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Varicocele is a disease that affects the testicles. It can be resolved with surgery or even with effective natural methods.
Varicocele is a vascular disorder that affects the area of the testicle, it is a dilation of the testicular veins that the blood flow in the testicle. It is a rather common disease that affects especially during the period of complete sexual maturation. It can occur in both testicles, although in most cases the left is affected, for anatomical reasons of the male genital tract. Let's see what symptoms it presents and how we can intervene.

How to cure varicocele with plants?
First of all, varicocele is not a fatality that can only be cured by an operation. The use of natural plants can cure varicocele definitively by avoiding surgery. The natural remedy to cure varicocele that we offer is entirely herbal. It is a natural remedy that successfully heals varicocele by strengthening the valves or valves located in the veins of the spermatic cords. The veins, therefore, become tonic and tenacious to facilitate the dynamic rise of blood along the veins. This to reach the most important veins such as the left renal vein and the inferior vena cava. So, it has proved its effectiveness with dozens of solved cases. Associated with an adapted diet, it allows treating varicocele quite easily. Therefore, it is the best natural remedy to cure varicocele and avoid surgery.
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Symptoms varicocele
Unlike pelvic varicocele, which only affects women, testicular varicocele affects men. More specifically, it is an alteration of the veins in the testicle. In practice, dilatation of the veins is created, which causes swelling precisely at the affected testicle. It must be considered that this is a pathology that affects several men, with an incidence of one person in seven. Those affected are usually young, between 15 and 25 years of age. Generally, this is more common on the left side than on the right side, but there are still cases of varicocele in both testicles, which are quite rare. This is called bilateral varicocele.

Varicocele creates very special symptoms.

Usually, it is an asymptomatic condition, but it can cause visible swelling of the testicles. In some cases, however, it can cause discomfort and pain. The pain may increase at night and during physical activity. Conversely, it decreases in intensity if the person lies on his or her stomach.

Varicocele surgery
It's a mistake to underestimate the impact of varicocele on fertility. If neglected, it can actually cause infertility. There are cases where an operation will be necessary, especially when the doctor suspects infertility as a possible consequence. The purpose of the surgery is to isolate or block the dilated testicular veins which will then be bypassed. It is a routine operation lasting about 20 minutes under local anesthesia. It is a safe operation and in only 10% of cases, there are relapses or complications.

Varicocele: natural remedies
Obviously, surgery is not always necessary to treat varicocele. So let's look at the best natural remedies in case the doctor doesn't think surgery is appropriate.

Below we present, after research, the best and most useful products for varicocele, which can be easily purchased on Amazon.

 - Vitamin C 1000 mg 180 capsules
Some medical research has shown that vitamin C supplements are useful in the treatment of varicocele. Here's how to buy a good product, available on Amazon for about 30 euros. It also contains dog rose, a very good natural source of ascorbic acid.

 - Gemmoderivano chestnut
The chestnut tree can be useful as a remedy to improve blood circulation which, in this case, seems to be compromised. This product is a gemmoderivate which costs about 14 euros on Amazon. It is non-alcoholic and can also be used by children and pregnant women.

 - Ruscus dietary supplement
Ruscus is another well-known natural remedy for blood circulation. This dietary supplement can be bought on the net, at Amazon, for about 25 euros. It is a product of excellent quality, which includes the presence of 100 capsules and bears the brand name Solgar. It is very useful to improve the function of microcirculation and can also be used by women in the presence of cellulite.

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