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The best natural remedies for obstruction of the fallopian tubes

The fallopian tubes are the organ of the female reproductive system, which is directly involved in the fertilization process. Through them, the fertilized egg enters the uterine cavity. Normally, adhesions and blockages should not be observed. But if they are present, the egg can not reach the uterus. In this case, the woman is considered infertile. If a Fallopian tube is blocked, the chances of getting pregnant are greatly reduced. A fertilized egg can become blocked in the tube, clogged with ears, which will make it grow. An ectopic pregnancy can cause the rupture of the tube.
The disease is caused by various inflammatory processes in the female reproductive system. Therapy is often quite difficult. In addition to traditional methods, women can use natural remedies. This includes taking decoctions, medicinal teas, and other useful methods.

Which plants should you use?
Many grandmother's recipes, long used in the treatment of tubal obstruction, are based on the preparation of decoctions of useful herbs and plants. They have unique properties that allow adhesions to dissolve. Here is the best remedy of African medicinal plants to unclog the tubes and get pregnant quickly. These plants are very effective at unblocking the fallopian tubes. They have already allowed many women around the world who have blocked tubes to regain their fertility without surgery.
If you have fallopian tubes blocked, here are the medicinal plants that will allow you to know the joy of being a mother.
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Natural remedies for obstruction of the fallopian tubes are no less effective than medical methods. The therapy is based on the use of medicinal plants, enriched with beneficial anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and regenerative properties. In addition, many plants restore the woman's hormones.

Borovaya Borovaya

It is a phytohormone. It contains: Arbutin to eliminate activity of the pathogenic microflora; vitamin C, which reduces the inflammatory process and strengthens the walls of blood vessels; flavonoids that increase immune defense and metabolism; hydroquinone with antioxidant properties. Thanks to the unique composition of the plant, it eliminates the inflammatory process, regenerates and disinfects tissues, resolves adhesions. This plant is often used for infertility, uterine and tubal formations, inflammatory diseases of the urinary system and reproductive system in women. It can also facilitate the progression of premenstrual syndrome, menopause, menstruation.

But in most cases, the herb is used in the treatment of tubal obstruction. The application of Borovaya in the uterus can take the form of decoctions and infusions for cleaning and ingestion. But it is often added when cooking candles. To create an herbal tea, it is necessary to take five tablespoons of a dry plant and to pour 0.5 liter of vodka. The infusion should be placed in a dark and dry place for 14 days. Periodically, he must be shaken. A woman should drink 40 drops three times a day one hour before meals. You can also make an infusion. To do this, pour 400 ml of boiling water and infuse for 20 minutes into the crushed leaves of the plant, at the rate of two tablespoons. After exercise, the patient should take 1/2 cup four times daily 30 minutes before meals. In addition, the solution is used for douching.

St. John's Wort and Sabelnik

They complete treatment with hypericum and bilberry helps eliminate tubal obstruction. For treatment, it is necessary to prepare a decoction and herbal tea, which are taken in parallel for a month. Sabelnik 15g poured 0.3 liters of vodka. The composition must be left for 21 days. Before use, one tablespoon is diluted with 50 ml of water. It is also necessary to prepare a Hypericum drink by pouring a tablespoon of herbs with 200 ml of boiling water. The composition is cooked over low heat for 20 minutes. A woman should drink 1/4 cup three times a day.

Infusion of herbs and linseed

In cases of tubal obstruction, traditional healers recommend flax tablets. 2 tablespoons of seeds are wrapped in gauze and immersed in boiling water. Cooking this way takes three minutes. Remove the gauze at the end of this period is not necessary to cool the broth. Subsequently, it is crushed and applied on the lower abdomen. At the top of the area wrapped in a transparent film and covered with a towel. The compress should be left overnight. The procedures are performed for eight days. In addition, it is necessary to drink a decoction composed of: The herbs are mixed in the amount of a spoon and poured boiling water to cool for two hours. After that, you can drink a decoction in a quarter cup before eating three times a day for a month.

