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  • Natural solution for safe penis enlargement

    Is your dick small? Are you looking for a natural way to enlarge the penis without side effects? You are not the only one.

    Most men want their penis to be a little larger, regardless of its current size. Many of you say to yourself: it is too small, with 8 cm more, my girlfriend will be fully satisfied.

    Dawabio experts recently conducted a survey of more than 20,000 people. This study revealed that 45% of men wanted a longer penis.

    Many of you have probably first thought about penis enlargement surgery or penoplasty to enlarge your wiener. Be aware that any penis enlargement operation involves a risk and it can become dangerous very quickly. Unlike the operation, there are natural solutions to quickly enlarge the wiener without side effects.

    You have a micro penis, a medium-sized bangala, a small dick, a short penis. You wish to make the lady come and avoid humiliation. We have what you need.

    1-The best plants to enlarge and lengthen the penis

    Dawabio experts have done extensive research for 25 years to offer you the best solution in the world to make the wiener bigger and longer. This is a blend of African medicinal plants that allows you to grow and lengthen your dick without side effects.

    This natural treatment surpasses conventional treatments. Indeed, even if they can increase the size of your penis, they have side effects that could be much greater than the benefits you could find them, it will make your penis grow naturally, permanently and simply by stimulating your testicles to produce more testosterone (a hormone of virility and the development of secondary sexual characteristics).

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    2-The GOURO roots

    GOURO roots are very popular in West Africa, especially in Ivory Coast. They make it possible to enlarge and lengthen the penis very quickly. GOURO roots are also very effective in permanently curing premature ejaculation. These roots will make your penis grow quickly, naturally and permanently by stimulating your testicles to produce more testosterone (a hormone that promotes virility and the development of secondary sexual characteristics). No matter if you have a tiny penis, these natural roots will make it grow and grow to the desired size. And even if you already have a "normal" penis size, this treatment will make your penis bigger and bigger.


    3-The penis stretching exercise

    Stretching the penis is an excellent tactic that will help you add a few inches to your penis. It may seem a little strange but it really works. You must follow the following steps:

    • Eating foods high in saturated fat and calories during physical inactivity can cause your penis to contract significantly. It can also lead to serious virility problems and poor health in general.
    • Lack of physical activity increases cholesterol levels in the arteries, which disrupts the circulation of blood in the penis, causing it to shrink. A healthy lifestyle will improve penis size and health.
    • Use your hand to massage the tissues along your penis. This is intended to stretch the skin and create "micro-toles" in the tissues. Tissues may appear clogged during healing, which will lengthen your penis.
    • Some exercises (jelging) can also increase the circumference (size) of the penis.

    To properly perform penis stretching, you may need several devices such as:

    • The penis pump: A penis pump is a cylinder-shaped chamber filled with air that you attach to your pelvic area. They are known to produce an immediate erection. Proper use of the penis pump will increase the length of your penis.
    • Penile traction devices: The device pulls on your penis to change its curvature.

    4-Vitamin E

    Vitamin E is often used to cure premature ejaculation and sexual weakness.

    Indeed, vitamin E facilitates blood circulation and also stimulates penile growth. This ensures that blood circulates well in your penis. This allows your wiener to increase in size very quickly and become more solid.

    5-Ginkgo Biloba

    Ginkgo leaves are very rich in natural ingredients used to make natural supplements. The Dawabio experts did an excellent job of examining and testing it.

    For a very long time, men have used ginkgo supplement to increase penis size, strength and also for sexual desires.

    It has been scientifically proven that ginkgo facilitates the circulation of blood to the extremities of your body. It also allows your penis to increase in size very quickly and become more solid. In other cases, Ginkgo Biloba is used as a remedy to reduce the problem of aging.

    6-Vitamin B5

    At present, vitamin B5 is one of the remedies to enlarge and lengthen the penis. It helps in the cellular metabolism of the penis by ensuring that the penile cells are well irrigated.

    Vitamin B5 also speeds up the recovery process and helps to increase energy. It is very useful when penis enlargement.

    7-Goat grass or Epimedium

    This plant is called HERB TO GOAT because, in 1230, herbalists noticed a change in goats after consuming the plant. Goats have become more sexually efficient and their sex has become longer.

    In traditional African and Chinese medicine, Epimedium is used to treat the problem of erectile dysfunction. This is due to the reason why it contains compounds that have an effect similar to that of Viagra.

    When combined with other herbal medicines, it helps men to stimulate penis growth. It is effective and can promise excellent results for men.

    8- Shea butter

    This miraculous fat, known as "Shea butter" to our English-speaking friends, is extracted from the nuts of an imposing plant that grows only in Africa, more precisely in countries like Nigeria, Mali and Cameroon: Shea butter. You will find it everywhere in your everyday cosmetics.

    Shea butter is rich in mono-unsaturated fatty acids, oleic acids. They represent between 40% and 60% of all the fatty acids in this butter. These are commonly referred to as "good fats". These properties rank it alongside olive and canola oils, which are the oils recommended by doctors for our diet. And so, dear readers, unlike palm oil, consuming shea butter will only do your cardiovascular system great good.

    Let's get back to our main topic, here are some tips you can put into practice by using shea butter to lengthen your penis:

    • Lubricate your penis with shea butter, lubricate all along the plant penis from the pubic area to the tip of the penis.
    • Massage the base of the penis and the perineum (compress your penis and slide your hand from the base of the penis to its head while maintaining the same pressure, do it very slowly to allow the muscles of your penis to better interpret exercise) this exercise will allow your penis to gain length made as many times as you can
    • Massage the penis in width (this exercise consists of lubricating both hands, take your penis with both hands and put both hands to push at the base of your penis, compress the penis with your shoots and slide them to the head of your penis, maintain the same pressure and do it very slowly to allow the muscles of your penis to properly interpret this exercise done as many times as you can -Pull the penis with sudden, dry movements as if your intention was to tear off your penis, but be careful to do it with great delicacy to avoid hurting yourself

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  • Crohn's disease: what is it?

    Crohn's disease can rightly be considered one of the most terrible and difficult in the treatment of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract . It is characterized by a chronic course, accompanied by an atypical inflammatory process with segmentation, formation of deep ulcers and lesions of all layers of the gastric mucosa.Crohn's disease can affect absolutely any part of the gastric tract. intestinal tract, but most often the small intestine and large intestine are affected. Despite the fact that this disease is quite rare, everyone should know about its manifestation in order to see a doctor in time for treatment.

    The first mention of Crohn's disease came in 1932, when an American gastroenterologist, along with his colleagues, described 14 cases of the disease at a time. Finding similarities between them not only in the symptoms observed, but also in the course and nature of development, Crohn gave his name to the disease and began to seek possible treatment.

    However, in order to find a cure for a disease, you need to know the reason why it occurs. Until today, scientists have not agreed on the main reason for the development of Crohn's disease, and they propose three main factors that could be the cause of the development of the disease.

    • Genetic factor: most often the disease is transmitted to parents by blood, twins and siblings. To date, there are 34 known genetic variants that cause symptoms;
    • Infectious factor: it was detected only in rats, in humans, doctors also suggest the possibility of an infectious effect, for example, pseudotuberculous bacteria;
    • Immune factor: Crohn's disease can be autoimmune in nature, as the analysis shows a significant increase in the number of T lymphocytes.

    The disease is more common in whites, especially in close communities, where consanguineous marriages often take place, and the disease gene is selected.

    Natural treatment for Crohn's disease

    The natural treatment to treat Crohn's disease that we offer is composed of selected and transformed plants. To place your order, contact us directly at:    +33644661758 / +22968018020 (whatsapp / Tel)

    Symptoms of Crohn's disease

    The diagnosis of the disease is complicated by the fact that many symptoms are similar to those of colitis, especially ulcerative colitis. The specialist will be able to distinguish one disease from another at an early stage of development, and the longer the disease progresses, the more distinct its symptoms become.

