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  • Natural remedy to treat spermatocele (epididymal cyst) without surgery

    A spermatocele is a cyst that forms in the epididymis (the twisted tube through which sperm flows above and behind the two testicles). This non-cancerous cyst contains a whitish or colorless liquid which may contain sperm and is generally painless.

    It is also called a sperm cyst or epididymal cyst. The cause of its appearance is unknown, but it may be due to the blockage of one of the tubes that carry sperm. Normally, the spermatocele does not affect fertility and does not require treatment. If you are older and experience discomfort or seem to affect your sex life, you may need to have surgery.

    How to treat spermatocele without surgery

    First, the only solution to remove the spermatocele or epididymal cyst and testes is not an operation. The use of natural plants makes it possible to permanently cure spermatocele by avoiding the surgical operation. The natural remedy for curing epididymis and testicle cysts that we offer you is made entirely of plants. It contains 2 elements to know: a herbal tea and an ointment. How does it work

    It is a natural remedy that successfully removes cysts by strengthening the valves located in the veins of the spermatic cords. So the veins become toned and tenacious to facilitate the dynamic rise of blood along the veins. This to join the most important veins like the left renal vein and the inferior vena cava. Our natural remedy is the miracle solution to cure spermatocele without surgery.

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    The spermatocele can be asymptomatic. If symptoms occur, they can be:

    • swelling (cyst) in the testicle (above and behind)

    • local pain

    • feeling of local pressure

    The causes

    • the cause of its appearance is unknown, but it may be due to the blockage of one of the tubes that carry sperm (epididymis) following a trauma or inflammation.

    Risk factors

    • age: men between 20 and 50 years old

    The first step:

    • consult your doctor if you notice any of the characteristic symptoms above

    Preparation for the consultation

    If you experience any of the symptoms listed above, see a doctor for consultation.

    What you should do for the initial consultation:

    • ask during programming if there are restrictions, for example if you are not authorized to consume certain foods

    • write down on a sheet of paper all the symptoms you noticed

    • Don't forget to mention a major recent change in your life or a stressor

    • Make a list of the medications you take, including vitamins or supplements


    The spermatocele can be asymptomatic. If symptoms occur, they can be:

    • swelling (cyst) in the testicle (above and behind)

    • local pain

    • feeling of local pressure

    The causes

    • the cause of its appearance is unknown, but it may be due to the blockage of one of the tubes that carry sperm (epididymis) following a trauma or inflammation.

    Risk factors

    • age: men between 20 and 50 years old

    The first step:

    • consult your doctor if you notice any of the characteristic symptoms above

    Preparation for the consultation

    If you experience any of the symptoms listed above, see a doctor for consultation.

    What you should do for the initial consultation:

    • ask during programming if there are restrictions, for example if you are not authorized to consume certain foods

    • write down on a sheet of paper all the symptoms you noticed

    • Don't forget to mention a major recent change in your life or a stressor

    • Make a list of the medications you take, including vitamins or supplements


  • how to treat epilepsy naturally

    Epilepsy is a chronic disease characterized by repetitive attacks. The epileptic crisis is represented by an episode of abnormal, involuntary motor or sensory manifestations or a change in psychomotor behavior. This type of crisis can be primary (with no known cause) or secondary (electroconvulsive treatments, syncope, ingestion or withdrawal of toxic drugs, acute infections or head trauma, fever).

    Epilepsy, a disease with great clinical variability, has genetic determinism, but it is also influenced by exogenous factors that can act from the fetal period onward, and then throughout the individual's existence. The diagnosis is made on the basis of the patient's history, the beginning of the crisis, the clinical examination, the electroencephalographic pathway in crisis and intercritical, and sometimes by computed tomography or nuclear magenta resonance, for secondary causes. However, there are very effective natural remedies against epilepsy.

     After 25 years of extensive research, Dawabio experts have discovered the best natural herbs to cure epilepsy. This natural remedy is active in all epileptic seizures. Thus, it is suitable for children as well as adults. Modern medicine offers medicines for epilepsy. Unfortunately, these drugs often cause many disastrous side effects and are not always effective. They inhibit seizures, but are not curative. Trust us ! Our natural treatment is the secret to preventing epileptic seizures by plants. How does it work?

    First, this natural remedy blocks the electrical impulse in the brain by decreasing the reactions of the neurons which provoke the crises. Second, it has a property on brain receptors which amplifies the action against seizures.

    Finally, herbal tea also helps to eliminate anxiety and stress in people with epilepsy. When you know that stress is, in many cases, a trigger for epileptic seizures, it immediately reassures you.

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    Upon awakening, the patient does not remember anything. Attacks can start at any age. Demographic studies in developed countries have shown that 2-4% of people experience recurrent seizures at some point in their lives. In third world countries and in urban areas, the impact is two-fold. Epileptic seizures can last from a few seconds to several minutes, and their mode of presentation indicates the original anatomical focus. It can be the major paroxysmal crisis, which presents itself as the aura, the attack itself and the post-crisis period. The aura phenomenon which precedes the suspension of consciousness is a symptom which warns the patient of the relentless imminence of the paroxysm (crisis), but who, with a low tolerance, does not let him choose his place of fall.

    The aura can be:

    -motor (crises localized in a segment of the body which will become generalized),

    - vegetative (laryngeal contraction, gastric spasm, salivation, chewing, heat waves, cold, pain, orgasm),


    - auditory (noises, voices, sounds),

    - visual (light points, stars, kaleidoscopic images, flames, explosions, fantastic people or animals, grotesque visions),

    - olfactory

    - taste (with unpleasant impressions), or phenomena of "never seen" or "never" invisible ", psychic (obsessional - delusional phenomena) of the type" hear their own thoughts ".

    The major paroxysm (progressive or lightening) is accompanied by falls and convulsions. The convulsive phase lasts approximately 60 seconds, during which the patient is in apnea (stops breathing). Then comes the steroid phase (wide, noisy breathing with hypersalivation), which can take several minutes and during which the patient loses urine, sometimes also feces. Then the patient wakes up after a physiological sleep period. Upon awakening, the patient does not remember anything (lacunar amnesia) or presents a confused state. During the post-crisis period, headache, drowsiness or persistent neurological abnormalities may appear, especially in the aura, with diarrhea varying from a few minutes to several days.


    This condition represents a succession of paroxysms so that the patient reaches an alarming state of prolonged unconsciousness, with severe disorders at the diencephalic level. Comorbid disease is a medical emergency and death can occur from cerebral edema or hemorrhage, heart failure or acute pulmonary edema.

    A minor paroxysmal crisis can manifest itself in an absence, an equivalence or a twilight condition. Absences represent sudden suppression of consciousness in the short term (1-15 seconds), without falls or convulsions. The patient becomes pale, with a fixed and expressionless gaze, his breathing stops, his lips cyanose, his mouth is filled with saliva and sometimes he can lose urine. The equivalents consist of the unconscious automatic execution of more or less complex acts or actions, followed by amnesia (this can include somnambulism or bedwetting in children - loss of urine during sleep). These manifestations are diagnosed as epileptic only if they combine changes in the encephalogram. The twilight states appear after the epileptic paroxysm. Clinically, confused, dreamlike state,unrest, mystical delirium or prejudice predominate in which, from a motivation with real or totally unjustified content, reactions of extreme danger (acts of violence, excessive cruelty) can occur, multiple-stroke crimes, with rituals mystics, mass extermination, arson, self-harm, suicide).

    It should be noted that among people with epilepsy there are people who have permanent behavioral problems. Between climaxes, mental disorders imply great variability. Among the epileptics, there are people who have permanent behavioral disorders, with the maintenance of discernment in social relationships, with the capacity to slow down the instinctive reactions, but also with a particular category, those who have serious disorders, manifestations of discernment, but also at the social level. These require permanent monitoring and immediate treatment, often with beneficial effects.

    The most serious possible development of epilepsy is epileptic dementia, more common in children, with progressive development of cognitive and affective functions. What should not be forgotten in the presence of an epileptic is that when the disease is therapeutically incomplete and associated with other neurological signs, emotional problems arise. A great help is the security offered by those around him and the optimistic social attitude. In addition, under conditions of adequate therapeutic control, in the absence of neurological damage, scores on intelligence tests are at the limit of normal.


    Massage in the reflex zone of the head, applied at the start of the disease, will stop infections, regenerate tumors by detoxifying the body and detoxifying the brain by improving blood circulation in the region. Any head trauma, especially in children, must be monitored and treated in time, so as not to cause (sometimes after years) irreversible conditions. Overwork, alcohol, infections superimposed on an affected brain, will promote the installation of diseases that are difficult or impossible to treat.

    Diagram of a massage in case of epilepsy:

    - head reflex zones: all points for 5-10 minutes on each leg;

    - areas of the renal tract, urethra, bladder: points 24, 25, 26 for 5 minutes;

    - upper body lymphatic areas: point 39 for 5 minutes;

    - reflex zones of the vital organs: points 36, 41, 49 for 3 minutes.

    Massages will be performed daily for 10 to 14 days, followed by 3 weekly sessions for one year.

    Natural treatments

    1. Diet for 5 days with juice and vegetables. An enema in the morning with chamomile infusion for 5 days. Epilepsy is cured with juices, for 2 months, with a vitamin complex and for 5-7 days a raw diet, purified with germinated wheat. Drink green barley juice, 3x50 ml per day.

    2. Cure with lemon juice for 20 days held as follows: the first day the juice of one lemon, the second day of 2 lemons, the dose increasing by one lemon per day, until it reaches 10 lemons, then a lemon gradually decreases daily. A 10-day break is then repeated. After a 25-day break, the treatment resumes.

    3. Tea from the following plants is drunk:

    - Rp. 1:30 gr of prene, 30 gr of nettle, 30 gr of dredge. Make an infusion and drink 3-4 cups a day.

    - Rp. 2: infusion from a field sieve, 2 cups per day for one year. - Rp. 3:30 gr of valerian, 20 gr of rosemary, 30 gr of linden, 20 gr of speedwell, 20 gr of cuckoo chubotica. Drink 3 cups a day, alternating with the other two recipes.

    4. Vital bath 2 times a day for 25 minutes.

    5. Bath box 2 times a day for 25 minutes.

    6. Low back abdominal poultice with clay, 3 times a day.

    7. Alternative foot bath.

    8. General cold shower 3 times a week.

    9. Scottish shower alternating 2 times a day.

    10. Sunbathing, air purification with respiratory and physical gymnastics.

    11. Medical surveillance.


    - Take a willow and a sprig of twig, burn and the ashes are mixed with fresh milk (1 tablespoon of ashes for 1 glass of milk). Drink 3 tablespoons 3 times a day for 14 days, then take a 14-day break, repeating if necessary.

