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How to unclog the fallopian tubes naturally

The mere thought of not being able to have a baby is something that is very difficult for many women. There are many reasons why some women cannot conceive, and one of the main causes is a blockage of the fallopian tubes. This problem is the cause of almost 40% of infertility cases. In fact, fertilization takes place in one of the tubes and the embryo then develops in the uterus. Each type of block can prevent conception, as the egg may not be fertilized. A blockage may be due to inflammation, infection, or even adhesion to a scar after healing from surgery. In addition, endometriosis, pelvic inflammatory disease, uterine fibroids, ectopic pregnancy, tubal ligament removal and complications resulting from surgery in the lower abdomen, like a previous cesarean, they can promote this problem. Fortunately, there are natural cures and lifestyle changes that can help solve this problem. So let's see together how to free the fallopian tubes naturally.

What if my tubes are clogged and I want to get pregnant?

Here is the best remedy of African medicinal plants to unclog the tubes and get pregnant quickly. These plants are very effective at unblocking the fallopian tubes. They have already allowed many women around the world who have buccal tubes to regain their fertility without operations. If you have bites, here are the medicinal plants that will allow you to know the joy of being a mother.

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A natural option is castor oil. Castor oil is rich in ricinoleic acid, an element that provides powerful therapeutic effects. It helps increase blood and lymphatic circulation around the tubes. The increase in blood improves the functioning of the fallopian tubes and facilitates the elimination of diseased cells, old and scar tissue. Castor oil therapy is also effective for problems such as ovarian cysts, uterine fibroids, and endometriosis, which can cause a blockage. It is, therefore, possible to make warm compresses with this oil on the abdomen. Massaging the abdomen is a type of manual physical therapy that can help unclog the tubes and improve their health and functioning. The cells of the female reproductive system, including those of the fallopian tubes, are rich in vitamin D receptors.

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