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Natural therapy to treat hemiplegia

What is hemiplegia?
Hemiplegia is paralysis on one side of the body following a cardiovascular accident.

Causes of hemiplegia
It is the result of a nerve impulse injury to the brain or spinal cord caused by a blockage of the arteries that deprives the brain of blood circulation.

The most common cause is the lack of blood supply to the brain with the corresponding cerebral necrosis. It should be taken into account that if the lesion is on the right side, the lack of sensitivity will appear on the opposite side and vice versa. Hemiplegia is not old, although it is more common in people over 65 years of age.

The part affected by hemiplegia has muscle paralysis, stiffness and, over time, muscle atrophy due to lack of movement. In general, the symptoms depend on the part of the brain-damaged.

Lesions caused by hemiplegia cancel the movement and the sensitivity of a part of the body, such as face, arms, leg, it is not excluded that two members can be affected simultaneously by only one part of the body.
Usually accompanied by a loss of vision, a hearing ability, it sometimes happens that even the ability to reason.

Hemiplegia therapies
Several physiological treatments help people with hemiplegia improve their quality of life and even recover a type of movement.

African medicinal plants
If you suffer from hepatilegia or have someone around you who suffers from it, this natural treatment (natural remedy with herbal teas for hemiplegia) is the solution for you. It is a very effective herbal remedy that will allow you to regain your mobility. The majority of patients who have used this natural remedy recover some of their abilities spontaneously. However, the extent of functional recovery remains unpredictable. This herbal remedy is the secret to preventing the worsening of hemiplegia and causing it to regress.

Our natural solution with herbal teas against hemiplegia is composed of 2 elements: a herbal tea and a balm. This herbal tea is filled with incredibly powerful herbal remedies that help cure a wide range of illnesses, including hemiplegia. Their active ingredients provide relief in symptoms of hemiplegia. This herbal tea also has a soothing and calming effect on the nerves and helps them to function properly. It is a nervous tonic which not only strengthens the nervous system but also keeps its function intact and in good order. It prevents the degeneration of brain cells and helps optimize their function. Our balm is quickly absorbed by the skin and it gets to work immediately. It energizes the nerves and brain cells. The combined action of herbal tea and balm is the miracle solution to cure hemiplegia by plants.

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It is one of the most common therapies or techniques for hemiplegia. It includes physiotherapy, passive or active movements of the affected part; rehabilitation of affected limbs; respiratory physiotherapy; cold and heat treatments, etc.

Continuous electroacupuncture sessions are ideal for sensitivity, stiffness, lengthen the appearance of muscle atrophy. In some cases, limb sensitivity is recovered to some extent.

For centuries it has been the technique or treatment of hemiplegia, as it is very effective in relieving all the conditions caused by this problem. When we start treatment, we have more chance to recover.

Reiki sessions can go very well for providing energy and calming the stiffness of the body, relieving pain, as well as giving inner peace.

Phytotherapy or medicinal plants, another of the hemiplegia therapies

  • Orange blossom: calming nervous, muscle relaxant
  • Poppy: muscle relaxant
  • Aloe Vera: in the juice, it is a perfect antioxidant to find us well inside.
  • Passionflower: in case of insomnia that sometimes appears in people with hemiplegia.

The diet should be very varied and healthy. We will avoid alcohol and all saturated fats because precisely the origin of this stroke is generally excess cholesterol, hypertension, etc.
We will pay particular attention to the consumption of fruits, vegetables, and legumes. Foods rich in healthy fatty acids will be our allies: raw nuts, flax seeds, chia, olive oil, etc.

Massage is ideal for giving muscles more elasticity and movement. It can also relieve and relax pain on all levels, both muscle and nervous.

Bach flowers
Bach flowers can help to accept the situation, calm the mood change by helping to improve hemiplegia.

Cranio-Sacred Osteopathy
It can undoubtedly be another of the great treatments for hemiplegia.

Certain remedies such as Arnica Montana can also help us in the medium term. The ideal would be to consult a homeopath to tell us the ideal remedy, as well as the recommended power and frequency.

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