    - General baths with infusion of teaspoon.

    - Vegetarian diet, and after 15 days, do not eat anything for 3 days.

    - Basque puree, 2-3 cups per day.

    - Cold water procedures are very effective in combination with reflexology and the indicated diets. General washing of the body with cold water and vinegar for a month, walking through cold water to the knee, for 3-5 minutes 4-5 times a day, for a month.

    - Spices and alcohol are excluded.

    - Patients are not allowed to work at heights or to drive vehicles.

    - It is compulsory to take into account specialized medical services (psychiatry).

  • 5 natural remedies to help you cure asthma

    The cold weather has completely settled in and is one of the most difficult times for those with asthma. Asthma attacks multiply, the cough is worsen accompanied by a feeling of suffocation. We want to tell you more about how to control your asthma during the cold period, but also some natural remedies to help you calm your asthma attacks.

    Bronchial asthma is, in fact, a condition that occurs when the bronchi contract in the air in the lungs, and the reaction is a rate, feeling of suffocation and spasms of the muscles in the bronchioles.

    What are the factors that can causes asthma?

     Active and passive smoking

     Infections such as colds, flu or pneumonia

     Allergens such as food, pollen, mold or dust

     Air pollution or toxins

     Weather, especially sudden temperature changes

     Food additives

     Stress, strong emotions or anxiety

     Powerful scents or aromas

    Natural therapies to cure asthma

    If you experience choking attacks that start out of the blue, which disappear as quickly as they appear, may be accompanied by chest pain or even coughing, you may have asthma and the safest recommendation is to consult a doctor at the first sign. If you have been diagnosed with asthma, there are natural remedies that can help reduce the attacks and symptoms of this disease.

     The first natural treatment that we offer to cure your child's asthma is essentially made of natural herbal teas.The tisane is composed of plants whose active ingredients are capable of definitively preventing the onset of asthma attacks in children. child as in the adult. How does it work?

    Our natural remedy works by reducing the swelling of the walls of the bronchi and by relaxing the muscles which can tighten around them. It works quickly to dilate the bronchi and open a larger airway. It is the solution to avoid asthma attacks and return to normal life.

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    Soothe your cough and give yourself anti-inflammatory and antiseptic infusions such as those of fir buds, pine buds, black poplar or birch, sorghum, chamomile, pomegranate, candle, basil , acacia, sulfide, podbal, patlagine, choc, yellow potatoes. Serve 2-3 cups a day.

     Also try a decoction of plants from the root of valerian or fennel. Boil 3 tablespoons of aquatic plants and administer 2 to 3 tablespoons of this decoction per day.

     You can calm the cough and clear the nasal passages using warm plant inhalations. Prepare them with chamomile, lime, corner, dill seeds or essential oils such as sage, fir, pine or spruce.

     Also try hot compresses applied locally to the painful area. Prepare them with equal parts of vinegar and hot water and apply them in the evening before going to bed.

     Garlic drink: cut a head of garlic into thin slices and macerate for 15 days in three liters of tuna. It trembles every day. It is filtered through gauze. In the event of an asthma attack, soak a piece of sugar in this alcohol and suck it slowly.

     Breathe in the peppermint vapors to release the bronchi, inhalations of peppermint leaves give great results. Place a handful of herbs in a bowl, pour over boiling water and breathe hot steam, being careful not to burn. Besides the leaves, you can also add 4 to 5 drops of peppermint essential oil.


    The basis of all ills in an asthma attack is bronchial inflammation. Its treatment and prevention are permanent, whatever the progressive stage of the disease (during and outside the crisis). The treatment of asthma, which is dyspnea (choking attack), requires that from the first instant a specific anti-asthma medication, known by some patients from previous crises, be administered:

    -Myofilin injection (the drug should only be administered during the attack, not several days in a row, as it causes relaxation of the esophageal-gastric sphincter which produces acid reflux from the stomach - one of the causes of l 'asthma),


    - ketotifen,

    -formoterol (a puff 2-3 times a day, and never more) of 6),

    - a powerful anti-allergic and adrenaline or ephedrine injection.

    Note: If the bronchodilator medication does not work within a few hours, it means that it is severe asthma, the only solution being an urgent hospitalization. After obtaining the effect of re-permeabilization of the bronchial tree, elimination of edema and removal of mucous plugs, only the anti-inflammatory treatment is continued. It is practiced with very small doses of cortisone (only preparations for inhaler: spray, down, nebulizer, nasal instillations, aerosols), antiallergic treatments, those practiced in pressure rooms or in saline galleries, in rooms equipped with filtering or ionizing air negatively.

    All these measures and drugs have a favorable effect on the increase in the production of surfactant, a substance "antifreeze" which circulates the air in the two directions, day and night, all the life, through the bronchi, better supported by the asthmatic patient. What is worrying is that half of these patients do not know how to use inhalation or inhalation devices so that the active drug, instead of reaching deep down to the small bronchioles, remains on the tongue, pharynx or trachea.

    The fundamental (permanent) recommendations, which must be applied after the passage of the suffocating crisis, are the most important, because knowledge and especially their compliance depend on the prevention and cure of bronchial asthma. Their realization leads to the decrease, to the elimination of bronchial inflammation and to the increase in the production of a quality mucus, which contains this anti-friction substance, to the permanent "soft" passage of air. The substance having an essential role in maintaining the integrity of the wall.

    The diet should be trained in this way, especially in the suffocating crisis phase, so that potentially allergenic foods are eliminated. In dyspneic crises, no fruit and vegetable juices are given, with the exception of those of green vegetables (green beans, sweet cabbage, salad, broccoli) diluted, unsalted. After improving the breath, salads, fruits, vegetable soups and gradually lean meat and fish are introduced. Choosing and preparing the right food certainly ensures the recovery of normal breath. Light and frequent meals are preferable to large meals or alternating overeating and fasting. Moderation should be the "golden rule" of the asthmatic diet.

    In addition, you must prioritize the least cooked foods, a real medicine, because they keep enzymes, minerals and vitamins in their natural state, the only substances that resist pollutants, streptococci, staphylococci, to hundreds other microbes and viruses, as well as ionizing radiation, the effects of ozone-depleted bedding or radon in our rooms. The evening meal should be small, with easily assimilated food, served early. (A study of 7,000 patients shows that 75% of them had seizures and woke up at night, a good reason to take bronchodilator drugs to sleep.) Drinking water has healing properties and in this suffering , provided that it is not modified and consumed in larger quantities. Yoga, with its initiation stages, is beneficial, facilitating a "dialogue" with our organs which no longer "listens" to us. Above them is the brain, which is aware of everything that is going on, good or bad, in the 100 billion or so cells that make up us.

    Yoga is an additional opportunity and it is good to learn, at any age, to breathe, not to be satisfied with the fact that breathing, being natural, comes from itself. Five to six deep, consecutive breaths taken several times a day help a lot. In some corners of the lungs there is fresh air, 5 years old. In addition, yoga breaths cause a beneficial decrease in asthma attacks and an increase in air flow. Respiratory gymnastics emphasizes expiration, which should be 2-4 times longer than inspiration. Valuable maneuvers in any clinical form of asthma should be performed during the periods between crises. Their almost exclusive role is the mobilization of the diaphragm muscle, as well as the correction of certain deformations of the chest, present in childhood asthmatics. Acupuncture, a non-aggressive therapy, makes it possible to achieve improvement in expiratory flow by day and by night within two months. Study shows that with hypnosis, the symptoms of the disease have been reduced in half of asthmatics and in a third of them, bronchodilator drugs could be reduced.

  • Natural treatment for enlarged prostate

    An enlarged prostate can affect a couple's sex life, but it's mainly a health problem. Normally, the size of the prostate resembles that of a walnut. The prostate begins to increase in most men around the age of 50. The non-inflamed, non-cancerous form of enlarged prostate, called benign enlargement, does not require treatment if it does not produce symptoms. If the prostate is enlarged to squeeze the walls of the urethra, obstruction of the urine flow occurs, which leads to the urge to urinate often, day and night, in small amounts.

    Here are some natural remedies for the prostate, from healthy foods available to everyone.

    Using African medicinal plants

    Here is the easiest way to cure prostate problems. This natural treatment makes it possible to treat prostatitis quite easily and it does not leave any after-effects. It is made up of two elements: a herbal tea and an ointment. The herbal tea is made up of plants that have anti-inflammatory, astringent, antibacterial and calming properties. It works in particular by reducing the swelling of the prostate gland and providing immense relief. This natural remedy also contains several natural anti-inflammatory compounds that inhibit the inflammatory process that triggers inflammation and pain in the prostate gland. It also helps relieve urinary symptoms, including those caused by an enlarged prostate without having to have an operation. The natural remedy also helps cure urination difficulties and it restores sexual balance. So this is the secret to cure prostatitis by plants.

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    Rye pollen extract

    Natural mixtures of rye, corn and thymophytic pollen (a herb used in herbal medicine) are often recommended for enlarged prostate problems. This type of supplement helps men not to wake up at night with a constant need to urinate. In addition, it helps reduce inflammation of the prostate, which helps reduce the number of urinations per night, thanks to larger amounts being eliminated at the same time.


    Nettle has been used in traditional natural medicine for hundreds of thousands of years in our countries. Rich in minerals and antioxidants, nettle also has beneficial effects on the prostate. Prepare an infusion of 1 teaspoon of nettle in a cup of water. Drink 2 cups a day, one in the morning and the second between lunch and evening. Nettle tea is indicated in enlarged prostate, but also in dysmenorrhea, respiratory disorders, nasal bleeding, skin ulcers and varicose veins. Nettle root is used as a medicinal plant, but neither nettle-based foods nor tea should be ignored.

    Natural recipe

    Mix the following ingredients: 30 g bearberry, 20 g three potato brothers, 20 g tatana, 20 g nettle, 20 g pine buds, 20 g field horsetail (Equisetum arvense ), 10 g of sage and 10 g of vine leaf. From this mixture, take a teaspoon and add to 250 ml of boiled water. Then infuse 2-3 minutes. As a method of administration, drink 3 cups a day, lukewarm, sweetened with honey.


    The bark of Pygeum africanum (African Plum), an evergreen tree native to Africa, has historically been used in the treatment of urinary tract disorders. The main active components of the bark are fat-soluble sterols and fatty acids. Widely studied in experimental animal studies and clinical trials with humans. A study in rat prostate cells suggests that the therapeutic effect of pygeum may be due in part to the inhibition of growth factors (eg, EGF, bFGF and IGF-I) that are responsible for prostate proliferation.

