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Clogged fallopian tube: herbal therapies

Do you have a blocked fallopian tube and still want to get pregnant naturally? We show you alternative treatment options, including NFP (natural family planning)

In forums or other social media platforms, we often hear the argument: NFP is quite good, but if you have closed or stuck fallopian tubes, there is only reproductive medicine (ICSI, IVF) left. But is it true? What do studies say about this subject? And how PNF can help in closed fallopian tubes. Likewise, we would like to show traditional medicine and alternative treatment options, which will help to open unblock fallopian tubes.

What if I have blocked tubes and want to get pregnant?
Here is the best African herbal remedy to unclog the fallopian tubes and get pregnant quickly. These plants are very effective in unclogging the fallopian tubes. They have already enabled many women around the world who had blocked tubes to regain their fertility without surgical operations. If you have blocked tubes, here are the herbal remedies that will allow you to experience the joy of being a mom. How does it work?

The natural remedy is made up of 2 elements: an oil to be applied as a poultice and herbal teas. By its vasodilating, depurative and diuretic power, the tea will act to unclog your fallopian tubes. Also, the oil to be applied as a cataplasm helps soften the tissues and improves circulation throughout the pelvic region. So the combined action of these two elements will allow you to naturally unclog your fallopian tubes and get pregnant. This natural treatment is the perfect solution to unclog your fallopian tubes with plants. You will, therefore, become pregnant and experience the joy of giving birth unless you have other causes of infertility.

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What is a tubal closure?
The closure of the fallopian tubes is a constriction of the fallopian tube, which prevents the union of the egg and sperm in the fallopian tube (fertilization).

Closure of the fallopian tube is a common cause of infertility. But we must consider here the severity of the tubal closure. After all, a woman naturally has two fallopian tubes. If a fallopian tube is affected, then the woman can also ovulate on the other fallopian tube and of course, get pregnant.

For the two fallopian tubes to be completely occluded is already rare. But tubal closure is not necessarily synonymous with infertility.

What happens to the eggs when the fallopian tubes are stuck?
In this case, the egg cannot be carried further by the small eyelashes, which inside the fallopian tube normally transport the egg to the uterus. Thus, the ovum cannot meet with a spermatozoid and there cannot be a pregnancy. In principle, it is the same thing that would happen if no sperm were present. The egg is recycled by the body into the fallopian tube. It practically dissolves and simply disintegrates.

Causes of obstructed fallopian tubes
The fallopian tubes are sometimes disturbed by adhesion phenomena that prevent the passage of the ovum, sperm, and embryo. These anomalies, that may be responsible for infertility, can have three origins:

This is called salpingitis or inflammation of the fallopian tubes. It is often linked to a sexually transmitted infection, in particular, transmitted by the chlamydiae microbe. This infection can either lead to the creation of tissue around the fallopian tubes which then mechanically impede the free passage between the ovary and the fallopian tube, or an obstruction of the fallopian tube at its end. Poorly removed uterine curettage (following a miscarriage) or improper placement of an IUD can also cause infection.
In this case, these are tubal problems due to post-operative complications. Many interventions, however banal, can damage the fallopian tubes: appendectomy, gynecological surgery on the ovaries or the surgery on a uterine fibroid.
This common gynecological disease, which appears as small fragments of the endometrium (pieces of the uterine lining) on ​​the fallopian tubes and in the ovaries, or even on other organs, can damage the quality of the fallopian tubes or even block them.

Closed fallopian tubes: medical treatment
I would like to keep this part simple so that it is understandable for laymen and therefore does not go into details and only gives an overview. Basically, in pure medicine, there are only two solutions to treat the closed fallopian tubes. It is very important to say that purely medical methods do not eliminate the causes of blocked fallopian tubes.

Here, the closure is surgically removed. There are very different operations, depending on the objective you have and where the fallopian tubes are closed. At an early stage, surgery can be avoided by stopping inflammation of the fallopian tubes using oral or local antibiotics.

Flushing the fallopian tubes (cannulation)
Here, the fallopian tubes are flushed using a catheter and thus exposed again. This therapy is not possible in all cases. Among other things in cases where the fallopian tubes are completely closed.

Other options do not involve drugs. There are, of course, different success rates and risks for each surgery, which you can discuss with your doctor.