    Cases of localization of the disease in all parts of the gastrointestinal tract have been described, but most often it develops in the terminal part of the intestine closer to the large intestine. It is in Crohn's disease that there is a clear segmentation of the affected parts of the intestine and the healthy parts, but the entire mucous membrane is covered with ulcers and abscesses.

    Everything can be complicated by the appearance of fistulas in the intestinal walls, through which communication with other internal organs, or the peritoneum, is possible. This threatens a possible infection of other organs and a significant complication of the general picture of the disease. As a result of inflammatory processes, the intestinal mucosa passes into scar tissue, loses the ability to absorb nutrients from food intake and peristalsis, and stenosis of the intestinal lumen occurs.

    Crohn's disease is also characterized by damage to the lymph nodes, which explains the significant increase in the blood picture in the number of T lymphocytes and eosinophils, which try to suppress the disease on their own in the early stages.

    Local symptoms

    • Pain in the abdomen due to mucosal damage and constant irritation of nerve endings. Recurrent pain, similar to appendicitis;
    • Diarrhea associated with the inability of the intestine to absorb nutrients from food and water. The development of disintegration processes is possible;
    • Bleeding resulting from the development of perforated ulcers and fistulas;
    • Secondary symptoms: perforation of the intestinal wall, toxic dilation, abscess and infiltration, intestinal obstruction

    General symptoms at the time of diagnosis serve as confirmation and are more indirect than direct indicators of Crohn's disease. They include the characteristic symptoms of many other diseases, often unrelated to the intestines and inflammatory processes, but in combination with local symptoms, they will help give a precise answer, Crohn's disease in humans or something else.

    Common Symptoms of Crohn's Disease:

    • fever,
    • general weakness
    • rapid and sudden weight loss without alteration of appetite,
    • increase in body temperature (characterizes the inflammatory process),
    • osteoporosis (impaired absorption of calcium),
    • multi-hypovitaminosis (impaired absorption of vitamins),
    • osteomalacia,
    • dehydration of the body,
    • deterioration of general condition,
    • lethargy, weakness.

    Classification of Crohn's disease by location

    Due to the fact that Crohn's disease can be localized in different parts of the intestine, experts have proposed a classification of the disease to make it easier to distinguish one form from another.

    • Ileocolitis is a predominant lesion of the ileum and colon;
    • Gastro-duodenal form - predominant lesion of the stomach and duodenum;
    • Ileitis - selective lesion of the ileum without affecting other parts of the gastrointestinal tract;
    • Ejunoileitis is a predominant lesion of the small intestine and ileum;
    • Crohn's disease of the colon is a selective lesion of the large intestine without affecting other parts of the gastrointestinal tract.

    In addition to this classification, there are two more, which are also successfully used by doctors around the world: according to Bocus, which offers seven variants of the disease, and the classification according to Fedorov and Levitan, which offers three variants of disease.

    Blood picture

    From the blood side, normochromic and normocytic anemia, leukocytosis, a significant decrease in hemoglobin against the background of an increase in ESR and C-reactive protein are observed. The main fact that Crohn's disease can be monitored is a change in the amount of calprotectin, which very rarely remains normal with such a diagnosis.

    After careful analysis of the blood test result, specialists may decide to analyze the feces for indirect evidence of the disease, or to proceed with a colonoscopy immediately. Sowing is carried out if a septic lesion is suspected, a colonoscopy is always performed.

    Colonoscopy and endoscopy

    An examination of the large intestine (colonoscopy) is mandatory, however, specialists at the GMS Clinic, as well as specialists around the world, perform a thorough examination of the large intestine and terminal ileum for the detection of ulcers, segmentation or fistulas.

    At this point, a biopsy is taken - taking samples for a thorough histological study, since it is this step that allows you to confirm or deny the diagnosis. Most often, a video recording of the study is also made, which allows you to review the colonoscopy, but not to involve the patient in the procedure.

    Then an x-ray and x-ray examination of the intestines are carried out: in the first case, it is possible to detect swelling of the intestinal walls, in the second, contrast is used to identify asymmetric parts of the intestine and irregularities in the walls. If necessary, ultrasound, computed tomography and determination of antibody resistance to ASCA are performed - all of this can confirm the diagnosis if it has not yet been made.


    The disease should begin with an explanatory conversation with the patient. The specialist should not only reassure the patient, but also tell him what is the period of exacerbation and remission of the disease, how they differ from each other and how dangerous they are. After that, you need to proceed to the appointment of a comprehensive treatment of the disease. The first thing that a patient with Crohn's disease is prescribed upon diagnosis is a different diet for the acute form and for remission.

    Click here for the recommended diet

    The diet during the exacerbation of the disease is characterized by a special mild mechanical and chemical diet, the inclusion of a large amount of proteins and vitamins in the diet, the complete exclusion of milk and non-digestible food components from the diet. 

    Since these diets have a significantly reduced calorie content, it is possible to eat protein and protein shakes, which completely eliminates the presence of lactose and difficult-to-digest vegetable fibers. The diet includes a set of vitamins, which to a lesser extent enter the body.

    Crohn's disease surgery

    In the event that drug treatment not only does not give results, but does not bring at least temporary relief, specialists decide on a planned or urgent operation.

    The operation consists of a resection (removal) of a segment of the intestine, followed by rehabilitation measures. Simply put, doctors remove the part of the intestine affected by the disease, suture the tissues, and prescribe special diets and procedures to quickly restore the body.

    Preventive measures

    It is very important, according to experts, to monitor your health. And we're not even talking about symptoms as important as food indigestibility, constant bleeding or abdominal pain. Already in the early stages, the disease begins to affect the systemic functions of the body, causing dehydration, multivitaminosis, leading to dryness and dullness of the skin, hair loss and general deterioration of the condition of the body.

    Choose a healthy diet. We don't encourage you to eat raw foods, but don't forget about natural foods, fresh produce, and fruits.

    Click here for the recommended diet

    Why choose the natural products of Afrique santé?

    We understand that only new knowledge can help cure the disease, only innovative equipment gives Crohn's disease patients a chance to return to normal life. That is why we pay great attention to phytotherapeutic research and the acquisition of new and more effective knowledge.

    Contact us now at  +33644661758 / +22968018020 (whatsapp / Tel) to place your order.  We are waiting for you!

  • Best home remedies to cure endometriosis

    Can you treat endometriosis naturally?

    What is endometriosis ?

    Endometriosis is an often painful disorder in which tissue similar to the tissue that normally lines the inside of your uterus (the endometrium) grows outside your uterus. Endometriosis usually affects the ovaries,  fallopian tubes,  and the tissues that line your pelvis. Rarely, endometrial tissue can extend beyond the pelvic organs.
    When you have endometriosis, the endometrial-like tissue acts like endometrial tissue. It thickens, breaks down, and bleeds with each menstrual cycle. But since this tissue has no way out of your body, it gets trapped. When endometriosis involves the ovaries, cysts ( endometriomas) can form. The surrounding tissue can become irritated and eventually develop scar tissue and adhesions.
    Endometriosis is responsible for sometimes severe pain, especially during menstruation. Of  fertility problems  may also develop. Fortunately, effective treatments are available. If you have a  painful period  or pelvic pain, it is important to see your doctor for a formal diagnosis. There are several very effective herbs and natural remedies for endometriosis.

    What is the best natural remedy for curing endometriosis with herbs?

