destruction habits, try to avoid them. Unfortunately, kidney disease sets in quickly and has a relatively rapid course. You can prevent them by reducing your intake of kidney-damaging foods, consuming enough water, and using the toilet as soon as you feel the need to urinate.

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