    Put 100 mg of plum bark powder in a glass of water and drink this mixture as a cure for 6 to 8 weeks 2 times a day.

    • In the form of an infusion: Boil 10g of plum bark in 1 liter of water, then simmer over a low flame for 15 minutes. Drink 3 times a day.

    • After 2 months of treatment you will get a significant improvement in your health.


    Diet for enlarged prostate

    - Eat many foods containing zinc (seafood, pumpkin seeds, root)

    - Eat many soy foods because soybeans contain isoflavones, substances that can protect against prostate disease.

    - Increase the consumption of foods containing beta-carotene, vitamin C and vitamin E, magnesium and essential fatty acids.

    - Eat lentils, corn and nuts. They contain glutamic acid which reduces an enlarged prostate.

    - Reduce consumption of dairy products, refined carbohydrates and caffeine drinks.

    -It has been observed over time that men who eat a diet rich in starch and animal proteins (cereals, potatoes and meat) have more problems with an enlarged prostate than those who have a lighter diet , rich in vegetables and polyunsaturated fats.

    Avoid the following risk factors for an enlarged prostate:

    - jump exercises when the bladder is full

    - delayed urination when the bladder is full

    - unprotected sexual contact, except for a long-term relationship

    - smoking

    - constipation


    Do you want to get pregnant? Remember that only 20-25% of couples achieve pregnancy in the first month of testing. About 85 percent get it in the first year and 90 percent after two years. If you're looking for tips to put the odds in your favor, read on.

    A baby changes your life even before pregnancy. Here are some very useful tips and tricks to get pregnant quickly

    Use African herbal medicines

    Here is a very effective natural remedy to get pregnant quickly, as quickly as possible. It stimulates ovulation and restores the hormonal system naturally. It is a powerful uterine tonic during ovulation and has a constructive effect on reproductive hormones. It will, therefore, allow you to quickly get pregnant quickly.
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    1. Go to the pregnancy consultation. Your doctor will do a full checkup to monitor your health during conception and pregnancy and will advise you on how to reach your goal. He will also tell you to take folic acid and iodine supplements, an essential mineral in pregnancy.

    2. Discover your fertile days. To do this, use our fertile day's calculator. Remember that, on average, ovulation occurs 14 days before the start of menstruation. On the other hand, the sperm have an average life in the female body for 3 or 4 days and the ovum remains fertile for 24 hours.

    3. Take your time. Making love with the sole obsession of getting pregnant is a bad strategy for achieving the goal as well as for your relationship and your sex life. Remember: stress is an important factor in infertility and obligation kills desire. When procreation becomes programmed, the man who feels this stress and the pressure that the woman imposes on him not to miss the good day: he then feels in his body that inhibition and not sexual stimulation. The man cannot simulate his erection and any pressure leads him to a directed act almost undergone and not natural and phantasmatic. He can no longer desire his wife and be an effective partner in the parental reproductive project.
    It is not the idea of ​​having a baby that causes an erection but of wanting his wife. Inhibited by the pressure of timing, he will become a passive partner with a declining libido.

    4. The orgasm helps conception. Spasms from a woman's sexual system help sperm move through the fallopian tubes. Orgasm would increase the chances of getting pregnant by 15%. Indeed, oxytocin (the famous "happiness hormone" secreted in abundance during orgasm) would play a role in uterine contractions during orgasm and help bring the sperm "where it should go."

    5. Having sex several times a day is not a good method. Keep in mind that sperm loses quality in every relationship. It is not necessary to have sex as often to conceive a baby. Indeed, making love every two or three days during your partner's cycle will give you a better chance of conceiving.
    Spacing intercourse for a few days will help your body produce better quality sperm than if you had sex every day. In addition, this frequency is sufficient to guarantee the presence of spermatozoa in your partner's fallopian tubes at the time of ovulation.

    6. As a general rule, specialists recommend having at least three sexual intercourse between the eleventh and eighteenth days of your menstrual cycle.

    7. Watch your diet. When you want a baby, the choice of carbohydrates, dairy products or vitamins is not random! Certain foods have the ability to improve the quality of ovulation in women or sperm in men. But then, what should we put on our plate to increase our chances of getting pregnant? It is essential to drink plenty of fruits and vegetables, both for men and women. If you can afford it, choose them in organic farming to avoid pesticides and fertilizers. In any case, always wash them. Discover the foods that help conception.

    8. Avoid tobacco. Smoking 10 cigarettes in women and 20 in men decrease fertility. In women, smoking causes hormonal changes and reduces fertility by about a third. On average, smokers take twice as long as non-smokers to have a baby. If you don't smoke, stay away from smoke-filled areas.

    In men, Cigarette smoke slows the secretion of testosterone, causing a drop in libido. The sperm are fewer and less mobile, which reduces fertility. Tobacco also damages sperm DNA, increasing the risk of pregnancy complications and birth defects.

    9. No to obesity and anorexia. Both are factors of infertility, as they are generally associated with hormonal disorders. Overweight or obese women sometimes have too much insulin in their blood; this hormone decreases fertility by disrupting the secretion of reproductive hormones. ... Now it is the variations of these hormones in the blood and in particular a peak in the concentration of LH in the middle of the cycle which trigger ovulation

    10. Play sports. Regular exercise prepares your body for pregnancy, removes the risk of obesity and reduces stress. But intensive exercise would be harmful. We, therefore, recommend that women limit intensive physical activities in favor of moderate activities.

    Tips that don't work
    There is no shortage of myths and false beliefs about fertility. These are tricks or ideas that circulate but no one has been able to demonstrate their usefulness. Here are a few:

     - Staying with your hips on a cushion does not make the sperm better. Likewise, washing after sex does not prevent pregnancy.
     - The missionary position does not favor the conception of a child.
     - The phases of the moon do not influence the sex of the baby.
     - Having taken oral contraceptives does not make pregnancy difficult.

  • 3 natural solutions that increase your chances of getting pregnant and improve your fertility

    Fertility is an aspect that we only take into account when the baby is expected. Many women discover that there is a fertility problem just as they are trying to conceive a baby. There are many factors that cause a decline in fertility: age, poor nutrition, lack of rest, stress or vices are just some of the things that can make conception a long process.

    If you want to become a mother as quickly as possible, before going to fertilization treatments, it is good to try a few natural methods, which increase the chances of conception and subsequently contribute to the good development of your baby.

    Here is for example the best mixture of medicinal plants in the world to get pregnant quickly. This mixture is composed of several African and Asian plants to quickly get pregnant. Our natural treatment will allow you to cure all the causes of female infertility: endometriosis, anovulation (absence of ovulation), uterine polyps, uterine fibroids, miscarriages, blocked tubes. You're going to get pregnant in less than one month.

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    Folic acid

    Folic acid improves fertility and decreases the risk of neural defects in the fetus. Folic acid, also known as vitamin B9, is found in citrus fruits, green vegetables, whole grains and reds. It is also one of the vitamins that became extremely popular after scientists discovered that administering folic acid increases fertility and decreases the risk of brain and spinal cord defects (neural tube defects). in the fetus. Recent studies show that folic acid not only improves the fertility of women, but also that of men. Studies have shown that men who consume folic acid daily have up to 30% better sperm quality.

    For women, folic acid given before conception increases fertility, but it also helps you have a lighter, healthier pregnancy. It is recommended that you start taking about 400 mg of folic acid per day, three months before you get pregnant, to take advantage of all of these folic acid benefits. Doctors recommend that patients with a family history of genetic abnormalities take up to 4,000 mg of folic acid per day. And since this vitamin is quickly eliminated from the body, the only solution is to take a supplement of folic acid daily.

    Avoid excess coffee and alcohol and quit smoking

    Caffeine and alcohol are among the factors that, over time, cause fertility to go down. Experts say that people who drink more than five cups of coffee a day, the equivalent of 500 mg of caffeine, are more likely to have problems when they want to conceive. However, it should be mentioned that this is only excess coffee. Moderate consumption of one or two cups a day does not affect fertility. This also applies to those who do not drink coffee, but rather consume carbonated drinks containing caffeine. The maximum dose of caffeine that you can ingest daily, without any risk, is 250 mg.

    On the other hand, studies on alcohol and fertility have sometimes produced different results. Swedish researchers have found that women who consume two alcoholic drinks a day have up to 60% lower fertility. It should also be noted that not all alcoholic beverages fall into this category. A study of 30,000 women found that those who drank wine in moderation were more likely to get pregnant. Among the study participants, half were pregnant during the first two months, while 15% had to wait a year. But those who drank red or white wine in moderation were three times more likely to conceive in the first 12 months.

    Smoking is one of the vices with devastating effects on fertility, for both women and men. Smoke affects the responsiveness of the uterus to the egg, reduces sperm production, and also affects the structure of DNA. Doctors recommend that those who want to become parents stop smoking before they start to conceive. In addition, during pregnancy, smoking increases the risk of pregnancy loss and can affect the fetus.

    Avoid stress

    Remember that stress is one of the factors that affect fertility in both women and men. In women, stress can cause hormonal disturbances (disturbances in the menstrual cycle, etc.) and in men, a drop in sperm production ... not to mention the libido breakdowns that stress generally induces in partners.

    So don't panic and worry if you don't get pregnant within the first month. Most couples try for 2-3 months, until they succeed, so it doesn't put pressure on you or your partner. And before you go to the doctor and get expensive fertility treatments, try these methods that increase your chances of conceiving a perfectly healthy baby.

    The calendar method for the most fertile period

    Doctors call it the "fertility window" and define it as the time of the month when a woman reaches her maximum fertility. This period is made up of 6 days ending on the first day after ovulation. The most fertile time is three days before ovulation. Couples who want to conceive more easily can use the calendar method: ovulation takes place about two weeks before the start of the menstrual cycle. In pharmacies, however, there are also kits that predict the exact days of ovulation, based on the length of a menstrual cycle and the date of the last menstruation.


  • Hepatitis C: everything you need to know about new treatments and new molecules that heal almost 100%

    The new treatments, which have entered or will enter the market early next year, will cure almost 100% of hepatitis C, but also of its dangerous complication, cirrhosis.

    30 years ago, George M, was constantly tired and had severe headaches. The medical examination he did did not help him understand the causes too much, just that it may be a liver problem and that he should stop drinking alcohol. It was only after a few years and a few investigations that he was first informed that he had a form of hepatitis C. An injection was to blame, doctors said. It has only been 25 years since scientists succeeded in identifying and defining hepatitis C as an individual form of hepatitis, unrelated to hepatitis A or B, produced by a separate and very complex hepatitis virus. Today, we know that around the world, 160 million people are infected with the hepatitis C virus.