    Here is the best  natural remedy  for curing endometriosis with herbs. Associated with a diet adapted against endometriosis,  this natural remedy makes it possible to cure endometriosis quite easily and without side effects. It is specially designed for patients who do not want to have surgery, because every operation carries a risk. It outperforms conventional treatments that relieve pain, but don't get to the root of the pain. How does it work?
    this natural remedy contains plants which reduce the level of estrogen in the blood. This helps block the proliferation and bleeding of endometriosis lesions. It will remove the pain you feel during your period and allow you to go through normal cycles.
    To discover our  natural remedy for endometriosis , click  here
    To discover our natural remedy for  getting pregnant quickly , click  here

    What are the signs and symptoms of endometriosis ?
    Endometriosis can cause:
    Painful menstruation, including pelvic pain and cramps during menstruation. It can start before and last for several days after your period starts. Pain can also occur in the lower abdomen or lower back. It has even been known to cause nerve pain in the legs, called sciatica.
    - Sharp, deep pain during ovulation, intercourse ( dyspareunia ), stools and / or urination
    - Heavy periods or bleeding between
    periods -
    Tiredness-Indigestion, diarrhea,  constipation  and nausea
    -Infertility: Endometriosis can cause adhesions that trap the egg .
    How is  endometriosis diagnosed ?
    Doctors diagnose endometriosis based on the results of a pelvic exam, symptom presentation, and a complete medical history. During the pelvic exam, doctors manually palpate the pelvis for abnormalities such as scarring behind the uterus or growths in the reproductive organs. Pelvic ultrasound and MRI are often ordered to rule out other causes of the patient's symptoms. Laparoscopy remains the benchmark in the diagnosis of endometriosis.

    What are the best natural remedies for endometriosis?

    There are several  natural remedies that are very effective in curing endometriosis . It is:

    1-Castor oil

    Castor oil endometriosis
    Castor oil has been used for hundreds of years to treat endometriosis. It can be used early on, at the first feeling of cramping, to help the body shed excess tissue. It is important that this technique is only used before the menstrual flow, and not during.
    Castor oil should be massaged directly into the abdomen. You can also mix it with a few drops of a relaxing essential oil such as lavender to help relax the pelvic muscles, and apply it to a warm compress to place on the abdomen.
    2-  Turmeric

    Turmeric endometriosis
    Curcumin (diferuloylmethane) is a spice found in Indian saffron and the most active constituent of turmeric. Curcumin reduces the proliferation of endometrial cells, increases apoptosis, thereby reducing the size and number of endometriotic lesions. Curcumin has anti-inflammatory properties and has been shown to be a valuable agent in the prevention and treatment of endometriosis.
    Drink turmeric herbal tea 3 times a day: morning, noon and evening.
    3- use heat

    If your symptoms are getting worse and you need relief, heat is one of the best home remedies you have. The heat can relax the pelvic muscles, which can reduce cramps and pain. You can use hot baths, hot water bottles or heating pads to effectively treat cramps associated with endometriosis
    4- Ginger tea

    Ginger tea
    Some people with endometriosis experience nausea as a result of this disease. Ginger tea is one of the best home remedies for nausea, and research has consistently shown it to be safe and effective.
    You can buy ginger tea bags at many supermarkets and grocery stores. Just add them to a cup of boiling water and drink two to three times a day if you feel sick.
    Exercising regularly helps release endorphins . These “feel good” hormones can reduce pain.
    Exercise can also help reduce estrogen levels in the body and improve symptoms. Stretch before and after each workout.
    6- An adapted diet
    The modification of the diet makes it possible to reduce the symptoms linked to endometriosis. To know the diet adapted to endometriosis, click  here .
    You advise you to reduce the consumption of red meat and increase the consumption of fruits, vegetables and whole grains. This will help improve your overall health.
    We recommend an elimination diet. This involves not eating any foods that tend to cause inflammation and then slowly reintroducing them to determine which ones are problematic for the individual.
    -Potentially problematic foods are: -dairy
    -gluten -processed
    It is important to monitor symptoms so that potential triggers can be identified.
    7- Pelvic Massage
    Our experience shows that massaging the pelvic region, including parts of the abdomen, sides and back, is helpful in reducing menstrual pain associated with endometriosis.
    It can be more comfortable to do this type of massage shortly before the onset of the menstrual period. It may also be helpful to use massage oil.


    Diet Tips to Help Fight Endometriosis


    Limit Caffeine and Alcohol


    Health professionals often recommend that women with endometriosis reduce their caffeine and alcohol intakes.

    Several studies have found that women with endometriosis tend to consume higher amounts of alcohol than women without the disease.

    Yet, this doesn’t prove that high alcohol intake causes endometriosis. For example, it could mean that women with endometriosis tend to drink more alcohol as a result of the disease.

    Furthermore, several other studies have found no link between alcohol intake and endometriosis.

    Similarly, the potential link with caffeine is unclear.

    While a few studies have found that caffeine or coffee intake was associated with a higher risk of endometriosis, a large review found that caffeine intake does not increase the risk of the condition.

    Despite these results, alcohol and caffeine intake have both been associated with increased levels of estrogen, the protein that transports estrogen throughout the body.

    Although there is no clear evidence linking caffeine or alcohol to the risk or severity of endometriosis, some women still prefer to reduce or remove these substances from their diets.

    SUMMARY:Some research suggests that caffeine and alcohol may increase the risk of endometriosis. Also, a high caffeine intake may increase estrogen levels. While this evidence is by no means conclusive, some women still prefer to reduce their intakes:

    Soy May Be Beneficial


    Some endometriosis diets recommend eliminating soy from your diet. This is because soy contains phytoestrogens, which are plant compounds that can mimic estrogen.

    However, it’s largely unknown how phytoestrogens affect endometriosis.

    Some evidence suggests they may be harmful. One study found that women fed soy formula as infants had more than double the risk of endometriosis than women who were not fed soy formula as infants.

    In addition, a few animal studies and case reports of women with endometriosis have reported negative effects associated with taking soy supplements.

    Yet, many studies that have examined dietary soy intake in women with endometriosis have found exactly the opposite.

    One study found that soy intake was not associated with the risk of endometriosis, and three other studies found that soy intake decreased the risk or severity of it.

    Interestingly, a phytoestrogen called puerarin is currently being investigated in animal studies as a potential treatment for endometriosis.

    Researchers have proposed that rather than increasing estrogen-like effects in the body, phytoestrogens have the opposite effect, blocking the effects of estrogen and reducing endometriosis.

    In general, estrogen binds to cell receptors that make up your tissues.

    The effects of phytoestrogens are weaker than those of estrogen itself. So the reasoning goes that when phytoestrogens bind to estrogen receptors, fewer unoccupied receptors are available for estrogen to act on. This may result in an anti-estrogen effect in the body.

    The little evidence that exists seems to support this theory. However, more research is needed before conclusions can be made about the effects of soy and other phytoestrogens on endometriosis.

    SUMMARY:Some sources recommend avoiding soy, but it’s not clear whether this is a good recommendation. While some evidence suggests that soy may have negative effects on endometriosis, other studies have found that it decreases the risk of endometriosis.


    Menopause lasts for several years, during which time the ovaries gradually stop functioning, the female cycle becomes irregular, and then menstruation is permanently delayed. The question that haunts women experiencing early menopause is whether there is an effective natural treatment to reiterate menstruation. In terms of response, we offer you this purely natural treatment to restore your menstrual cycle.


    Natural treatment for early menopause


    If you are suffering from early menopause and are looking for a natural remedy to cure it, we have you covered. Our natural remedy for premature menopause consists of several herbal teas made entirely from medicinal plants. This natural treatment is a natural antidepressant that works against depressive feelings that can arise during menopause. It treats the symptoms of premature menopause, amenorrhea and menstrual cycle disorders. Herbal tea regulates body temperature and endocrine activity, and has proven anti-perspirant effects. It also eliminates blisters, profuse sweating and irritations, prevents osteoporosis and the drying of vaginal mucus.

    In addition to our natural treatment for premature menopause, a balanced diet helps eliminate symptoms specific to the disease. A beneficial diet should especially include fresh fruits and vegetables, seaweed, grains, soybeans and raw seeds, which play an important role in maintaining hormonal balance. In addition, it is recommended to avoid the consumption of alcohol, coffee, black tea, the addition of spices and food additives that can trigger sensations of heat and disturbances in hormonal activity.