Closed fallopian tubes - natural treatment
Yes, there are also natural options for treating the occluded fallopian tubes. The basic idea is very simple. The occluded fallopian tubes are more often the result of inflammation and adhesions. Especially in the area of ​​inflammation, there is much that can be done to counteract the closed fallopian tubes. In general, natural treatment for the causes of closed fallopian tubes makes sense, as the fallopian tubes can close after surgery or cannulation. This is particularly the case in diseases such as endometriosis.

1-Optimizing fertility
The idea is simple: Cleanse all toxins from the body and eat right because the causes of inflammation come from the body. Smoking and alcohol, for example, should be stopped because they reduce general fertility, etc. Some special naturopaths specialize in this type of therapy.

2-Enzyme therapy
Enzyme therapy consists of systemic enzymes (the body's enzymes), which help the body reduce inflammation, occasional pain, and scar tissue. Traditionally, athletes have used systemic enzymes to recover. In addition, enzyme therapy should always be performed in the supervision of a specialized naturopath or a specialized alternative practitioner.

3-Fertility massage
Some practitioners of alternative medicine suggest fertility massages to unblock the fallopian tubes. These usually involve massages with hot oil on the abdominal area. How to do a fertility massage?
-Lie down on an exercise mat with your face up and a pillow under your lower back.
Relax and apply almond, olive or lavender oil on your hands and apply by massaging your pubic bone, because the uterus is below this bone.
-Gently massage from bottom to bottom and pull your abdominal wall towards the navel. Maintain this position, count to 10 and release your hands. Repeat this maneuver 10 to 20 times.
NB: Do not do this if you are bleeding or if you are pregnant. Also, if possible, visit a massage therapist specializing in abdominal massage for best results.

4-Clear Passage Therapy (Wurn Technique)
Clear Passage therapy is also commonly known as the Wurn technique. This technique works without the use of drugs or surgery. Numerous studies prove the success of this technique for the natural unblocking of the fallopian tubes. These studies were published in 2004, 2006, 2008 and 2015 in the journal Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine. There are currently only 7 clinics worldwide offering this therapy, five in the United States and two in the United Kingdom.

According to a study published in Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine (2008), the Wurn technique had a 61% success rate in opening blocked fallopian tubes. The results of this therapy will last for many years in most cases, compared to surgery where the scar tissue usually grows back and the fallopian tubes are blocked again about 6 months after surgery. However, it should be clear that the Wurn technique needs to be better studied, as very few women (26) participated in the study.

5-Herbal therapies
There are still many herbal therapies from natural medicine, which are not scientifically confirmed. These should have 4 effects: antibiotic, anti-inflammatory, circulatory and hormonal regulator. If you are interested, you should also look for a specialist naturopath nearby.

There are many other natural therapies, I would like to show that there is not just the classic pure medical variant. Most natural therapies have not yet been studied, so their effectiveness has not been proven. They are mainly used in combination with medical therapy, otherwise, the fallopian tubes can usually be blocked again within a few months. Here is a list:

Apple cider vinegar
Apple cider vinegar is a fermentation product that produces yeasts and bacteria that are beneficial for unblocking the tubes. Vinegar contains several vitamins and minerals, including magnesium, potassium, copper, group B vitamins and vitamin C. Taken daily, it can help unblock the fallopian tubes by balancing hormones and reducing fibroids.
How to take it:
-Mix 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar in 1 glass of water
-You can add a touch of honey or molasses to soften the mixture.
-You can drink the mixture right away or sip it for 30 minutes.

How can NFP help with closed fallopian tubes?
So now we come to the most important question, how NFP (= natural family planning) can help in closed fallopian tubes. First of all, we have already shown that there are different natural and medical treatment options to reopen the closed fallopian tubes. If it is possible to reopen the fallopian tubes, there is nothing to prevent a natural pregnancy.

However, women with blocked fallopian tubes have a problem. Just when the occluded fallopian tubes are cleaned again by surgery and when the causes of the fallopian tube closure are not resolved, the fallopian tubes may close. The result is a race against the clock.

With PNF, women with blocked tubes get pregnant faster according to studies
And that's where the PNF comes in. Which woman gets pregnant faster? The woman who has sex every day for optimal fertility or the woman who has just had sex at some point in the cycle? Right, studies clearly show that women who use NFP to determine their fertile days get pregnant faster.

