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Having a beautiful breast, is the desire of many women, firmer and fatter breasts without surgery, is not so hard as it may seem. It's not all about heredity. Fortunately there are natural solutions to have a nice chest and a beautiful neckline!

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To have a beautiful breast is to feel woman! This article is reserved for all those who dream of having a bigger chest and just waiting to fill their bra! Thanks to these recipes of grandmother you will not need any more to use of devices like the underwired bra, the disgraceous padding or the silicone prostheses. These methods, which have been tried since time immemorial to shape its neckline, are still topical and always effective.

But do not dream either, do not expect to go from an A cap to a C cup, however the results are still more than visible to talk about it, so if you want to have bigger breasts follow the guide:


To have bigger breasts naturally the best solution today is breastfeeding. In fact, it seems that some foods have the power to make, though temporarily, the breast a little bigger, in a completely natural way. The solution in these cases are phytoestrogens, plant compounds, which have a structure similar to that of human estrogens, but which have a lower hormonal action.


Let's go looking for foods that contain enough! But, what are they?

Among the foods that contain phytoestrogens certainly soy, barley but also fennel (which has always been used after pregnancy, when breastfeeding, to increase milk production) and licorice.

Obviously, to get good results in terms of increasing breast volume, good amounts of these foods are needed, but it is best not to overdo it. It must also be said that many have also questioned the diet of phytoestrogens over time, even claiming that it could be harmful or cause forms of breast cancer.

In fact, a phytoestrogen diet, not only is not dangerous to health, but is even protective against menopausal disorders, cardiovascular disease and is certainly useful in the prevention of breast cancer (as evidenced by the lower incidence of these cancers in women in many Eastern countries where a diet low in animal fats and proteins and rich in plants, especially soy, predominates).

In short, there are many good reasons to consume soy and other specified foods that are wholesome and wholly natural. In addition to food, the market today allows us to easily find preparations, often tablets, based on phytoestrogens. To date, there are not enough studies on this subject and, although these products sometimes promise desirable results, such as an increase of one or two sizes, in most cases they prove and are completely disappointing. In short, the conclusion is that if you want to opt for natural products, it is better to prefer the recommended diet (such as soy and its derivatives, such as soy milk), which, at most, can only do well.

The advice, however, as always, do not overdo it! Finally, to improve the results induced by breastfeeding, to have bigger breasts, you can add targeted physical exercises, to tone and enlarge the breast, to do even at home!


1 - Increase the volume of the chest with massage

  • Massage the breast with fenugreek oil in the morning and then at bedtime to make it penetrate well and stimulate blood flow to your chest.
  • You can use either homemade fenugreek oil or commercial fenugreek oil, prefer organic oil.
  • Test for 1 month, if the results are visible, continue another 2 months.
  • The massage with fenugreek oil increases the volume and promotes the elasticity of the chest.


2 - Fenugreek cure for small chest

Here is a little simple cure to achieve that will be very effective to give a little more shape to your chest:

  • Grind 100 grams of whole fenugreek seeds. Do not buy it in powder, in order to preserve all the properties of fenugreek make sure that it has not been mixed with another seed.

  • Put 1 teaspoon of fenugreek powder in a large water glass and add milk.

  • the blender so that there are no lumps.Mix well or use

You have to drink a glass of milk when you wake up.
You will notice an increase in breast volume after about 1 month.

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