    Telephone / whatsapp: 0022990312738 or +33644661758

    Unpleasant symptoms of menopause

    One of the most unpleasant symptoms of menopause is the heatwave and the accompanying sweating, which can occur at the most unexpected times. And a beaded forehead, a blushed face and a sweaty blouse can be very uncomfortable, especially if it hits the affected woman in a community or in an important situation - in a theater, at a formal presentation.

    Typical symptoms of menopause include trouble sleeping, fatigue, mood swings and digestive issues, and slowing of metabolism.

    How to relieve the symptoms?

    The uncomfortable symptoms can often be alleviated with a few lifestyle changes, such as quitting smoking, avoiding stress and stress relief techniques, exercising regularly, and adopting a low-fat vegetable diet. in fiber and vitamins. Because vegetables contain phytoestrogens, they help relieve symptoms of menopause. Healthy eating is also particularly important as the metabolism slows down during menopause, which can lead to easy or even significant weight gain.


    The 5 most effective herbs for early menopause

    If you want to avoid taking hormones, which can have serious side effects, herbs are the way to go. This is because they are able to reduce most of the symptoms of menopause without hormones.

    1. The  wort  relieves stress, improves mood and positive effect on sleep and the blocking agent is responsible for the degradation of serotonin. However, you should be careful with its use, as it can affect the effectiveness of some drugs and cause photosensitivity!
    2. The  red clover  contains isoflavones similar to estrogen, precious minerals that help restore estrogen levels and ease the symptoms of menopause. It is usually marketed in capsule form, but can also be consumed as a delicious tea.
    3. The  poloskafű  also contains estrogen-like substances such as the beneficial effect on the hormonal system. Research shows that it lowers luteinizing hormone (LH) levels, thereby reducing unpleasant heat waves. It is also a great stress reliever and also helps with vaginal dryness. Do not use in case of liver disease, or overdose may cause diarrhea!
    4. Sage is  suitable for relieving heat waves caused by menopause and reducing sweating  , which tightens pores. Her tea can be consumed two to three times a day, even in the evening, before going to bed, thus reducing night sweats.
    5. The  shrub  helps  regulate  hormonal cleaning, it can be used for menstrual disorders as well as to relieve symptoms of menopause. Its active ingredients indirectly increase the body's production of progesterone by stimulating the pituitary gland, creating a balance in the regulation of female sex hormones. It can also be consumed in tea form and in capsule form.

    Telephone / whatsapp: 0022990312738 or +33644661758 to place your order

  • Nephrotic syndrome: What you need to know

    Nephrotic syndrome is a combination of various symptoms that cause kidney damage. When kidney cells are no longer able to perform their function, typical symptoms appear, such as high loss of protein in the urine and fluid retention in the tissues (edema). Nephrotic syndrome can develop in children and adults.

    Nephrotic syndrome

    Nephrotic syndrome: description

    Nephrotic syndrome does not describe an independent disease. Rather, the time of frequent occurrence of certain symptoms and complaints caused by kidney failure. Nephrotic syndrome is characterized by pathological loss of protein in the urine (proteinuria). This loss of protein leads to other symptoms such as fluid retention in the tissues and increased lipids in the blood. Nephrotic syndrome can occur in children and adults.

    Natural treatment for nephrotic syndrome

    If you are suffering from nephrotic syndrome, this natural treatment is for you. Contact our experts directly to start the treatment :  +33644661758 / +22990312738 (also available on WhatsApp).

    Nephrotic syndrome: symptoms

    Nephrotic syndrome causes characteristic symptoms. They can be attributed mainly to the loss of important proteins. As a rule, nephrotic syndrome is associated with the following symptoms:

    • Protein in the urine (proteinuria): People often notice that their urine is very foamy.
    • Fluid retention in the tissues (edema): nephrotic syndrome in particular causes edema of the face (especially the eyelids) and of the feet, ankles and calves.
    • Deficiency of protein in the blood (hypoproteinemia)
    • High blood lipids
    • High blood pressure (hypertension)
    • Hypersensitivity to infection: The body also loses antibodies around damaged kidneys.
    • Blood clots (thrombosis): Loss of protein causes a disorder in the coagulation system. This can make it easier for a blood clot to form.

    The symptoms that cause nephrotic syndrome can be different. As a result, some people experience little discomfort, while others quickly create a full picture of the syndrome.

    Nephrotic syndrome: causes and risk factors

    The cause of nephrotic syndrome is kidney damage. Doctors distinguish whether the disease is from the kidneys themselves (primary kidney disease) or has developed from another disease that is initially non-kidney. Then you talk about secondary kidney disease.

    The kidneys as filtration systems

    The function of the kidneys in the body is to filter the blood and rid it of metabolic wastes - so-called urinary substances. Larger components, such as proteins or sugar molecules, normally support the kidneys, which means that these substances stay in the blood. The kidneys also regulate blood pressure by controlling water balance and ensuring the right amount of salt (electrolytes) in the blood.

    The kidneys perform a filtering function thanks to a special anatomical structure: the renal bodies (Glumerolum) and the renal tubules (Tubulus) together form a nephron, the smallest functional unit of the organ.

    Defective filter function

    Nephrotic syndrome is caused by damage to the kidneys (glomerulopathy). They become more permeable, activating their "filter pairs" - until they can no longer perform their filter function. It will then lose many important blood components (especially proteins) which are usually lost. As a result, nephrotic syndrome develops.

    Nephrotic syndrome: causes in adults

    Nephrotic syndrome in adults is usually caused by:

    • Chronic inflammatory diseases of the kidney cells:  This includes what's called membrane glomerulopathy, in which mass antibodies build up in kidney cells. Nephrotic syndrome in adults is usually caused by this disease.
    • Diabetes:  In particular, the kidneys formed in kidney cells during diabetes interfere with the filtering function of the kidneys. Over time, especially when diabetes is left untreated or poorly controlled, the damage can become so severe that nephrotic syndrome develops.
    • Minimal changes in glomeruli (minimal changes in glomerulopathy):  impairment of damage to certain immune cells (T cells) in kidney cells. The disease causes nephrotic syndrome in about ten percent of adults.

    Less common causes of nephrotic syndrome in adults are certain autoimmune diseases (such as systemic lupus erythematosus) and in the elderly, so-called amyloidosis, in which protein-bound protein deposits form in the organs.

    Nephrotic syndrome: causes in children

    Minimal change glomerulopathy (minimal change glomerulonephritis) is the most common cause of nephrotic syndrome in children.

    Nephrotic syndrome : research and diagnosis

    Nephrotic syndrome usually causes typical symptoms that already provide important evidence for a diagnosis. In some cases, the suspicious diagnosis also occurs unintentionally, for example, if high levels of protein are seen in the urinalysis. For  urine  Simple test strips that are submerged in the urine for a few minutes are usually used.

    If there is an abnormal amount of protein in the urine, additional tests are done. Often a second, more precise protein determination, this time from a urine sample taken within 24 hours. A healthy person does not excrete more than 150 mg of protein per day; If you have nephrotic syndrome this can be 3500 mg per day.

    Blood tests  are also  needed for  a more thorough diagnosis  If your doctor has diagnosed nephrotic syndrome, there is usually a  tissue sample (biopsy)  needed from the kidney to determine the exact cause of the disease. As part of the surgical procedure, the doctor removes a small piece of kidney tissue, which is then examined histologically.

    Nephrotic syndrome: treatment

    Nephrotic syndrome is usually treated based on the underlying condition. However, since this is not always considered to be causal, therapeutic measures are usually designed to relieve symptoms:

    Nephrotic syndrome is often accompanied by  high blood pressure  . To normalize this and reduce the significant loss of protein, doctors usually take antihypertensive drugs (such as ACE inhibitors). Lowering blood pressure is particularly important because persistent blood pressure further damages the kidneys.