In studies, 81% of women became pregnant after just 6 months. It is the same percentage in percentage as without the method in 12 months. Especially when you have a tubal occlusion and it happens in each cycle, the NFP is extremely important to use the time that remains until the fallopian tubes can close.

The same benefit is given if you have only one fallopian tube or if the fallopian tubes are only partially closed. The fact that the odds are increased, makes sense. The more sex you have with ovulation, the larger the sperm that go to the egg. Thus, they can more easily overcome resistances such as a semi-closed fallopian tube, etc. However, we must always make it clear that we associate the symptothermal method with the PNF. All the other methods for determining fertile days are less well suited.

Treat closed fallopian tubes with cycle diagnostics
The problem with many medical exams is that often outside there is no obvious symptom of a closed fallopian tube. With PNF, however, the causes can be very easily limited using cycle diagnostics. Suppose that the man has a perfect spermogram and that the woman has a good cycle, and that there is no pregnancy within 6 to 12 months despite the use and circulation of NFPs on fertile days, then the tube is more likely to be blocked.

If something else is blocking your pregnancy, such as luteal weakness or ovarian failure, you can easily see it with PNF, temperature curve, and the appearance of mucus. In endometriosis, which can also be a cause of occluded fallopian tubes, there are also unusual bleeding patterns that can be recognized with some knowledge of the cycle. In short, with PNF, you can diagnose more quickly if there is a tubal occlusion, as you can very well rule out many other causes of infertility.

Locked fallopian tubes: the final diagnosis comes from the doctor
Of course, the final diagnosis of the existence or not of a tubal occlusion can only be made by a doctor. Here, a so-called hysterosalpinogram (HSG) is performed, which colloquially called effervescent irrigation. HSG is an X-ray test using a contrast agent. This dye is introduced through the vagina into the uterus. It then passes through the uterus into the fallopian tubes. X-rays make the contrast medium visible, which also makes abnormal shapes of the uterus and blockages of the fallopian tubes visible. However, it must also be said here that such interventions are of course first billed to the body. For this reason, the prior diagnosis or exclusion by NFP is very useful to assess when such an examination makes sense.

Locked fallopian tubes - ultrasound
Some doctors in Germany perform hysterosalpingosonography, in which case a contrast agent is also administered through the vagina into the fallopian tube. Then ultrasound is used to see what is going on. Unfortunately, this method can only be used to determine if the fallopian tubes are closed. Further diagnosis is not possible with this method.

Closed fallopian tubes and laparoscopy
Some doctors perform laparoscopy in addition to HSG. This is particularly useful in suspected endometriosis, as laparoscopy has so far been the only option for diagnosing endometriosis without a doubt. Endo-herds can also be operated on immediately by laparoscopy.

Closed fallopian tubes: when is IVF useful?
We have already shown many options for reopening the closed fallopian tubes. Just when the fallopian tubes are reopened, there is a chance of getting pregnant naturally. From our perspective, you should take advantage of this opportunity. With NFP, you can significantly improve your chances of getting pregnant through sex linked to ovulation.

If you have not become pregnant despite the PNF and have had optimal sexual intercourse within 6 to 12 months, we recommend that you consult the Fertility Center for alternative options. But it should be made clear that with methods of reproductive medicine, oviduct pregnancies and miscarriages are much more likely to occur. About 20-25% of women have an abortion after IVF treatment. Now you should know that women with blocked fallopian tubes have an increased likelihood of miscarriages anyway.

So, I already find that the attempt after the fallopian tubes are free again, first to get pregnant with PNF, completely legitimate. In my opinion, IVF should be the last way to get pregnant with closed fallopian tubes. It should be used if you have failed with a treatment that cleanses the fallopian tubes or if the attempt to become pregnant has failed naturally with PNF for a period of 6 to 12 months.

I also find it very important to say that purely medical methods do not eliminate the causes of the occluded fallopian tubes. This is also demonstrated by the fact that the fallopian tubes can close relatively quickly after surgery. Most closed fallopian tubes come from (previous) illnesses and inflammation of the abdomen, so I find holistic treatment in combination with naturopathy which has a very useful anti-inflammatory effect. It's just my opinion. It is up to you to decide which direction you want to take. I wish you all the best on your way to the desired pregnancy!

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