    How to cure the hepatitis virus with plants?

    If you have hepatitis a, b, c, or fatty liver disease, don't panic! Dawabio experts offer you here a very effective natural remedy to destroy the hepatitis virus in 2 months at most. The natural treatment that we offer to cure hepatitis is entirely composed of medicinal plants. Unlike drugs that only fight the symptoms of hepatitis, it completely destroys the virus. It also helps cleanse the liver. How does it work?

    Herbal tea has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, which help in the treatment and prevention of liver problems, so it is the best natural remedy to cure hepatitis A, B and C. It also fights against the viruses responsible for 'hepatitis. It also gives the antioxidants that help maintain overall liver health. In other words, it helps the body fight viral infections and cleanse the liver.

    It is the quick fix for curing hepatitis A, B, C.

    To find out about our natural remedy to cure hepatitis C, click here.

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    Classic treatment, a necessary "poison"

    After starting an injection of interferon, a standard treatment for hepatitis C, George M. was lucky. The side effects (bone pain, severe anemia and hair loss) practically shattered him from normal life. But a year and a half after the start of treatment, the doctors told him that he had recovered and that, under balanced living conditions, without excess, he could live a long and normal life. However, half of the people treated this way are not so lucky. The efficacy of the treatment administered to patients with hepatitis C so far, that is to say the interferon combined with ribavirin, is only 50%.

    In addition, in many cases, after a year of treatment with conventional treatment, the virus resurfaces, a phenomenon known as relapse. And there is also the category of those who simply do not respond to therapy. Their chances were extremely limited until recently.

    Limited access to triple therapy

    "In December 2008, I had surgery for cholecystitis. The doctor who operated on me spoke with the family and told my wife that he suspected he had a liver problem because he noticed an unusual color during the operation. He did my analysis for liver function assessment and the diagnosis came directly from hepatitis C and cirrhosis of the liver. In June 2009 we started treatment with interferon and ribavirin, body reacted very well after just three months. But after the therapy was completed in December 2010, it was discovered that the disease had returned. Three years ago, however, a new type of drug was used. entered European markets, which, combined with interferon and ribavirin, increased the chances of successfully eliminating the virus from the body. In studies by doctors at the Fundeni Clinical Institute, it was found that the efficiency cited triple therapy (boceprevir or telaprevir, added to the combination of interferon and ribavirin) exceeds 85%. Sabin L. underwent such therapy from January 2012 to February 2013, successfully, as a patient participating in a clinical trial. Although the results have been very good, the triple therapy is not even compensated today by the National Health Insurance House.

    Next step: eradication of hepatitis C

    Meanwhile, triple therapy is out of date, as internationally renowned specialists pointed out at the biggest event on hepatology - the International Liver Congress, London, April 9-13. "If we identify all the people with hepatitis C, I can promise them that I will be able to cure them. We will soon have access to new therapies which will be approved by the American and European drug agencies by the end of the year, which practically changes the rules of the game.

    It revolutionizes everything we knew about the treatment of the disease, "he enthusiastically told us professor of hepatology Graham R. Foster, of the Queen Mary University of London, during the London Congress: Professor Foster talks about drugs called "direct acting antivirals", "no interferon", that is to say without interferon and, implicitly, without its side effects. Several pharmaceutical companies will launch such revolutionary drugs from here the end of the year and the beginning of next year, with an eradication rate of the virus of almost 100% in 12 weeks. After seeing my own eyes, in phase III clinical trials (no - the last step of study before the entry of a drug), the results of the new generation of drugs, I can say without fear that these are miraculous treatments.

    Top 4 myths about hepatitis C

    1. Once diagnosed with cirrhosis of the liver, there is nothing more to do.

    FALSE. In 2009, in Romania for example, there were around 88,000 cases of liver cirrhosis and 1,700 cases of hepatocarcinoma caused by hepatitis C, according to the Hepatitis C White Paper in Romania. The risk of cirrhosis of the liver infected with HCV is currently extremely limited, since the administration of interferon and ribavirin at this stage of the disease is often impossible, because of serious adverse reactions which worsen the patient's condition. However, the new molecules, presented at this year's International Congress of Liver Diseases, offer great hope to these patients. "92% of participants in the Turquoise-II study, all suffering from cirrhosis by the C virus, were cured in 12 weeks, and 96% - in 24 weeks", according to Professor Fred Poordad, vice-president of the academic department and clinic of the Texas Liver Institute, present at the London Congress.

    2. The risky behavior is to blame for the large number of people infected with the hepatitis C virus.

    TRUE AND FALSE. The only method of transmitting the hepatitis C virus is blood. "Basically, most of the people currently diagnosed with hepatitis C, cirrhosis with virus C or liver cancer are those who received injections, transfusions, transplants or who underwent surgery before 1995. In in some cases, the cause is represented by medical "accidents", with the use of non-sterile needles and instruments, "said Professor Graham Foster. Of course, most new infections occur mostly in people who use syringes, especially people who inject drugs, experts say. Contrary to the general perception, of some doctors, hepatitis C is not transmitted through unprotected sex, except in exceptional cases.

    3. HIV infection is a more serious problem than the hepatitis C virus.

    FALSE. Viral hepatitis causes far more deaths than HIV infection, shows the latest study on the subject presented to Congress on hepatitis. The study, funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, showed that in 2010, 11 times more people in the European Union died from viral hepatitis than from HIV. Together, hepatitis B and C cause almost 90,000 deaths a year in the EU, while HIV / AIDS only 8,000 deaths. C virus kills 57,000 Europeans and B virus 31,000


  • 11 ways to increase fertility in women naturally

    The presence of a baby is eagerly awaited for by all married couples. To be successful, male and female fertility comes into play. For those of you who want to have a baby soon, the tips below can be tried:

    1- Mixture of plants and roots to quickly get pregnant

    Here is the best herbal blend in the world to get pregnant quickly. This mixture is composed of several African and Asian plants to get pregnant quickly. Our natural treatment will cure you of all the causes of female infertility: endometriosis, anovulation (absence of ovulation), uterine polyps, uterine fibroids, miscarriages, blocked tubes.
    To discover herbal tea to quickly get pregnant, click here

    2- Plants that improve the quality of your sperm

    A very effective natural herbal treatment to improve the quality and quantity of your sperm. Our natural remedy is the secret to cure all forms of male infertility. It is made from herbal remedies, the effects of which have been shown in studies and hundreds of years of use to treat male infertility issues. The natural remedy contains plants whose active ingredients are able to restore male hormone balance by increasing the level of testosterone, the number and mobility of your sperm. It is also very useful with patients whose varicocele has produced oligospermia or azoospermia.

    To discover our natural remedy to treat oligospermia, asthenozoospermia, azoospermia, teratozoospermia, click here

    If you have varicocele, click on the following link.

    3. Try to stay relaxed

    Sperms grow faster in cold places. Men who often put their computers or laptops on their lap can reduce fertility. Men should also avoid taking hot baths too often. One study found that bathing in cold water can increase sperm production five times more. It also affects conception in women.

    4. Become the queen of cleanliness

    According to research from the University of North Carolina in the United States, women who usually do their homework like cleaning or gardening can get pregnant faster. This exercise is supposed to stop the production of insulin which is considered harmful to the development of eggs. You must also check that you are not exposed to polluting or even dangerous substances, whether at our home (pesticides, cleaning products, presence of lead in tap water, etc.) or as part of your work (chemicals, radiation).

    5. Take time to rest

    According to gynecologist consultant Michael Dooley, "Stress can have a big impact on female fertility. It can also slow male sperm production and low libido." The higher the levels of subjective and objective stress, the more the motility and concentration of sperm in the sperm decrease. There is a decline in fertility in stressed men.

    6. Drink more milk

    Drink at least a glass of milk a day to reduce the risk of infertility. According to research from Harvard University in America, milk fat helps the ovaries  to function properly. To support their claims, the scientists followed, for nearly 8 years, 18,555 married women seeking to become pregnant or awaiting a happy event. During the analysis, 2,165 women consulted for fertility problems and 438 actually presented anovulation problems (absence of ovulation and therefore infertility).
    The analysis of eating habits reveals, surprisingly, that it is women who consume more than 2 servings of skimmed milk products daily, in particular milk and yogurt, who are most at risk (85% more likely) to present this anomaly compared to women who consume less than once a week.
    Conversely, women who consume at least one portion of whole milk per day see their risk of infertility decrease by 27% compared to women who eat less than once a week

    7. Take a multivitamin

    Research from the Royal Free Hospital in London has shown that healthy women have good fertility. By consuming important nutrients such as folic acid, vitamin B12 and selenium can help improve women's health as well as fertility.

    8. Avoid cigarettes, drugs and drink

    Women who smoke, use drugs and alcoholic beverages can reduce the number of sperm and increase the number of abnormal sperm.

    9. Lose weight

    Body fat produces the hormone estrogen, which makes the body's ovulation cycle. Eliminating 5% of your body weight can increase conception by women.

    10. Eat more fish oil

    The omega 3 content of many fish oils can reduce the risk of miscarriage and improve the quality of sperm. Nutritionist Marilyn Glenville said, "This essential fat is very important for healthy hormone function, but many of us don't know it."

    11. Stay away from caffeine

    During treatment for having children, drinking a cup of coffee every day can reduce your chances of getting pregnant. Experts say caffeine can reduce the activity of the fallopian tube muscles, which carry eggs from the ovaries. This is an interesting explanation of why women who consume a lot of caffeine often take longer to get pregnant than women who do not.

    12. Drink lots of water

    Zita West, female fertility expert, said, "If you don't drink enough water, the reproductive system will lose energy, causing the vital organs we need." Mineral water can make blood supply to the brain smooth, which means it can strengthen the lining of the uterus, because if you are dehydrated, the cervical fluid will be slower. We advise you to drink mineral or filtered water (between 1 and 1.5 liters per day).

    13. Having sex frequently

    To have children, couples are recommended to have sex at least once a week. Sex makes healthy sperm. The quality will be very different if it is stored in the body for more than three days.

  • 4 effective tips to treat uterine fibroids naturally at home

    Uterine fibroids are a type of benign tumor that can develop in the uterus. If not treated immediately, it can make pregnancy difficult for women. This is why, women must maintain the uterus in the best way in order to stay healthy and to get pregnant. However, what if you already have uterine fibroids? Relax, firstly, you can defeat uterine fibroids in the following natural way.

    Different ways to treat uterine fibroids naturally and safely
    The growth of uterine fibroids generally tends to be slow or even not to develop at all. This tumor usually shrinks and disappears on its own after the woman has entered menopause.