    The formation of  swelling  is characteristic of nephrotic syndrome. In general, water deposits can be removed well with dehydrating agents called diuretics. To prevent fluid from building up in the tissues, your doctor will also set a daily rate of alcohol and salt intake (no more than six grams per day). Since diuretics release not only water but also more and more electrolytes (such as sodium, potassium), your doctor will regularly check the amount of mineral salts in your blood. The drainage should not be too sudden, otherwise the body loses too much fluid in a short time. This increases the risk of blood clots.

    Nephrotic syndrome is associated with an increased risk of blood clots  (risk of thrombosis)  . To prevent thrombosis, patients are given medicines that inhibit blood clotting (such as low molecular weight heparin). Wearing compression stockings also protects against blood clots. If you have already developed a thrombosis, your doctor will prescribe anticoagulants, usually of the class of coumarins.

    In some cases, the nephrotic syndrome is called an  increase in blood lipids  . They can also be treated with medicines that lower cholesterol (such as ESC inhibitors). However, a diet low in fat and cholesterol does not have enough effect.

    Nephrotic syndrome is often accompanied by a  weakened immune system  and  hypersensitivity to infection  . This is due to an increased loss of antibodies (immunoglobulins) in the urine. Bacterial infections can be fought with antibiotics. If a large amount of antibody is lost, the missing immunoglobulins can be at least partially replaced by fillers. However, if you lose protein, the antibodies will be lost and replaced. In some cases, vaccination can be useful to protect against certain infections, such as pneumococci or the flu (“real” flu).

    Causes treatment

    Membrane glomerulopathy, one of the most common causes of nephrotic syndrome in adults, is caused by a disorder of the immune system. Drugs that suppress defense and suppress inflammatory reactions (so-called immunosuppressive) are used here.

    In children, minimal change in glomerulopathy is the most common cause of nephrotic syndrome. In most cases, treatment also works well with immunosuppressive drugs such as cortisone. However, recurrence (recurrence) of half of affected children after stopping the drug. Doctors can then use other means (such as cyclosporin A).

    Nephrotic syndrome: course and prognosis of the disease

    The nature of nephrotic syndrome depends mainly on the cause of the underlying disease. If the treatment is good, the symptoms of nephrotic syndrome usually go away after a while.

    In most cases, the kidney detox function is maintained. Whether the kidneys are in  nephrotic syndrome  but severely damaged, over time chronic renal failure or kidney failure can develop.

    If you are suffering from nephrotic syndrome, this natural treatment is for you. Contact our experts directly to start the treatment:  +33644661758 / +22990312738 (also available on WhatsApp). Or find out more about the treatment by clicking here

  • Testicular hydrocele: herbal treatment


    Hydrocele is a type of swelling that occurs in the scrotum  when fluid collects in the thin membranes surrounding the testes. Normally 0.5 -1 ml between the testes and these membranes to ensure lubrication of the testis. As long as there is liquid, this amount of liquid in the hydrocele is 100-200 ml. sometimes even larger volumes.

    Hydrocele is common in newborns and usually goes away by one year of age without treatment. Children and adult men can develop a hydrocele due to inflammation or injury in the scrotum.

    What is the effective natural treatment to cure hydrocele?

    The natural solution against testicular hydrocele that we offer is effective, fast, durable and above all it will prevent you from going through an operation. Without a doubt, it is the miracle solution to cure testicular hydrocele. How does it work?

    The natural remedy to permanently cure testicular hydrocele  that we offer is composed of two elements: a herbal tea and an ointment. The combined action of the powder and the ointment is very effective. It results in the efficient absorption of all the fluid contained in the scrotum. Thus, the first effects will be felt very quickly. As a result, you will notice that your testicles will gradually return to normal.
    To discover the  natural therapy to treat hydrocele, click  here

    Telephone / WhatsApp: 0022990312738 / + 33644661758



    Usually the only sign of a hydrocele is painless swelling of one or both testes. Adult men with hydrocele may be uncomfortable with the weight of a swollen scrotum. The pain usually increases with the extent of the inflammation. Sometimes the swollen area may be smaller in the morning and larger during the day. In some cases, the swelling may be worse in the morning than in the evening.


    Herbal Treatment For Varicocele The 3 Most Natural Methods

    1) Carob cure

    Carob: properties and benefits of carob - Ooreka

    Varicocele becomes curable with the carob cure. For this you need to follow these steps:

    • Put 6 carobs in about 500 ml of water and bring to a boil.
    • Once the water has boiled, cover the bottom of the pot and let the carob stay in the water for 20 minutes.
    • During the first week, consume this water freshly in the morning and evening on an empty stomach.
    • After the one-week trial, only consume 1 glass in the evening for 3 months.
    • The complaints of varicocele of men applying this cure will end, and they will return to their former health.
    • Moreover, since it preserves the quality of sperm, their chances of having a child may increase.

    2) Horse chestnut

    Horse chestnut (Aesculus hippocastanum)

    • Horse chestnut is one of the herbal treatment methods for varicocele.
    • The beneficial minerals present in horse chestnut provide relief and cleansing of the vein.
    • You can use horse chestnut oil to make use of it.
    • Add 1 drop of horse chestnut oil to 100 grams of hot water and mix.
    • Drink this mixture twice a day on a full stomach.
    • You need to take care to prepare it fresh in each drink.
    • With regular use, you can relieve testicular pain and varicocele.

    3) Grape seeds

    Benefits of grape seed oil

    • You can use grape seeds to cure varicocele.
    • The task of grape seeds is to regulate blood circulation.
    • You can drink herbal tea with grape seed oil every morning. When consumed regularly, it will relax the blood circulation. Thus, it will help the veins of the testicles to relax.


    What are the types of hydroceles?

    The types of hydrocele can be seen differently during the neonatal period and in adults. The congenital hydrocele that is to say congenital, the communicating hydrocele that is to say associated and the non-communicating hydrocele are observed in the neonatal period. The type of acquired hydrocele is observed in adult males. In the treatment of hydrocele, methods appropriate to the type of disease are preferred.

    Congenital - Congenital hydrocele

    The testes of male fetuses descend from the lower abdomen to the scrotum after 14 weeks in the uterus. The peritoneum proceeds in this way. After birth, the pouch closes and takes on a threadlike appearance. When the pouch is not closed, the fluid in the abdomen fills the scrotum and causes it to swell. In this way, a congenital - congenital hydrocele occurs. This type of hydrocele occurs in 6% of newborns.

    Communicating - Associated hydrocele

    This type of hydrocele is seen when the duct leading to the scrotum is not completely closed. The liquid goes in and out. Since the opening of the canal is large, it is inevitable that the abdominal organs will hang down from the opening and cause inguinal hernia.

    Non-communicating hydrocele

    It occurs as a result of abnormal closure of the abdominal membrane in non-communicating hydrocele disease and fluid entrapment in the scrotum. With the canal closed, it can take an average of a year for the body to absorb the fluid.

    Acquired - Adult hydrocele

    Acquired adult hydrocele is observed in 1% of adult males. Although this condition is usually seen in people over the age of 40, it is more common in men. Exposure of the testicular bladder to trauma, inflammatory diseases affecting the testes, tumors, radiation therapy, testicular torsion, varicocele surgeries can cause this type of hydrocele disease.


    To discover the  natural therapy to treat hydrocele, click  here

    To get this treatment you can either pay directly on the website (PayPal) or kindly contact/WhatsApp our experts @ +33 6 44 66 17 58  or +229 68 018 020 for more information.

    We deliver worldwide!! Thanks to our partner DHL EXPRESS. Also, the delivery is free and your treatment will be delivered to you within 72 hours. We also have representatives in Cameroon, Senegal, Ivory Coast, Mali, Congo, Central Africa, Niger, Togo and Benin. We give the greatest satisfaction to our patients and support them throughout their treatment period with great health tips.


