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Bulky keloid scars? Home remedies to improve your appearance

Accidents can happen at any time, such as cuts, scrapes, etc. that form scars, but in some cases, they can become thick and bulky, which can be quite embarrassing.

These scars are also called keloids. Keloids are skin lesions that are formed by exaggerated growths of fibrous tissue in the area of a skin lesion. Keloids are more common in patients with dark skin. They are most commonly seen on the upper trunk (back, presternal, and deltoid regions). Unlike hypertrophic scars, keloids extend outside the injured area. They may appear spontaneously.

Given this situation, in the following lines, we present natural and very effective remedies to alleviate them and improve their appearance. These home remedies can work properly, reducing the size and improving the appearance of the scar, so pay attention and take note!

Natural Remedy to Treat Keloid Scars

If you want to avoid surgery and are looking for a natural treatment to remove your keloids, this natural treatment is for you. It is an effective and long-lasting natural remedy that will allow you to eliminate your keloids permanently. This is the secret to making keloids disappear without surgery. Our natural treatment to remove keloids is composed of 2 elements: an ointment and an herbal tea. The anti-keloid ointment is a gentle but very effective natural remedy to eliminate keloids. It contains plants that help to regenerate the skin, which is excellent for the growth of new cells. It also reduces inflammation, calms itching, destroys bacteria, fights infections and moisturizes the skin. As for the herbal tea, it reinforces the action of the ointment. It is a natural solution to eliminate keloids without surgery.

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1. Apple cider vinegar
How do you do it?

To reduce the thickness of the scar, apply a little vinegar directly to the affected area and massage gently to promote its absorption. Repeat at least once a day, every day.

Garlic prevents the excessive proliferation of fibroblasts that lead to keloids.

Preparation and application

First, crush 1 or 2 cloves of garlic and apply the paste to the scar for 15 minutes. Remove the garlic with warm water after this time. Repeat every day, preferably once a day.

2. Sodium bicarbonate
Preparation and application

Mix 1 teaspoon of baking soda in 3 teaspoons of hydrogen peroxide. With a piece of cotton, apply the mixture to the affected area for 20 minutes. Wash with water. Repeat twice a day, every day.

3. Aloe Vera
Aloe Vera is very often used for skin diseases as it helps to heal damaged skin, reduce inflammation and keep the skin hydrated. 

Preparation and application

Thoroughly clean the affected area to remove bacteria. Next, apply the gel extracted directly from the aloe vera leaves to the scar and leave for 2 hours. Afterward, wash with warm water and apply coconut oil immediately to keep the area moisturized. Repeat twice a day, every day.

4. Lemon juice
Lemon juice contains vitamin C and antioxidants and is very effective in the treatment of various types of scars, including keloids.

How do you do it?

Before falling asleep, apply a little lemon juice to the affected area and leave it on for half an hour and rinse with warm water. Repeat this treatment every night.

5. Honey
Honey is a natural moisturizer that moisturizes and cares for the skin.

Preparation and application

This natural remedy is very easy to apply. What you have to do is place the honey directly on the scar and leave it to rest for 30 to 40 minutes. After this period, wash the scar well with warm water. Repeat this treatment 3 times a week.

It should be mentioned that these scars cannot be removed; however, with these home remedies, their appearance can be improved considerably.

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