    As long as the symptoms of uterine fibroids do not interfere, this disease does not in fact require any special treatment. However, it's different if the symptoms get worse, so you need additional treatment.

    At first, you can overcome uterine fibroids at home in a natural way. , this method is used to relieve symptoms and is sometimes more effective than surgery.

    The various natural ways to treat uterine fibroids are:

    1. African medicinal plants

    If you have fibroids and are looking for a natural alternative to avoid the operation, you've come to the right place. Here is the best natural remedy in the world to make your fibroids disappear naturally and get pregnant quickly. It is composed of several herbal teas made from the best plants in the world to suppress all your fibroids, make the pain disappear and expel all the waste contained in your uterus. How does it work?
    The herbal tea works by preventing the action of progesterone on the endometrium (lining of the uterus) and keeping estrogen levels within normal limits. This will result in the permanent disappearance of the fibroids and your pain. Thus, the heavy menstrual bleeding will completely cease at the end of the treatment. To discover our natural remedy for:
    -Make fibroids disappear, click here
    - Against miscarriages, click here
    -To get pregnant quickly, click here

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    2. Control your weight

    According to a study published in the Asia Pacific Journal of Clinical Nutrition 2013, obesity and too hard exercise can increase the risk of tumor growth in the uterus. Indeed, the fat cells in a woman's body contain a high level of estrogen, a hormone that can trigger the growth of cancer. For those of you who are overweight or obese, immediately lose your weight until you reach normal weight. This can help reduce the tumors that lodge in your uterus. Come on, check your ideal weight with a BMI calculator

    3. Eat a healthy diet

    Everything you eat will have an impact on your body, whether it actually triggers or inhibits the growth of uterine fibroids. Eating the right kind of food can help keep the weight off, possibly alleviating the symptoms of uterine fibroids.
    Eating foods high in fiber can help reduce inflammation from uterine fibroids. Not only that, this type of food can also balance the body's hormones and prevent you from gaining weight drastically.

    A variety of high-fiber foods that are safe to eat include:

    Vegetables and fruits
    Dried fruit
    Whole wheat
    Red rice
    Lentils and beans
    Wheat bread and pasta
    One study found that eating mostly red meat can increase the risk of developing uterine fibroids. Likewise, when you consume a lot of refined carbohydrates (refined carbohydrates) and high in sugar, it can also worsen the symptoms of uterine fibroids.

    When you eat a lot of refined carbohydrates and foods high in sugar, your blood sugar will go up dramatically. As a result, the body will produce more insulin and unbalance the body's hormones. Over time, this can trigger tumor growth.

    Here are some examples of processed carbohydrates to avoid in case of excessive consumption:

    White rice, pasta and flour
    Soda and other high sugar drinks
    Corn syrup
    Cookies, cookies, donuts
    Potato crisps

    4. Keep the blood pressure normal

    According to research published in the American Hypertension Journal  in 2015, high blood pressure can cause uterine fibroids. Hypertensive women have a 24% increased risk of developing fibroid symptoms compared to those who have no blood pressure problems. This risk also seems to increase with the age of hypertension "

    To overcome this, limit the consumption of foods high in salt to maintain your normal blood pressure. Also remember to check your blood pressure regularly by consulting a doctor or using a personal blood pressure monitor.

    5. playing sports

    A study has shown that women who exercise seven hours a week can reduce the risk of uterine fibroids. This is probably due to the fact that it is easier to lose weight, so it can suppress the growth of uterine tumors.

    No need to force yourself to do strenuous exercise. Just do light exercises like jogging, yoga, swimming, or whatever type of exercise you enjoy. Most importantly, do it regularly so that your body becomes healthier and fitter.

  • How can sport cure varicocele?

    Varicoceles are scrotal abnormalities defined by elongated, dilated, tortuous blood vessels that drain the testicles. Varicoceles are common, seen in 15% of the general male population, and are thought to be an evolutionary consequence of erect postures in men. Most varicoceles (> 80%) occur on the left side and the rest on both sides. They are usually acquired at puberty.

    Several theories have been proposed to explain the event, including malfunctioning valves and increased resistance to the bloodstream where varicoceles drain, creating a "similar barrier" effect and increasing venous pressure. They do not cause cancer and are not life threatening, but only have anatomical consequences for humans and infertility.

    About 35% of men who are assessed for infertility will have a varicocele, a rate much higher than that found in the general population (15%). Over the past 50 years, this has led to intensive studies on the relationship between varicoceles and male infertility.

    How to cure varicocele with plants?

    First, varicocele is not a fatality the only way out of which is an operation. The use of natural plants can cure varicocele once and for all by avoiding surgery. The natural remedy to cure varicocele that we offer is entirely made from plants. It is a natural remedy that successfully treats varicocele by strengthening the valves located in the veins of the spermatic cords. So the veins become toned and tenacious to facilitate the dynamic rise of blood along the veins. This to join the most important veins like the left renal vein and the inferior vena cava. So, it has proven its effectiveness with dozens of cases resolved. Associated with a suitable diet, it can treat varicocele quite easily. So, this is the best natural remedy to cure varicocele and avoid the operation.

    To discover our natural remedy for varicocele, click here

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    The mechanism by which varicocele on one side can affect the fertility of both testicles is not clearly understood. The truth is that scrotal temperature is usually a few degrees lower than body temperature, which is important for normal sperm production and testicular function.

    This difference in temperature is carefully preserved by the normal anatomy of the scrotum. Dilated veins in a varicocele can reduce the effectiveness of this natural cooling mechanism and "overheat" the testes and reduce their ability to function. The exact way in which heat affects sperm production is currently the subject of research on male fertility.

    However, the prevailing theory suggests that increased oxidative stress reduces the fertility of varicocele patients. In addition, recent data shows that the level of DNA sperm fragmentation, a measure of sperm quality, can be increased in men with varicoceles. Varicocele surgery can significantly reduce this level. However, semen analysis in patients with varicocele may show a decrease in sperm count, movement, or both.

    Can sport cure varicoceles?

    So far, no type of exercise has been proven to overcome varicocele, it's just that some sports are considered to be able to relieve symptoms and their effects.

    One of the recommended sports for varicocele is swimming, why swimming?

    If someone has talent, swimming is a good sport. Because to swim can cool the temperature of the testicles which are hot because of this varicocele.

    He also said that doing strenuous exercise would not affect varicoceles since there was no research evidence. Intense activity does not worsen the vericocele. Conversely, not all exercise can improve the dilated state of the blood vessels in the testicles. This condition can only be treated with surgery, and it is necessary if the diameter of the dilated blood vessels exceeds 2 mm.

  • How to Treat Varicocele Side Effects Naturally and Safely

    There are many ways to treat varicoceles naturally. Some may be an effective healing option as well as away from the dangerous side effects of the operation you are experiencing. Some herbal treatments are still more effective than medical treatments. In the case of varicocele, it is strongly recommended to use medicinal plants.

    Instead of using herbal remedies, you can defeat varicocele by performing a series of surgical procedures by medical experts. This is to get rid of problematic tissues from the testicular blood vessels that are causing the emergence or recurrence of varicoceles. Unfortunately, many side effects accompany the operation.

    How to cure varicocele with medicinal plants?
    First, varicocele is not a fatality the only way out of which is an operation. The use of natural plants can cure varicocele once and for all by avoiding surgery. The natural remedy to cure varicocele that we offer is entirely made from plants. It is a natural remedy that successfully treats varicocele by strengthening the valves located in the veins of the spermatic cords. So the veins become toned and tenacious to facilitate the dynamic rise of blood along the veins. This  join th most important veins like the left renal vein and the inferior vena cava. So, it has proven its effectiveness with dozens of cases resolved. Associated with a suitable diet, it can treat varicocele quite easily. So, this is the best natural remedy to cure varicocele and avoid the operation.
    To discover our natural remedy for varicocele, click here

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    Side effects that may accompany post-varicocele surgery
    Each stage of treatment followed by a patient would always have side effects and risks. Sometimes medical treatment is necessary. But you must first know in advance the risks you face. Then prepare to face these risks and minimize them as much as possible.

    Additionally, ways to treat varicoceles naturally can effectively dispel patients' concerns about the negative effects of surgical removal of varicoceles. The operation aims to eliminate the existence of dysfunctions in the male testes that interfere with the reproductive system. The production of stunted sperm can cause infertility.

    Some of the side effects that may be experienced by varicocele operated patients are indeed very diverse. Starting from the risk of nausea, vomiting due to the effects of anesthesia may also occur. The emergence of complaints of pain, swelling and bruising after surgery by medical experts is common. Even the symptoms of varicocele can come back later.

    There may also be side effects of the infection if surgery is not appropriate. Hydrocele symptoms can also occur, namely the accumulation of fluid in the area around the old operation. There will also be a risk of testicular atrophy which will reduce the size so that its function is no longer optimal. Of course, this will cause trauma.

    Natural ingredient options to overcome varicoceles without dangerous side effects
    Due to the various risks and / or side effects that can arise in medical treatment methods, natural remedies with herbal ingredients may be another option to cure patients with varicocele. The consumption of medicinal plants requires special patience, but aside that, it has no side effects.

    Therefore, the way to treat varicoceles naturally can be done using a variety of nutritious herbal ingredients. One of them is to use the ingredients of the mangosteen bark that you know. Mangosteen zest has indeed been shown to have an optimal antioxidant compound called xanthones. This compound is even more optimal than vitamins C and E.

    In addition, the bark of mangosteen is also rich in mineral compounds and abundant vitamins. This will further improve the quality of blood flow. All toxic substances in the blood will be minimized to prevent the risk of varicocele. Indeed, varicocele is closely linked to the state of blood circulation in the veins of the testes.

    The next option you have is to use soursop leaves to overcome the presence of varicose symptoms

    For this reason, treatment of varicocele with herbal medicine may be chosen to be a wise option. In addition, varicocele should not be treated with neglect. Your fertility is at stake.

    Of course, the way to naturally treat varicoceles is not inferior to medical treatment, especially in terms of side effects which can be much more controlled. It is indeed strongly recommended to return from time to time to the natural for your own good.

  • Cure epilepsy: they launch a new single-use oral treatment

    Epilepsy, an electrical storm in the brain, is a chronic and common disease. It mainly affects children, adolescents and the elderly to varying degrees. The causes are in some cases genetic, but in most cases, they are not identified. But it also remains a taboo subject, and although with precise diagnosis and treatment, 70% of patients stop having seizures, the disease and those who suffer from it continue in a labyrinth of overdiagnosis, underdiagnosis and of stigma.

