The 10 best home remedies to enlarge the penis you didn't know

It is normal for you to sometimes feel dissatisfied with the size of your penis. For most women, a man with a large penis is very sexy and erotic. In these times, having a small penis is not a concern, because with a few simple home remedies to enlarge the penis, you can make it grow a few inches.

Natural methods to lengthen the penis
Penis surgeries and dilators are methods that can work but are at high risk. On the other hand, the following remedies to enlarge the penis are natural and have no side effects. The key to using these plants to enlarge the limb is to be consistent and execute them carefully and correctly to see the expected results without hurting yourself, be very careful.

1. African medicinal plants

Dawabio experts have done intensive research for 25 years to offer you the best solution in the world for enlarging and lengthening the penis. Here is a mixture of African herbal medicines to enlarge and lengthen the penis without side effects.
This natural treatment surpasses conventional treatments. Indeed, even if they can increase the size of your penis, they have side effects that could be far greater than the benefits that you could find in them. It will make your penis grow naturally, lastingly and simply by stimulating your testicles to produce more testosterone (hormone for virility and the development of secondary sexual characteristics).
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2. Ginger
Ginger reduces the problems associated with high blood pressure and the immune system, which improves blood circulation, including blood going to the penis, which causes the corpora cavernosa to absorb a large amount increasing its size and thickness .

3. spinach
Spinach, in addition to being linked to the strength of Popeye, is also rich in folic acid, magnesium and iron. This plant leaf contains inorganic nitrates, which become nitric oxide when they come into contact with bacteria present in the mouth.

This complex chemical process helps your body improve blood pressure, which results in better erections. But above all, higher blood pressure in your private part which will help your penis to reach its maximum power.

Consume spinach, it dilates the blood vessels of your penis, reaching a larger size, eat as much as you can.

4. pumpkin seeds

Auyama or pumpkin seeds contain vitamin E in large quantities, this vitamin promotes the development of your limbs, eat them as a snack or use them to season your meals.

5. dark chocolate
Dark chocolate greatly helps to increase the size of your penis, but do not abuse it because it contains too much sugar in addition to cocoa. On the other hand, not eating milk or white chocolate improves blood circulation. pepper
If you are a spice lover, the best option is to consume red chili peppers, this activates your metabolism and allows more blood to reach your genitals.

7. Ginkgo Biloba
Ginkgo Biloba pills increase blood circulation, which will increase the size of your penis and your partner's sexual pleasure. These types of natural products for enlarging the limb are easy to obtain and have no side effects.

8. Peruvian maca
Peruvian maca has high nutritional and medicinal properties, vitamins, minerals and amino acids therefore increases circulation in your penis giving you strong and lasting erections, in addition to that it has aphrodisiac properties.

9. Ginseng
Another great herb for penis enlargement is Ginseng. In addition to being a powerful aphrodisiac, it eliminates sexual impotence, it helps improve blood circulation, effectively filling the blood channels of the penis, making it swell and increase its size.

10. Avena sativa
Oat sativa is a great product for the brain and nervous system; it is indicated to remedy impotence, fatigue and tiredness, it helps to improve the size of the penis.

11. Cayenne pepper
Cayenne pepper stimulates the blood vessels that form the penis, resulting in stronger, longer-lasting, resilient, strong, resilient erections and include this in your meals as a dressing.

As you can see, all these products act naturally to enlarge the male member, because they stimulate and improve blood circulation. The corpora cavernosa responsible for absorbing the blood during the erection retains it, which gives the penis a larger and thicker appearance.

What I recommend is to combine these remedies to enlarge the penis with other techniques to enlarge the penis like the one I show you below.

Technique to enlarge the penis naturally
I recommend supplementing the remedies I have shown you with natural exercises to enlarge the penis 100%, so that you can see better results and faster. Jelqing exercises are one of the most commonly used penis enlargement techniques. Its great popularity is deserved because these types of exercises work very well. Here I will show you how to do Jelqing:

   1. Lubrication To perform this exercise, you must lubricate your penis with baby oil (you can also do it dry, but you may feel discomfort).
   2. Place your index finger and thumb around the base and press, stretch towards the glans and, relentlessly, start again.
   3. Repeat and duration. Repeat about 100 times. Each section (Jelq) should last at least 1 second.
   4. Frequency Try to do it for at least ½ hour to start, your penis must not be erect, if it becomes very hard, wait until it relaxes and starts again, it is not magic, but it is without danger if you do it right.
   5. To thicken the penis, you need to vary the technique a little. With your penis erect at 90%, squeeze the base while pushing it so that the blood exerts pressure on the upper part. This movement will help you increase the thickness of the limb, combined with traditional jelqs.

Other homemade tips to enlarge the penis
I do not recommend the use of pills to grow the penis because its side effects are important. In addition, you would still need it to maintain the results. But there are little tricks that will make your penis look bigger.

Cut your pubic hair: if your penis is hidden in a pile of hair, it will look much smaller, so keep your hair trimmed, it will look like it is bigger.

Lose weight: If you shed those extra pounds, you will also point out, if you lower your belly and your belly, it will look bigger.

These small changes will make your member look better and so will the girls. On the other hand, if you want to get a bigger penis in a few weeks, I recommend that you see the method that I have used that has given me incredible results.

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