Herbal tea
Many herbs help women restore the regularity of the fallopian tubes. Treatment is considered effective with the help of the Sabelnik infusion. A spoon of the plant is added to 300 ml of vodka. Wait before drinking. You need three glasses a day.
You can make a decoction of sage by pouring a teaspoon of herbs 200 ml of boiling water. You have to wait for half an hour and after, take a third of glass three times a day.
The infusion of juniper berries helps to cope with the disease. 15 grams of fruit are poured into a glass of boiling water for four hours. Drink a spoon in the morning, at noon and in the evening.
Instead of tea, you can use a decoction of polygon (a glass of grass per liter of boiling water).
At bedtime, it is recommended to make an infusion by pouring 50 g of Chernobyl root into a container with a lid and filling it with three cups of boiling water. In the morning it is necessary to drink the product at 200 ml one hour before meals three times a day.

Plantain, honey and aloe
Another solution for treating buccal tubes is a mixture of plantain, honey and aloe. They quickly eliminate adhesions and scars in the fallopian tubes. Take a five-year old aloe, it is necessary to cut the leaves. They should be refrigerated for three days, crushed and filled with a mixture of butter and honey in a ratio of 1/6/6. We advise you to mix in a glass of milk, and to take morning and evening for two months.

In addition, it is necessary to drink a decoction. To do this, pour the plantain seeds (1 tbsp.) In 2 cups of water and cook for 10 minutes. Take the necessary composition for a spoon three times a day for 60 days.

You can draw the infusion of Bergen.

During preparation, it is important to follow certain instructions:

The root of the plant in the amount of 50 g is crushed with a knife.
Next, pour 350 ml of boiling water.
Pateinter for eight hours. After draining, the composition is stored in the refrigerator.
The treatment lasts four weeks, after which a three-day break is taken.

Chinese stamps
To avoid adhesions, it is recommended to use Chinese tampons with natural ingredients. Many women have noticed that during the first year of use of this remedy, doctors diagnosed the complete elimination of tubal obstruction. Moreover, the impact is on the cause of the disease.

Chinese phyto-buffers have several advantages:

the products help to quickly eliminate the inflammatory process;
the remedy cures wounds and affected tissues;
during treatment, the microflora of the vagina is normalized.

Surgical treatment
Using disruption and hydrotubation, the fallopian tubes are washed to rid them of adhesions. During the disturbance, the carbon dioxide used dissolves rapidly in the blood. Water is used for hydrotubation. Gas or water under pressure is introduced into the fallopian tubes. Not all doctors agree that this technique is effective.

This procedure is given to a woman if:

-it has no inflammatory process;
-the purity of the vagina is not broken;
-no bleeding;
-the level of leukocytes in the blood is correct.
Before the procedure, a purifying enema is performed, the bladder is emptied. The external genitals are disinfected with alcohol or iodine.
 Surgical treatment can also be performed using a robot. Robotic laparoscopy is the least invasive. The operation is performed with great precision, through small incisions and perforations in the abdominal wall. The operation is performed with miniature instruments that cut the adhesions.

The adhesions are severed, the permeability of the pipe is restored. The surgeon uses the handles of the manipulator. The robot repeats its movement. The technique is safe for the patient, the incisions are very small, the risk of bleeding and infectious complications is minimal. Pregnancy attempts may be repeated 4 to 6 months after laparoscopy. Contraindications to surgery: disorders of the cardiovascular system; diseases of the respiratory system; hemophilia; infectious diseases and acute catarrhal infections; acute and renal failure; high grade obesity; chronic inflammatory process in the uterine appendages; discrepancies in the analyzes.


After the operation, there are no scars, no strict bed rest is required. Efficiency is restored very quickly and allows to return home the third day. The patient avoids contact with different materials, medical gloves, towels. The occurrence of complications during this operation is minimal.

What happens if the operation has not had a positive effect?

Your doctor will advise you to try in vitro fertilization (in vitro fertilization). With this technique, the sperms are found with the eggs in the test tube, after their placement in the uterus of the woman. When a pregnancy occurs, the twins are often conceived, or even triplets (several eggs are involved in the test of this method of fertilization). If a woman wishes to remove additional embryos, these manipulations threaten to kill the remaining embryos and the resulting miscarriage. The outcome of the procedure is positive in 30% of cases.


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