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Cure epilepsy: they launch a new single-use oral treatment

Epilepsy, an electrical storm in the brain, is a chronic and common disease. It mainly affects children, adolescents and the elderly to varying degrees. The causes are in some cases genetic, but in most cases, they are not identified. But it also remains a taboo subject, and although with precise diagnosis and treatment, 70% of patients stop having seizures, the disease and those who suffer from it continue in a labyrinth of overdiagnosis, underdiagnosis and of stigma.

It is one of the most common neurological diseases, affecting around 50 million people worldwide. According to epidemiological studies in developed countries, 5 to 10 people in 1,000 suffer from active epilepsy, called the prevalence of the disease. The incidence is what refers in epidemiology to the appearance of new cases in a period which is 40 to 70 per 100,000 inhabitants. Anyone can have a seizure once in their life. It is estimated that 10% of the population will suffer from seizures throughout their life.

About 30% of patients with epilepsy fail to adequately control their seizures. Uncontrolled epilepsy, therefore, generates increased morbidity and mortality, increased stigma and impaired quality of life. There are different types of pharmacological treatments for epilepsy. Antiepileptics (FAE), which aim to control seizures, are around 20. All coming with different benefits and side effects. There are conventional FAEs, second-generation FAEs, and third-generation FAEs.

Natural epilepsy treatment

After 25 years of extensive research, Dawabio experts have discovered the best natural herbs to cure epilepsy. This natural remedy is active in all epilepsy attacks. Thus, it is suitable for children as well as adults. Modern medicine offers medicines for epilepsy. Unfortunately, these drugs often cause many disastrous side effects and are not always effective. They inhibit seizures but are not curative. Trust us! Our natural treatment is the secret to preventing epileptic seizures by plants. How does it work?

Firstly, this natural remedy blocks the electrical impulse in the brain by decreasing the reactions of the neurons which provoke the seizures. Secondly, it has a property on brain receptors which amplifies the action against seizures.
Finally, herbal tea also helps to eliminate anxiety and stress in people with epilepsy. When you know that stress is, in many cases, a trigger for epileptic seizures, it immediately reassures you.
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A new treatment

Based on the active substance Eslicarbazepine Acetate, a new epilepsy treatment has been approved by Anmat, which presents the efficacy of dibenzazepine derivatives but without its undesirable effects, whose main advantage is that it is not taken only once a day.

This is an important novelty because the epilepsy treatment is mainly pharmacological. Although 50% of patients generally respond favorably to the first drug of choice, non-responders generally need a combination of different drugs. Clinical studies have shown that this third-generation antiepileptic drug is an excellent option for treating patients with focal seizures with or without secondary generalization, with a single daily intake.  The effectiveness is proven, there are minimal interactions and it is well-tolerated.

Concerning side effects, drowsiness, instability, and dizziness may occur, but only slightly. These symptoms are tolerated and transient. The effects are tolerated after a week or a few days. And if the patient takes the medicine at night, the fact that it produces drowsiness, would not affect it, on the contrary. Eslicarbazepine can be used as an adjunct therapy in focal epilepsy or for monotherapy use (initial therapy), as it is approved by the FDA and EMEA with these indications. Anmat approved it last year as an adjunct therapy and now also like monotherapy.

The onset of seizures

As explained in medical textbooks, epileptic seizures are episodes of impaired electrical activity in the brain that are manifested clinically by impaired consciousness or by the appearance of motor, sensory or behavioral symptoms.

The causes are multiple and range from genetics to a stroke or brain injury caused by trauma. Most attacks last from 30 seconds to 2 minutes and do not cause lasting damage. However, if they occur for more than 5 minutes or if a person has many seizures and does not wake up between them, it is a medical emergency. Epileptic seizures are episodes of altered brain electrical activity.

Symptoms vary from person to person and the type of attack depends on the part of the brain affected. Some people may experience simple absence episodes, while others may experience loss of consciousness and severe tremors. Hence the importance of the diagnosis which is clinical and based on an interrogation. To find out the causes, the family and personal history are studied the same as what happened before, during and after the crisis. Besides, the doctor may request blood and urine tests, an electroencephalogram (EEG), and brain imaging studies such as resonances or tomographies.

The importance of a certainty diagnosis lies in the fact that, once treatment with the appropriate drugs has been established and started, approximately 70% of patients stop having seizures. This means that people can develop their daily activities in the usual way, with a few exceptions.

Regarding epilepsy, it is important to emphasize that not only has progress been made in the diagnosis of the disease, but also in the treatments. The incorporation of new drugs, better tolerated by patients, also promotes the development of a good quality of life.

The future in this area has just started its emergence. The objective is to incorporate new and modern drugs, with new mechanisms of action in the brain, while looking for the ideal drug.

What do we call "ideal medicine"? It is for what is effective, that is to say fulfills the objective of seizures management and is also safe. This implies that there is no problem related to your intake or the combined use with other drugs.

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