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Miracle and secret recipe to enrich sperm in quality and quantity
What is it about ?

Sperm is a biological fluid expelled from the body during ejaculation and containing spermatozoa. Secreted by the male sex organs, the sperm contained in the sperm is used to fertilize the female oocyte and thus begin the process of reproduction.

This liquid, produced by men from puberty, is composed mainly of water, sperm, but also hormones, neurotransmitters or endorphins. Spermatozoa, which are between 20 and 200 million per milliliter of liquid when it is considered "good", however, only represent 1% of the sperm composition.

In terms of quality: a normal sperm is the guarantee of good sexual health and a high fertility rate in men

In terms of quantity: during oral or vaginal intercourse, a lot of sperm gives your partner more pleasure


The seminal fluid and the cell elements are part of the sperm components as well as spermatozoa, germ line cells, polynuclear macrophages, growth hormones, stem cells, nutrients, trace elements, epithelial cells ... A sperm is considered to be normally fertilizing with a sperm. sperm density between 20 and 300 million spermatozoa per milliliter (ml3).

Below this threshold is called oligospermia.When sperm can not move normally to reach the egg (deficit of flagella or lack of speed), it is called asthenospermia, in case of total absence of sperm in one milliliter of sperm is called Azoospermia.It happens that the number of abnormal spermatozoa are high we speak of teratospermia.The sperm lifespan is 72 hours in case of premature death of the latter we speak of necrospermia

The spermatozoids draw its strength and these elements nourish in sperm: vitamins C and B12, mineral salts such as calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium and zinc, sugars (fructose and sorbitol). It also contains traces of hormones, including testosterone. It contains cytokines that induce a maternal tolerance vis-à-vis the future embryo (they are brought by the seminal fluid).


Sperm may contain antibodies showing a reaction of the body against its sperm.
It can also contain traces of pollutants.

The rate of these secretions vary according to the individual, his age, the circumstances (the time that separates Final ejaculation from previous ejaculation or other factors such as diet ...).

The benefits of sperm on stress and anxiety
Composed of the seminal fluid of certain hormones and sperm, sperm would also be effective in fighting anxiety and depression. Indeed, after being in contact with the sperm (so during unprotected sex), the subjects of the study were more happy.

This sensation is due to the hormones contained in the sperm, such as serotonin or melatonin, known to regulate anxiety. Once in the blood, these substances promote mental well-being, and thus help to reduce depressive states. This applies both for oral contact, during oral sex for example, and vaginal, as during ejaculation after penetration. Thus, sperm would be a natural anti-depressant, as well as some foods such as dark chocolate.

Sperm, good for the skin: an anti-aging ally
Contained in sperm and some plants spermidine, possess virtues effective in the fight against aging cells. This anti-aging effect has been attested in various scientific studies on individuals who consumed sperm. Spermidine helps fight against Alzheimer's disease and stimulate hair growth.

Indeed, the sperm also have benefits on the hair and the radiance of the skin, because of its nutritional properties and its water intake. Finally, ingesting sperm could also reduce the risk of cancer, including breast cancer (subject to in-depth study).


Our miracle recipe and secret to enrich sperm


  • Gou kokoe (banana)
  • Alcohol (Sodabi)
  • Africian natural egg (uncooked)
  • 5 seeds of Moringa Oleifera (Kpatima en fon)

Protocol: put the banana in a glass grind with a spoon, add the egg yolk and transparent liquid, Mix add alcohol

Stir until you get a homogeneous paste and have a drink in the morning on an empty stomach.

Complete the treatment by eating 5 moringa seeds in the afternoon.

This recipe premet to enrich sperm in quality and quantity
A sperm quality very heavy thick, whitish and filled with sperm is the guarantee of good sexual health!

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