  • Natural remedy to treat spermatocele (epididymal cyst) without surgery

    Spermatocel - un kyste qui se forme dans l'épididyme (le tube torsadé à travers lequel le sperme circule au-dessus et en arrière des deux testicules. Image avec chirurgie

    A spermatocele is a cyst that forms in the epididymis (the twisted tube through which sperm flows above and behind the two testicles). This non-cancerous cyst contains a whitish or colorless liquid which may contain sperm and is generally painless.

    It is also called a sperm cyst or epididymal cyst. The cause of its appearance is unknown, but it may be due to the blockage of one of the tubes that carry sperm. Normally, the spermatocele does not affect fertility and does not require treatment. If you are older and experience discomfort or seem to affect your sex life, you may need to have surgery.

    How to treat spermatocele without surgery

    First, the only solution to remove the spermatocele or epididymal cyst and testes is not an operation. The use of natural plants makes it possible to permanently cure spermatocele by avoiding the surgical operation. The natural remedy for curing epididymis and testicle cysts that we offer you is made entirely of plants. It contains 2 elements to know: a herbal tea and an ointment.

    How does it work?

    It is a natural remedy that successfully removes cysts by strengthening the valves located in the veins of the spermatic cords. So the veins become toned and tenacious to facilitate the dynamic rise of blood along the veins. This to join the most important veins like the left renal vein and the inferior vena cava. Our natural remedy is the miracle solution to cure spermatocele without surgery.

    To discover our natural remedy against spermatocele or epididymal cyst, click on the picture below

    Our contact / Whatsapp : +33 6 44 66 17 58 ou +229 68 018 020


    The spermatocele can be asymptomatic. If symptoms occur, they can be:

    • swelling (cyst) in the testicle (above and behind)

    • local pain

    • feeling of local pressure

    The causes

    Epididymal Cyst and Spermatocele | Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

    • the cause of its appearance is unknown, but it may be due to the blockage of one of the tubes that carry sperm (epididymis) following a trauma or inflammation.

    Risk factors

    • age: men between 20 and 50 years old

    The first step:

    • consult your doctor if you notice any of the characteristic symptoms above

    Preparation for the consultation

    If you experience any of the symptoms listed above, see a doctor for consultation.

    What you should do for the initial consultation:

    • ask during programming if there are restrictions, for example if you are not authorized to consume certain foods

    • write down on a sheet of paper all the symptoms you noticed

    • Don't forget to mention a major recent change in your life or a stressor

    • Make a list of the medications you take, including vitamins or supplements


    Épididymite : symptômes, traitement, définition -

    The spermatocele can be asymptomatic. If symptoms occur, they can be:

    swelling (cyst) in the testicle (above and behind)

    • local pain

    • feeling of local pressure

    The causes

    • the cause of its appearance is unknown, but it may be due to the blockage of one of the tubes that carry sperm (epididymis) following a trauma or inflammation.

    Risk factors

    • age: men between 20 and 50 years old

    The first step:

    • consult your doctor if you notice any of the characteristic symptoms above

    Preparation for the consultation

    If you experience any of the symptoms listed above, see a doctor for consultation.

    What you should do for the initial consultation:

    • ask during programming if there are restrictions, for example if you are not authorized to consume certain foods

    • write down on a sheet of paper all the symptoms you noticed

    • Don't forget to mention a major recent change in your life or a stressor

    • Make a list of the medications you take, including vitamins or supplements


  • how to treat epilepsy naturally

    Epilepsy is a chronic disease characterized by repetitive attacks. The epileptic crisis is represented by an episode of abnormal, involuntary motor or sensory manifestations or a change in psychomotor behavior. This type of crisis can be primary (with no known cause) or secondary (electroconvulsive treatments, syncope, ingestion or withdrawal of toxic drugs, acute infections or head trauma, fever).

    Epilepsy, a disease with great clinical variability, has genetic determinism, but it is also influenced by exogenous factors that can act from the fetal period onward, and then throughout the individual's existence. The diagnosis is made on the basis of the patient's history, the beginning of the crisis, the clinical examination, the electroencephalographic pathway in crisis and intercritical, and sometimes by computed tomography or nuclear magenta resonance, for secondary causes. However, there are very effective natural remedies against epilepsy.

     After 25 years of extensive research, Dawabio experts have discovered the best natural herbs to cure epilepsy. This natural remedy is active in all epileptic seizures. Thus, it is suitable for children as well as adults. Modern medicine offers medicines for epilepsy. Unfortunately, these drugs often cause many disastrous side effects and are not always effective. They inhibit seizures, but are not curative. Trust us ! Our natural treatment is the secret to preventing epileptic seizures by plants. How does it work?

    First, this natural remedy blocks the electrical impulse in the brain by decreasing the reactions of the neurons which provoke the crises. Second, it has a property on brain receptors which amplifies the action against seizures.

    Finally, herbal tea also helps to eliminate anxiety and stress in people with epilepsy. When you know that stress is, in many cases, a trigger for epileptic seizures, it immediately reassures you.

    To discover our natural remedy to cure epilepsy, click here

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    Upon awakening, the patient does not remember anything. Attacks can start at any age. Demographic studies in developed countries have shown that 2-4% of people experience recurrent seizures at some point in their lives. In third world countries and in urban areas, the impact is two-fold. Epileptic seizures can last from a few seconds to several minutes, and their mode of presentation indicates the original anatomical focus. It can be the major paroxysmal crisis, which presents itself as the aura, the attack itself and the post-crisis period. The aura phenomenon which precedes the suspension of consciousness is a symptom which warns the patient of the relentless imminence of the paroxysm (crisis), but who, with a low tolerance, does not let him choose his place of fall.

    The aura can be:

    -motor (crises localized in a segment of the body which will become generalized),

    - vegetative (laryngeal contraction, gastric spasm, salivation, chewing, heat waves, cold, pain, orgasm),


    - auditory (noises, voices, sounds),

    - visual (light points, stars, kaleidoscopic images, flames, explosions, fantastic people or animals, grotesque visions),

    - olfactory

    - taste (with unpleasant impressions), or phenomena of "never seen" or "never" invisible ", psychic (obsessional - delusional phenomena) of the type" hear their own thoughts ".

    The major paroxysm (progressive or lightening) is accompanied by falls and convulsions. The convulsive phase lasts approximately 60 seconds, during which the patient is in apnea (stops breathing). Then comes the steroid phase (wide, noisy breathing with hypersalivation), which can take several minutes and during which the patient loses urine, sometimes also feces. Then the patient wakes up after a physiological sleep period. Upon awakening, the patient does not remember anything (lacunar amnesia) or presents a confused state. During the post-crisis period, headache, drowsiness or persistent neurological abnormalities may appear, especially in the aura, with diarrhea varying from a few minutes to several days.


    This condition represents a succession of paroxysms so that the patient reaches an alarming state of prolonged unconsciousness, with severe disorders at the diencephalic level. Comorbid disease is a medical emergency and death can occur from cerebral edema or hemorrhage, heart failure or acute pulmonary edema.

    A minor paroxysmal crisis can manifest itself in an absence, an equivalence or a twilight condition. Absences represent sudden suppression of consciousness in the short term (1-15 seconds), without falls or convulsions. The patient becomes pale, with a fixed and expressionless gaze, his breathing stops, his lips cyanose, his mouth is filled with saliva and sometimes he can lose urine. The equivalents consist of the unconscious automatic execution of more or less complex acts or actions, followed by amnesia (this can include somnambulism or bedwetting in children - loss of urine during sleep). These manifestations are diagnosed as epileptic only if they combine changes in the encephalogram. The twilight states appear after the epileptic paroxysm. Clinically, confused, dreamlike state,unrest, mystical delirium or prejudice predominate in which, from a motivation with real or totally unjustified content, reactions of extreme danger (acts of violence, excessive cruelty) can occur, multiple-stroke crimes, with rituals mystics, mass extermination, arson, self-harm, suicide).