    It is one of the most common neurological diseases, affecting around 50 million people worldwide. According to epidemiological studies in developed countries, 5 to 10 people in 1,000 suffer from active epilepsy, called the prevalence of the disease. The incidence is what refers in epidemiology to the appearance of new cases in a period which is 40 to 70 per 100,000 inhabitants. Anyone can have a seizure once in their life. It is estimated that 10% of the population will suffer from seizures throughout their life.

    About 30% of patients with epilepsy fail to adequately control their seizures. Uncontrolled epilepsy, therefore, generates increased morbidity and mortality, increased stigma and impaired quality of life. There are different types of pharmacological treatments for epilepsy. Antiepileptics (FAE), which aim to control seizures, are around 20. All coming with different benefits and side effects. There are conventional FAEs, second-generation FAEs, and third-generation FAEs.

    Natural epilepsy treatment

    After 25 years of extensive research, Dawabio experts have discovered the best natural herbs to cure epilepsy. This natural remedy is active in all epilepsy attacks. Thus, it is suitable for children as well as adults. Modern medicine offers medicines for epilepsy. Unfortunately, these drugs often cause many disastrous side effects and are not always effective. They inhibit seizures but are not curative. Trust us! Our natural treatment is the secret to preventing epileptic seizures by plants. How does it work?

    Firstly, this natural remedy blocks the electrical impulse in the brain by decreasing the reactions of the neurons which provoke the seizures. Secondly, it has a property on brain receptors which amplifies the action against seizures.
    Finally, herbal tea also helps to eliminate anxiety and stress in people with epilepsy. When you know that stress is, in many cases, a trigger for epileptic seizures, it immediately reassures you.
    To discover our natural remedy to cure epilepsy, click here

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    A new treatment

    Based on the active substance Eslicarbazepine Acetate, a new epilepsy treatment has been approved by Anmat, which presents the efficacy of dibenzazepine derivatives but without its undesirable effects, whose main advantage is that it is not taken only once a day.

    This is an important novelty because the epilepsy treatment is mainly pharmacological. Although 50% of patients generally respond favorably to the first drug of choice, non-responders generally need a combination of different drugs. Clinical studies have shown that this third-generation antiepileptic drug is an excellent option for treating patients with focal seizures with or without secondary generalization, with a single daily intake.  The effectiveness is proven, there are minimal interactions and it is well-tolerated.

    Concerning side effects, drowsiness, instability, and dizziness may occur, but only slightly. These symptoms are tolerated and transient. The effects are tolerated after a week or a few days. And if the patient takes the medicine at night, the fact that it produces drowsiness, would not affect it, on the contrary. Eslicarbazepine can be used as an adjunct therapy in focal epilepsy or for monotherapy use (initial therapy), as it is approved by the FDA and EMEA with these indications. Anmat approved it last year as an adjunct therapy and now also like monotherapy.

    The onset of seizures

    As explained in medical textbooks, epileptic seizures are episodes of impaired electrical activity in the brain that are manifested clinically by impaired consciousness or by the appearance of motor, sensory or behavioral symptoms.

    The causes are multiple and range from genetics to a stroke or brain injury caused by trauma. Most attacks last from 30 seconds to 2 minutes and do not cause lasting damage. However, if they occur for more than 5 minutes or if a person has many seizures and does not wake up between them, it is a medical emergency. Epileptic seizures are episodes of altered brain electrical activity.

    Symptoms vary from person to person and the type of attack depends on the part of the brain affected. Some people may experience simple absence episodes, while others may experience loss of consciousness and severe tremors. Hence the importance of the diagnosis which is clinical and based on an interrogation. To find out the causes, the family and personal history are studied the same as what happened before, during and after the crisis. Besides, the doctor may request blood and urine tests, an electroencephalogram (EEG), and brain imaging studies such as resonances or tomographies.

    The importance of a certainty diagnosis lies in the fact that, once treatment with the appropriate drugs has been established and started, approximately 70% of patients stop having seizures. This means that people can develop their daily activities in the usual way, with a few exceptions.

    Regarding epilepsy, it is important to emphasize that not only has progress been made in the diagnosis of the disease, but also in the treatments. The incorporation of new drugs, better tolerated by patients, also promotes the development of a good quality of life.

    The future in this area has just started its emergence. The objective is to incorporate new and modern drugs, with new mechanisms of action in the brain, while looking for the ideal drug.

    What do we call "ideal medicine"? It is for what is effective, that is to say fulfills the objective of seizures management and is also safe. This implies that there is no problem related to your intake or the combined use with other drugs.

  • Ovarian cysts: causes, symptoms and natural remedies

    Ovarian cysts: when and why they form
    The ovaries look like two large red almonds placed on the sides of the uterus, to which they are connected by the fallopian tubes. Each ovary contains thousands of eggs, enclosed in a follicle. During each cycle, one of the ovarian follicles matures, releasing an oocyte that is transported to the uterus by the fallopian tubes, where possible fertilization takes place. To determine the release of the oocyte, it is the pituitary gland which, in the middle of the cycle, sends a wave of circulating luteinizing hormone, a chemical messenger which "orders" the follicle to open and release the egg. it contains.

     If the message is not sent correctly, the follicle does not burst and a functional ovarian cyst forms. Functional ovarian cysts are relatively common and can also be significant. However, generally, they are painless and do not create any particular problems, because they resolve spontaneously in two or three months. Ovarian cysts can only rarely rupture and create hemorrhagic complications that require medical intervention.

    What is the best remedy to treat ovarian cysts?

    Here is the best natural remedy in the world to make ovarian cysts disappear. This natural remedy is made up of the best herbal remedies to treat ovarian cysts. It will heal you and will not need to go through surgical operation. The herbal tea is made up of several herbs that regulate hormone levels and the size of your cysts. It will help you relieve the pains of the menstrual cycle and regularize your cycle. The herbal tea will also expel the waste from your uterus. Generally, except when the diagnosis is too late, our natural treatment can cure ovarian cysts without side effects.
    To discover the best natural remedy to treat ovarian cysts, click here

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    Luteal ovarian cysts
    Once the egg is released, the follicle bursts and turns into a yellow body, which produces large amounts of estrogen and progesterone, the hormone necessary for a possible pregnancy. If after the egg is expelled, the follicle closes, the fluids accumulate inside, forming a cyst. Luteal ovarian cysts usually disappear on their own within a few weeks, but in some cases, they can become very painful or create serious problems. Especially if they fill with blood to the point of tearing or becoming so large that they cause the ovary to twist, interrupting local circulation. For this reason, they should be closely monitored by your doctor.

    Symptoms of ovarian cysts
    Several symptoms can appear:

    -moderate pelvic pain (in the lower part of the pelvis) on one side of the body, giving the impression of gravity;
    -metrorrhagia (genital bleeding occurring outside of the rules);
    -pollakiuria (frequent urination with the emission of small amounts of urine);
    -digestive disorders (eg constipation if the intestines are compressed).
    Sometimes the ovarian cyst remains asymptomatic. Its presence may be discovered during a clinical examination or an abdominopelvic ultrasound for another reason.

    Polycystic ovary syndrome
    In the case of polycystic ovaries, the ovaries appear enlarged and have several microcysts concentrated in the cortical area of ​​the ovary, due to the difficulty of the follicles to burst and emit the oocyte. The cause of polycystosis is not yet clear, although it seems to be due to the altered secretion of pituitary hormones (FSH and LH) which modulate ovarian functioning. According to the clinical picture, the symptoms may be mild with slight alterations in the cycle, a slight enlargement of the ovary, an almost normal or very intense weight, with obesity, amenorrhea, infertility, hyperandrogynism, acne, and hypertrichosis.

    Natural remedies to prevent and treat ovarian cysts
    The basic remedy to be used in all cases of ovarian cysts is the zinc-copper oligocomplex, specific for syndromes of maladjustment of the pituitary-genital axis. One ampoule is taken every other day for 3 months.

    -Sage and agnocasto (Vitex agnus castus) rebalance hormonal secretions. Salvia and Agnocasto are the plants to be used in synergy to rebalance the female hormonal system and fight against endocrine disorders which promote the appearance of ovarian cysts. Sage, already known for its beneficial influence on the female reproductive system, tones the ovarian functions, calms abdominal spasms, promotes insufficient menstruation and regulates them if they are too abundant. While agnocasto, a progestin, modulates the second phase of the cycle and reduces prolactin, which inhibits the development of the corpus luteum after ovulation. They are used alternately to "mimic" the correct alternation of the estrogen and progestogen phases of the cycle
    -The raspberry (Rubus idaeus) contrasts the polycystic ovary.                                                                                                        Gemmo-derived raspberry (Rubus idaeus 1DH MG) exerts a powerful anti-inflammatory action on the ovaries, useful in all cases of hyperfollicinism and polycystic ovary. It has an inhibitory action on the anterior pituitary lobe, regulates ovarian secretion and counteracts uterine spasms. Useful in all female dysendocrinies, in particular in hyperfollicolinic syndromes, it is taken in a dose of 50 drops, in the morning on an empty stomach.

    Homeopathic remedies for ovarian cysts
    The basic homeopathic remedy for ovarian cysts is the single dose of LH 30 CH, to be taken once a month on the 18th day of the cycle. It can be associated with specific remedies depending on the location of the cysts and the dominant symptomatology. All remedies should be used at the dilution of 7 CH, at the dose of 3 granules three times a day.

    -Thuja in case of cysts in the left ovary, accompanied by vaginal discharge and a short menstrual cycle. Itchy pains that radiate into the inguinal region and worsen with the onset of menstruation and movement.
    -Ustilago is indicated for lateralized cysts of the left ovary accompanied by pain in the left breast, pelvic heaviness, and dark and profuse metrorrhagia.
    -Apis mellifica is considered to be the main remedy for cysts in the right ovary, with an irregular cycle and painful periods when they appear. The pains are localized, acute, burning and improve with cold applications and compression of the painful area.
    -Lycopodium clavatum is useful in right ovarian cysts with cramps in the lower abdomen and bladder during menstruation and a great feeling of exhaustion. The cycle is often late, but it seems to take too long and has vaginal dryness.
    -Lac caninum is indicated when pain in the ovaries appears alternately on the right and left, and is accompanied by headache, anxiety, and distress.
    -Conium maculatum if menstruation is insufficient, delayed and infrequent and the breast is swollen, hard and painful.

    Ovarian cysts and floral therapy
    Dilution flower therapy recommended: the Himalayan Well-being and clarity and the Australian Bush Fuchsia to re-harmonize the hypothalamic-pituitary axis.

  • What homeopathic methods are available for the treatment of uterine polyps?

    Uterine polyps are growths that develop at the expense of the lining of the uterine body (endometrium) or at the expense of the lining of the cervix (endocervix). These growths are benign tumors.In most cases, If the gynecologist has diagnosed an uterine polyp wait and see. If the polyp is inconspicuous and does not cause any discomfort, simply check it again during the next routine ultrasound. Some polyps resolve themselves due to hormonal fluctuations. But homeopathy can also help decrease the size of a large polyp or make it disappear completely.

    Natural remedy to treat uterine polyps

    The natural treatment that we offer to cure your polyps naturally includes several 100% natural herbal teas. It is a fast, long-lasting and effective natural remedy that can permanently eradicate polyps. It is very effective with 100% satisfaction rate. All the elements of our treatment are entirely based on natural plants.
    They work by preventing the action of progesterone on the endometrium (lining of the uterus) and keeping estrogen levels within normal limits. Because a high level of estrogen promotes the appearance and formation of polyps, the action of the herbal tea will quickly cause the polyps to shrink and reduce your pain. This natural remedy is the secret to healing uterine polyps naturally. Heavy menstrual bleeding therefore usually stops at the end of treatment.

    To discover the natural remedy to treat uterine polyps, click here

    Homeopathic remedy to treat uterine polyps

    One of the most commonly used polyp control agents is Thuja occidentalis, an agent that helps fight many types of growths or warts. Two granules of Thuja D12 are recommended two to three times a day. The agent Sanguinaria canadensis regulates many disorders of the menstrual cycle (bleeding between periods, heavy bleeding, irregular bleeding, etc.) and can also be taken against mucosal tumors in the uterus (polyps).

    In homeopathy, choosing the right remedy is the top priority. There are different constitutional types that respond to different means. But who wants to play safely, should make an appointment with the homeopath. The probability that he will find the appropriate remedy after a detailed history of the first patient is several times higher than when you try it yourself. Contrary to popular belief, homeopathic remedies are harmlful. These too can cause side effects and should not be consumed without worry.

    Therapy with Schuessler salts can also be useful against uterine polyps. There are no. 10 (Sodium sulfuricum D6) and no. 22 (Calcium carbonicum D6). Of these, two No. 10 tablets and two No. 22 tablets are taken in turn four times a day.

    In the context of polyps, it is recommended to reduce animal fats and proteins and to reduce possible overweight. In the homeopathic treatment of a uterine polyp, patience is required. Even if the right remedy is found, it takes several weeks to several months for the mucous membrane to regress.

    Symptoms of polyps
    Whatever the type of polyp, there are no external signs at the start. It is after its development that certain symptoms can appear outside. As for intestinal polyps, the person has stomach pain, defecation problem (diarrhea, constipation), blood in the stool and bleeding from the rectum. Nasal polyps that are located in the mucous walls of the nose are manifested by headache and snoring due to nasal blockage. He also has a runny nose, no sense of smell and a resonant voice. The symptoms of uterine polyps are not very remarkable apart from too heavy abnormal periods, bleeding, genital hemorrhage and fever. The losses are also abundant, colorful and accompanied by great fatigue.

  • Hydrocele and spermatocele: natural solution

    Hydrocele: It is an accumulation of aqueous fluid in the scrotum, more specifically in the internal testicular sheaths. A hydrocele can be innate or acquired later in life. It often occurs in infants, often with a hernia, and usually returns in the first year of life. In adults, hydrocele occurs spontaneously, following inflammation, and rarely concomitantly with a tumor.

    Spermatocele (seminal vesicle): It is a cyst (cavity) filled with protein-rich fluid and containing sperm in the epididymis area. It is usually located at the upper end of the testicles and is palpable from the outside in the form of a small nodule or larger, swelling. This spermatocele is responsible for a more or less significant increase in volume on one or both sides of the scrotum. It is a mild illness that can neither become infected nor progress to a more serious illness. However, they can become larger after several years.

    When they cause discomfort, hydroceles and spermatoceles are treated surgically.

    What is the effective natural treatment to cure hydrocele?

    The natural solution against testicular hydrocele that we offer is effective, fast, long-lasting and above all, it will save you from going through an operation. This is without a doubt the quick fix for curing testicular hydrocele. How does it work?

    The natural remedy to permanently cure testicular hydrocele that we offer is composed of two elements: a herbal tea and an ointment. The combined action of the powder and ointment is very effective. It results in the efficient absorption of all the liquid contained in the scrotum. Thus, the first effects will appear very quickly. Consequently, you will notice that gradually your testicles will return to normal.

    To discover the natural therapy to cure hydrocele, click here

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    -Elastic and generally painless enlargement of the scrotum at the hydrocele
    -Enlargement of the scrotum, sometimes with a small palpable structure at the upper testicular pole in the spermatocele
    -Rarely complaints after a long period of rest.


    Normally in the scrotum, there is a balance between the production and flow of fluid. If this balance is disturbed, water accumulates and a hydrocele is formed. For example, the known causes are:

    -Inflammation and injuries
    -testicular torsion
    -Testicular tumors or epididymis
    -Postoperative lymphatic or blood drainage disorders.
    -A special form is the congenital juvenile hydrocele, in which the connection between the scrotum and the abdominal cavity is not closed during prenatal development. Risk factors for juvenile hydrocele are undescended testicles and bladder cleft, but also prematurity and congenital connective tissue abnormalities. The juvenile hydrocele often returns on its own.

    Spermatoceles are benign cysts that are either congenital or develop from inflammation or injury. They are often very small, but sometimes they can grow as large as a hydrocele. By connecting to sperm, they mainly contain sperm. In old age, up to 30% of all men have a spermatocele, which in most cases is clinically completely trivial. Spermatocele is only treated when it causes pain or when the affected person feels that its size is disturbing.

    The doctor recognizes hydrocele and spermatocele on ultrasound and can thus exclude other causes of enlargement of the scrotum such as tumors.

    Differential diagnoses: The other generally painless enlargements of the scrotum are a testicular rupture, varicocele, and testicular cancer.

    Treatment of conventional medicine

    Acquired hydrocele: Treatment for hydrocele is only necessary if it causes discomfort. During the operation, the doctor empties the sheaths of the scrotum and then sutures so that no liquid can accumulate there. The previously common puncture (aspiration of the liquid with a cannula) is due to the risk of infection and generally to a temporary improvement only in exceptional cases (for example in very old patients). Another alternative to surgery is sclerotherapy with 2.5% phenol. The risk of a hydrocele forming again is greater than during surgical treatment. Besides, scarring is problematic after sclerotherapy, if reoperation is necessary. This is why this treatment is also rarely offered.

    Juvenile hydrocele: The innate hydrocele often dates back to the second year of life. If this is not the case or if the hydrocele is very large, surgery is performed. The open connection between the scrotum and the abdomen is sought via a cut in the inguinal region and then closed.

    Spermatocele: Spermatoceles are only operated when they cause discomfort. The doctor stops the cysts and then carefully dissolves them from the epididymis. If the epididymis is completely interspersed with cysts, it should be removed completely.

    An untreated hydrocele increases the risk of testicular torsion. In addition, the patient may become unable to procreate due to the increased pressure in the testicle.

    The operation of a spermatocele generally leads to the fact that in the affected testicles, no more fertile sperm can be found.

  • Treat hydrocele with homeopathic and natural remedies

    A hydrocele is an effusion of aqueous liquid between the two layers of the vaginal tunic, which envelops the testicle. The hydrocele swells the scrotum but the testicle remains normal. As soon as patients see a specialist, the operating room is quickly on the agenda. Many patients are reluctant to undergo the procedure because they are afraid of having surgery. For them, the question arises: Can hydrocele be treated alternatively? Can hydrocele be treated with plants?

    Homeopathy, in particular, gives hope to patients and parents (if children are affected). In general, hydrocele can be treated homeopathically or with phytotherapy.

    What is the effective natural treatment for hydrocele?

    The natural solution against testicular hydrocele that we offer is effective, fast, long-lasting and above all, it will save you from having to undergo an operation. It is undoubtedly the miracle solution to cure testicular hydrocele. How does it work?

    The natural remedy to cure testicular hydrocele that we offer you is composed of two elements: a herbal tea and an ointment. The combined action of the powder and ointment is very effective. It leads to the effective absorption of all the liquid contained in the scrotum. Thus, the first effects will be felt very quickly. Consequently, you will notice that your testicles will gradually return to normal.

    To discover the natural therapy to treat hydrocele, click here.

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    What treatment does homeopathy suggest?

    Usually palpable as a mild swelling, a hydrocele is usually painless but can be uncomfortable.

    Homeopathy is based on various preparations such as:

    • Stannum metallicum
    • silica
    • Rhododendron aureum

    For the latter preparation, homeopathic sources promise relief, for example, if hydrocele already exists in small children from birth.

    Homeopathic active ingredients can be used in various forms, such as in the form of globules (small balls for oral use), drops or ointments.

    Where is the limit in the homeopathic treatment of hydrocele?

    Homeopathic patients are looking for an alternative to surgery, which in conventional medicine today is a commonly used treatment for hydrocele. In principle, the question of treatment is to understand hydrocele in its formation.

    Context: There are two forms of hydrocele, an innate hydrocele, and the secondary (acquired) form. The latter can be caused by diseases such as inflammation or testicular torsion (torsion of the testicle). If the underlying disease disappears, a decrease in fluid accumulation is to be expected. This is due to an imbalance between the resorbed fluid (taken up by the body) and the newly added fluid. The treatment is based on the disease-causing of the hydrocele. For some affected patients, homeopathy can provide support.

    A congenital hydrocele (also called primary hydrocele) is caused by an abnormal development associated with testicular descent. The testicle is accompanied by a protrusion of the peritoneum. The peritoneum becomes desolate after the descent and forms the scrotum. This is not the case with a primary hydrocele or there is no connection between the abdomen and the scrotum. In the case of a primary hydrocele, closure of this compound often occurs during the first year of life. As a result, doctors usually wait until that time before operating. However, if the connection is not closed, a hydrocele returns again and again. For this reason, surgery for the causal treatment of hydrocele is indicated if it persists. To clarify the exact cause of testicular swelling, it is advisable to always consult a specialist in the field of urology. Homeopathic, natural or alternative medical treatment should be considered here as a possible complement to conventional medicine.

  • New treatment for ovarian cysts

    Ovarian cysts are diseases that affect 20 to 30% of women, but still raises many doubts. The main one is related to treatment, since the method currently indicated by conventional medicine can be harmful to the health of women.

    There are certain types of ovarian cysts. Functional ones usually don't cause major problems and can go away even without treatment. But, there are other more dangerous types like the dermoid cyst and endometrioma.