    It should be noted that among people with epilepsy there are people who have permanent behavioral problems. Between climaxes, mental disorders imply great variability. Among the epileptics, there are people who have permanent behavioral disorders, with the maintenance of discernment in social relationships, with the capacity to slow down the instinctive reactions, but also with a particular category, those who have serious disorders, manifestations of discernment, but also at the social level. These require permanent monitoring and immediate treatment, often with beneficial effects.

    The most serious possible development of epilepsy is epileptic dementia, more common in children, with progressive development of cognitive and affective functions. What should not be forgotten in the presence of an epileptic is that when the disease is therapeutically incomplete and associated with other neurological signs, emotional problems arise. A great help is the security offered by those around him and the optimistic social attitude. In addition, under conditions of adequate therapeutic control, in the absence of neurological damage, scores on intelligence tests are at the limit of normal.


    Massage in the reflex zone of the head, applied at the start of the disease, will stop infections, regenerate tumors by detoxifying the body and detoxifying the brain by improving blood circulation in the region. Any head trauma, especially in children, must be monitored and treated in time, so as not to cause (sometimes after years) irreversible conditions. Overwork, alcohol, infections superimposed on an affected brain, will promote the installation of diseases that are difficult or impossible to treat.

    Diagram of a massage in case of epilepsy:

    - head reflex zones: all points for 5-10 minutes on each leg;

    - areas of the renal tract, urethra, bladder: points 24, 25, 26 for 5 minutes;

    - upper body lymphatic areas: point 39 for 5 minutes;

    - reflex zones of the vital organs: points 36, 41, 49 for 3 minutes.

    Massages will be performed daily for 10 to 14 days, followed by 3 weekly sessions for one year.

    Natural treatments

    1. Diet for 5 days with juice and vegetables. An enema in the morning with chamomile infusion for 5 days. Epilepsy is cured with juices, for 2 months, with a vitamin complex and for 5-7 days a raw diet, purified with germinated wheat. Drink green barley juice, 3x50 ml per day.

    2. Cure with lemon juice for 20 days held as follows: the first day the juice of one lemon, the second day of 2 lemons, the dose increasing by one lemon per day, until it reaches 10 lemons, then a lemon gradually decreases daily. A 10-day break is then repeated. After a 25-day break, the treatment resumes.

    3. Tea from the following plants is drunk:

    - Rp. 1:30 gr of prene, 30 gr of nettle, 30 gr of dredge. Make an infusion and drink 3-4 cups a day.

    - Rp. 2: infusion from a field sieve, 2 cups per day for one year. - Rp. 3:30 gr of valerian, 20 gr of rosemary, 30 gr of linden, 20 gr of speedwell, 20 gr of cuckoo chubotica. Drink 3 cups a day, alternating with the other two recipes.

    4. Vital bath 2 times a day for 25 minutes.

    5. Bath box 2 times a day for 25 minutes.

    6. Low back abdominal poultice with clay, 3 times a day.

    7. Alternative foot bath.

    8. General cold shower 3 times a week.

    9. Scottish shower alternating 2 times a day.

    10. Sunbathing, air purification with respiratory and physical gymnastics.

    11. Medical surveillance.


    - Take a willow and a sprig of twig, burn and the ashes are mixed with fresh milk (1 tablespoon of ashes for 1 glass of milk). Drink 3 tablespoons 3 times a day for 14 days, then take a 14-day break, repeating if necessary.

    - General baths with infusion of teaspoon.

    - Vegetarian diet, and after 15 days, do not eat anything for 3 days.

    - Basque puree, 2-3 cups per day.

    - Cold water procedures are very effective in combination with reflexology and the indicated diets. General washing of the body with cold water and vinegar for a month, walking through cold water to the knee, for 3-5 minutes 4-5 times a day, for a month.

    - Spices and alcohol are excluded.

    - Patients are not allowed to work at heights or to drive vehicles.

    - It is compulsory to take into account specialized medical services (psychiatry).

  • 5 natural remedies to help you cure asthma

    The cold weather has completely settled in and is one of the most difficult times for those with asthma. Asthma attacks multiply, the cough is worsen accompanied by a feeling of suffocation. We want to tell you more about how to control your asthma during the cold period, but also some natural remedies to help you calm your asthma attacks.

    Bronchial asthma is, in fact, a condition that occurs when the bronchi contract in the air in the lungs, and the reaction is a rate, feeling of suffocation and spasms of the muscles in the bronchioles.

    What are the factors that can causes asthma?

     Active and passive smoking

     Infections such as colds, flu or pneumonia

     Allergens such as food, pollen, mold or dust

     Air pollution or toxins

     Weather, especially sudden temperature changes

     Food additives

     Stress, strong emotions or anxiety

     Powerful scents or aromas

    Natural therapies to cure asthma

    If you experience choking attacks that start out of the blue, which disappear as quickly as they appear, may be accompanied by chest pain or even coughing, you may have asthma and the safest recommendation is to consult a doctor at the first sign. If you have been diagnosed with asthma, there are natural remedies that can help reduce the attacks and symptoms of this disease.

     The first natural treatment that we offer to cure your child's asthma is essentially made of natural herbal teas.The tisane is composed of plants whose active ingredients are capable of definitively preventing the onset of asthma attacks in children. child as in the adult. How does it work?

    Our natural remedy works by reducing the swelling of the walls of the bronchi and by relaxing the muscles which can tighten around them. It works quickly to dilate the bronchi and open a larger airway. It is the solution to avoid asthma attacks and return to normal life.

    To find out about our natural cure for asthma, click here

    Telephone/whatsapp: 00229 90312738 ou +33644661758

    Soothe your cough and give yourself anti-inflammatory and antiseptic infusions such as those of fir buds, pine buds, black poplar or birch, sorghum, chamomile, pomegranate, candle, basil , acacia, sulfide, podbal, patlagine, choc, yellow potatoes. Serve 2-3 cups a day.

     Also try a decoction of plants from the root of valerian or fennel. Boil 3 tablespoons of aquatic plants and administer 2 to 3 tablespoons of this decoction per day.

     You can calm the cough and clear the nasal passages using warm plant inhalations. Prepare them with chamomile, lime, corner, dill seeds or essential oils such as sage, fir, pine or spruce.

     Also try hot compresses applied locally to the painful area. Prepare them with equal parts of vinegar and hot water and apply them in the evening before going to bed.

     Garlic drink: cut a head of garlic into thin slices and macerate for 15 days in three liters of tuna. It trembles every day. It is filtered through gauze. In the event of an asthma attack, soak a piece of sugar in this alcohol and suck it slowly.

     Breathe in the peppermint vapors to release the bronchi, inhalations of peppermint leaves give great results. Place a handful of herbs in a bowl, pour over boiling water and breathe hot steam, being careful not to burn. Besides the leaves, you can also add 4 to 5 drops of peppermint essential oil.


    The basis of all ills in an asthma attack is bronchial inflammation. Its treatment and prevention are permanent, whatever the progressive stage of the disease (during and outside the crisis). The treatment of asthma, which is dyspnea (choking attack), requires that from the first instant a specific anti-asthma medication, known by some patients from previous crises, be administered:

    -Myofilin injection (the drug should only be administered during the attack, not several days in a row, as it causes relaxation of the esophageal-gastric sphincter which produces acid reflux from the stomach - one of the causes of l 'asthma),


    - ketotifen,

    -formoterol (a puff 2-3 times a day, and never more) of 6),

    - a powerful anti-allergic and adrenaline or ephedrine injection.

    Note: If the bronchodilator medication does not work within a few hours, it means that it is severe asthma, the only solution being an urgent hospitalization. After obtaining the effect of re-permeabilization of the bronchial tree, elimination of edema and removal of mucous plugs, only the anti-inflammatory treatment is continued. It is practiced with very small doses of cortisone (only preparations for inhaler: spray, down, nebulizer, nasal instillations, aerosols), antiallergic treatments, those practiced in pressure rooms or in saline galleries, in rooms equipped with filtering or ionizing air negatively.

    All these measures and drugs have a favorable effect on the increase in the production of surfactant, a substance "antifreeze" which circulates the air in the two directions, day and night, all the life, through the bronchi, better supported by the asthmatic patient. What is worrying is that half of these patients do not know how to use inhalation or inhalation devices so that the active drug, instead of reaching deep down to the small bronchioles, remains on the tongue, pharynx or trachea.

    The fundamental (permanent) recommendations, which must be applied after the passage of the suffocating crisis, are the most important, because knowledge and especially their compliance depend on the prevention and cure of bronchial asthma. Their realization leads to the decrease, to the elimination of bronchial inflammation and to the increase in the production of a quality mucus, which contains this anti-friction substance, to the permanent "soft" passage of air. The substance having an essential role in maintaining the integrity of the wall.

    The diet should be trained in this way, especially in the suffocating crisis phase, so that potentially allergenic foods are eliminated. In dyspneic crises, no fruit and vegetable juices are given, with the exception of those of green vegetables (green beans, sweet cabbage, salad, broccoli) diluted, unsalted. After improving the breath, salads, fruits, vegetable soups and gradually lean meat and fish are introduced. Choosing and preparing the right food certainly ensures the recovery of normal breath. Light and frequent meals are preferable to large meals or alternating overeating and fasting. Moderation should be the "golden rule" of the asthmatic diet.

    In addition, you must prioritize the least cooked foods, a real medicine, because they keep enzymes, minerals and vitamins in their natural state, the only substances that resist pollutants, streptococci, staphylococci, to hundreds other microbes and viruses, as well as ionizing radiation, the effects of ozone-depleted bedding or radon in our rooms. The evening meal should be small, with easily assimilated food, served early. (A study of 7,000 patients shows that 75% of them had seizures and woke up at night, a good reason to take bronchodilator drugs to sleep.) Drinking water has healing properties and in this suffering , provided that it is not modified and consumed in larger quantities. Yoga, with its initiation stages, is beneficial, facilitating a "dialogue" with our organs which no longer "listens" to us. Above them is the brain, which is aware of everything that is going on, good or bad, in the 100 billion or so cells that make up us.

    Yoga is an additional opportunity and it is good to learn, at any age, to breathe, not to be satisfied with the fact that breathing, being natural, comes from itself. Five to six deep, consecutive breaths taken several times a day help a lot. In some corners of the lungs there is fresh air, 5 years old. In addition, yoga breaths cause a beneficial decrease in asthma attacks and an increase in air flow. Respiratory gymnastics emphasizes expiration, which should be 2-4 times longer than inspiration. Valuable maneuvers in any clinical form of asthma should be performed during the periods between crises. Their almost exclusive role is the mobilization of the diaphragm muscle, as well as the correction of certain deformations of the chest, present in childhood asthmatics. Acupuncture, a non-aggressive therapy, makes it possible to achieve improvement in expiratory flow by day and by night within two months. Study shows that with hypnosis, the symptoms of the disease have been reduced in half of asthmatics and in a third of them, bronchodilator drugs could be reduced.


    Do you want to get pregnant? Remember that only 20-25% of couples achieve pregnancy in the first month of testing. About 85 percent get it in the first year and 90 percent after two years. If you're looking for tips to put the odds in your favor, read on.

    A baby changes your life even before pregnancy. Here are some very useful tips and tricks to get pregnant quickly

    Use African herbal medicines

    Here is a very effective natural remedy to get pregnant quickly, as quickly as possible. It stimulates ovulation and restores the hormonal system naturally. It is a powerful uterine tonic during ovulation and has a constructive effect on reproductive hormones. It will, therefore, allow you to quickly get pregnant quickly.
    To discover our natural remedy, click here
    To discover our natural remedy for weight loss, click here.

    1. Go to the pregnancy consultation. Your doctor will do a full checkup to monitor your health during conception and pregnancy and will advise you on how to reach your goal. He will also tell you to take folic acid and iodine supplements, an essential mineral in pregnancy.

    2. Discover your fertile days. To do this, use our fertile day's calculator. Remember that, on average, ovulation occurs 14 days before the start of menstruation. On the other hand, the sperm have an average life in the female body for 3 or 4 days and the ovum remains fertile for 24 hours.

    3. Take your time. Making love with the sole obsession of getting pregnant is a bad strategy for achieving the goal as well as for your relationship and your sex life. Remember: stress is an important factor in infertility and obligation kills desire. When procreation becomes programmed, the man who feels this stress and the pressure that the woman imposes on him not to miss the good day: he then feels in his body that inhibition and not sexual stimulation. The man cannot simulate his erection and any pressure leads him to a directed act almost undergone and not natural and phantasmatic. He can no longer desire his wife and be an effective partner in the parental reproductive project.
    It is not the idea of ​​having a baby that causes an erection but of wanting his wife. Inhibited by the pressure of timing, he will become a passive partner with a declining libido.

    4. The orgasm helps conception. Spasms from a woman's sexual system help sperm move through the fallopian tubes. Orgasm would increase the chances of getting pregnant by 15%. Indeed, oxytocin (the famous "happiness hormone" secreted in abundance during orgasm) would play a role in uterine contractions during orgasm and help bring the sperm "where it should go."

    5. Having sex several times a day is not a good method. Keep in mind that sperm loses quality in every relationship. It is not necessary to have sex as often to conceive a baby. Indeed, making love every two or three days during your partner's cycle will give you a better chance of conceiving.
    Spacing intercourse for a few days will help your body produce better quality sperm than if you had sex every day. In addition, this frequency is sufficient to guarantee the presence of spermatozoa in your partner's fallopian tubes at the time of ovulation.

    6. As a general rule, specialists recommend having at least three sexual intercourse between the eleventh and eighteenth days of your menstrual cycle.

    7. Watch your diet. When you want a baby, the choice of carbohydrates, dairy products or vitamins is not random! Certain foods have the ability to improve the quality of ovulation in women or sperm in men. But then, what should we put on our plate to increase our chances of getting pregnant? It is essential to drink plenty of fruits and vegetables, both for men and women. If you can afford it, choose them in organic farming to avoid pesticides and fertilizers. In any case, always wash them. Discover the foods that help conception.

    8. Avoid tobacco. Smoking 10 cigarettes in women and 20 in men decrease fertility. In women, smoking causes hormonal changes and reduces fertility by about a third. On average, smokers take twice as long as non-smokers to have a baby. If you don't smoke, stay away from smoke-filled areas.

    In men, Cigarette smoke slows the secretion of testosterone, causing a drop in libido. The sperm are fewer and less mobile, which reduces fertility. Tobacco also damages sperm DNA, increasing the risk of pregnancy complications and birth defects.

    9. No to obesity and anorexia. Both are factors of infertility, as they are generally associated with hormonal disorders. Overweight or obese women sometimes have too much insulin in their blood; this hormone decreases fertility by disrupting the secretion of reproductive hormones. ... Now it is the variations of these hormones in the blood and in particular a peak in the concentration of LH in the middle of the cycle which trigger ovulation

    10. Play sports. Regular exercise prepares your body for pregnancy, removes the risk of obesity and reduces stress. But intensive exercise would be harmful. We, therefore, recommend that women limit intensive physical activities in favor of moderate activities.

    Tips that don't work
    There is no shortage of myths and false beliefs about fertility. These are tricks or ideas that circulate but no one has been able to demonstrate their usefulness. Here are a few:

     - Staying with your hips on a cushion does not make the sperm better. Likewise, washing after sex does not prevent pregnancy.
     - The missionary position does not favor the conception of a child.
     - The phases of the moon do not influence the sex of the baby.
     - Having taken oral contraceptives does not make pregnancy difficult.