    In these cases, many doctors recommend the use of oral contraceptives that promise to eliminate ovarian cysts, but the remedy can lead to a number of complications such as osteoporosis, thrombosis and other diseases, and can lead infertility.

    The African solution to treat ovarian cysts

    Here is the best natural remedy in the world to make ovarian cysts disappear. This natural remedy is made up of the best herbal remedies to treat ovarian cysts. It will heal you and you will avoid the operation. The herbal tea is made up of several herbs that regulate hormone levels and the size of your cysts. It will help you relieve the pains of the menstrual cycle and regularize your cycle. The herbal tea will also expel the waste from your uterus. Generally, except when the diagnosis is too late, our natural treatment can cure ovarian cysts without side effects.
    To discover the best natural remedy to treat ovarian cysts, click here

    New treatments

    1-Orthomolecular treatment

    In this context, there is a constant search for alternative treatments and orthomolecular practice has been highlighted with excellent results. Orthomolecular treatment seeks to correct bad habits, cleanse the body of excess and add vitamins, minerals and hormones if necessary.

    According to the nutritionist and precursor of bioortomolecular practice, in Brazil, Dr. J. Busade, women should, at the start of orthomolecular treatment, carry out a general detoxification of parasites and metals, which can be done with the natural ingestion of dyes such as coriander, propolis, espinheira santa, uncaria tomentosa (cat's claw) and St. John's wort.

    Then it is necessary to carry out intestinal detoxification, always in addition to lactobacilli. The expert also guides the use of bioidentical progesterone, which is produced by the female body, and Lugol solution, which is used to improve the development of human metabolism. “Orthomolecular practice prevents women from taking the risks of using the contraceptive pill. It can also help eliminate the need for surgery to resolve the ovarian cyst problem, ”he says.

    2- Needle sclerotherapy

    Catheter - base sclerotherapy is a "safe and effective" treatment for endometrial cysts and may help maintain fertility in patients. Even if surgery is a common treatment, it carries the risk of removing healthy ovarian tissue, which would affect a woman's fertility.

    Conversely, “Needle sclerotherapy is a less invasive option which consists of inserting a needle into the cyst, under ultrasound guidance, then extracting the cystic fluid through the needle. The cyst would be washed with an ethanol solution. However, this approach has its limits.

    Indeed, the contents of the endometrial cyst can be "incredibly thick and sticky". A 16 or 18 gauge needle, which is commonly used for sclerotherapy, is sometimes not large enough to completely evacuate the cyst. This can reduce the effectiveness of sclerotherapy and increase the possibility of movement of the needle during aspiration.

    Kim and her colleagues studied a sclerotherapy technique that replaces the needle with a catheter. “In addition to draining cystic fluid more easily, a catheter allows positional changes during the procedure, which helps maximize the efficiency of ethanol by allowing it to come into uniform contact with the cyst wall. The catheter also reduces the risk of effusion in the peritoneal cavity of the abdomen.

    Researchers evaluated catheter sclerotherapy with 95 percent ethanol in 14 women aged 20 to 44 with ovarian endometriomas. After about a year, the cysts had shrunk an average of 5.8 centimeters in diameter to 1.1. Pain was relieved in all patients and blood tests indicated well-preserved ovarian function. There were no procedural complications.

    There was also no relapse of endometrioma, even in patients with division within their cysts. Several compartments of septate cysts can be difficult to pierce with a needle, which can lead to incomplete sclerotherapy. In catheterized sclerotherapy, once the endometrioma has been perforated, doctors can manipulate the guide to break up the internal divisions, which allows for a "more effective" treatment.

    "In our study, the recurrence rate for catheter-guided sclerotherapy was zero percent, which is very encouraging because the study included endometriomas up to 13.5 cm in diameter and those with internal septation.

    The next step is to conduct a study to see the outcome of catheter-directed sclerotherapy versus surgery in terms of fertility, recurrence of cysts and clinical improvement in symptoms. We hope that catheter-led sclerotherapy helps women avoid surgery while maintaining ovarian reserve and fertility.

    Currently, most ovarian cysts are removed laparoscopically. It is a minimally invasive surgical technique that allows you to operate inside the abdomen by inserting an optical instrument called a Laparoscope through the navel. When possible, especially in young women, laparoscopy then helps keep the ovary.

    It is an operation which is carried out under general anesthesia and consists of penetrating the abdomen through small skin incisions with a lens connected to a camera and a monitor (to see inside), with pliers and scissors mounted on thin rods and operated from the outside by operators. In this way, cuts and their consequences are avoided (greater pain, greater blood loss, longer stay, greater possibility of adhesion formation, etc.).
    In some cases, however, to remove the cyst or the whole ovary, it is essential to intervene with laparotomy (i.e. with the cut) due to its considerable size or suspected harmful degeneration or observed from cystic formation.

    It should be noted that ovarian cancer is particularly common in people over the age of 50.

  • How to treat female infertility by a natural way

    There are thousands of articles online and offline on pregnancy and childbirth. But what about those who are involuntarily childless? In Germany alone, there are more than six million men and women who want a child but cannot have one. Reasons for design difficulties are many and very different. Some of them are:

    • mental or emotional stress,
    • Ovulation problems, such as polycystic ovaries (PCOS syndrome): natural remedy for ovarian cyst here
    • Endometriosis (deposit of uterine lining on other organs): natural remedy endometriosis here
    • Fallopian tubes blocked ("stuck"): natural remedy blocked tubes here
    • Low sperm count: natural male infertility remedy here
    • Cervical mucus from the cervix attacks sperm
    • progesterone level too low

    Natural remedy to stimulate ovulation and get pregnant quickly

    The natural treatment to find your ovulation that we offer is entirely composed of natural herbal teas. It aims to restore your cycle and allow you to get pregnant. Unlike other drugs, this natural remedy is made entirely of plants. It stimulates ovulation and restores the hormonal system naturally. It is a powerful uterine tonic during ovulation and has a constructive effect on reproductive hormones.

    Thus, the herbal tea contributes to the improvement of the estrogenic activity and also helps to increase the low levels of progesterone. It is a natural and effective remedy that will allow you to ovulate again. The use of natural plants generally gives positive results and act significantly to cause ovulation. We often have to think outside the box and follow the solutions that nature offers us.

    To discover our natural treatment to improve ovulation and get pregnant quickly, click here.

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    Each case is different and it is sometimes not possible to induce pregnancy. But in many cases, homeopathic treatment can increase the chances of fertilization. Homeopathic remedies act directly on the reproductive organs of men and women and strengthen them. Homeopathic remedies can also reduce hormonal imbalances by improving pelvic blood circulation. Or they prevent the uterus from contracting too much, thereby increasing the chances that the egg will successfully nest in the uterine wall. In men, the number and quality of sperm can be improved.

    But even more important, in my opinion, homeopathy can balance and strengthen feelings and spirit so wonderfully. Mental or emotional stress is, in fact, one of the main causes of infertility in women as in men. A homeopathic remedy can specifically help to harmonize our emotional and mental responses. It can mean that we feel free, balanced and happy even in stressful situations and times. Thus, the way for our hormones is free to do their real work in the area of love in peace, without being irritated by rushed, stressed and unbalanced moods.

    But beyond homeopathy, there are many things you can do at home to get pregnant naturally:

    • Find out what makes you happy and find ways to do it more often!
    • Try to avoid sugar and white flour in your diet. I know, they all say that! But in fact, there is a lot of truth in terms of fertility: sugar has a direct impact on the levels of adrenaline in our body, which in turn can upset estrogen and progesterone levels as well as balance androgenic (progesterone and dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA). Significant consumption of sugary drinks is associated with a significant reduction in fertility.
    • Increase your intake of omega 3 fatty acids. These are crucial for a healthy hormonal balance. Omega-3 fatty acids help decrease inflammation levels, and therefore improve ovarian function. They are found in linseed oil, salmon and chia oil as well as in Atlantic salmon and anchovies. To discover all the foods rich in omega 3 fatty acids, click here.
    • Folic acid and vitamin B: Folic acid is only one component of the very important vitamin B complex. The family of B vitamins is necessary for the production of genetic material, but also for increasing fertility. Combined with zinc, it could improve the quality of sperm from sterile men.
    • Zinc: Zinc is important for men and women when it comes to fertility. It helps the body produce the reproductive hormones estrogen and progesterone in the right way and reduces the risk of miscarriage. Zinc is found in chickpeas, lentils, wholemeal bread, lean cocoa, oysters. But also the ground beef, Parmesan, ham, and cooked eggs.
    • If possible, do not use so-called "non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs" (NSAIDs) such as aspirin and ibuprofen.
    • Make sure you produce enough cervical mucus so that sperm can pass through safely. Drink at least 1.5 to 2 liters of water each day. You can also provide exercises for good blood circulation in the area.
    • Have your thyroid checked! An overactive or underactive thyroid can prevent pregnancy and can be easily repaired.
    • And of course, you should have sex around ovulation!

    There are also many herbal and homeopathic remedies that can help you and your partner get pregnant. Of course, this depends entirely on your specific needs and problems. If you are looking for personalized advice and treatment to help you find or expand your family, please do not hesitate to contact us on 0022990312738 / + 33644661758.

  • Clogged fallopian tube: herbal therapies

    Do you have a blocked fallopian tube and still want to get pregnant naturally? We show you alternative treatment options, including NFP (natural family planning)

    In forums or other social media platforms, we often hear the argument: NFP is quite good, but if you have closed or stuck fallopian tubes, there is only reproductive medicine (ICSI, IVF) left. But is it true? What do studies say about this subject? And how PNF can help in closed fallopian tubes. Likewise, we would like to show traditional medicine and alternative treatment options, which will help to open unblock fallopian tubes.

    What if I have blocked tubes and want to get pregnant?
    Here is the best African herbal remedy to unclog the fallopian tubes and get pregnant quickly. These plants are very effective in unclogging the fallopian tubes. They have already enabled many women around the world who had blocked tubes to regain their fertility without surgical operations. If you have blocked tubes, here are the herbal remedies that will allow you to experience the joy of being a mom. How does it work?

    The natural remedy is made up of 2 elements: an oil to be applied as a poultice and herbal teas. By its vasodilating, depurative and diuretic power, the tea will act to unclog your fallopian tubes. Also, the oil to be applied as a cataplasm helps soften the tissues and improves circulation throughout the pelvic region. So the combined action of these two elements will allow you to naturally unclog your fallopian tubes and get pregnant. This natural treatment is the perfect solution to unclog your fallopian tubes with plants. You will, therefore, become pregnant and experience the joy of giving birth unless you have other causes of infertility.

    To discover our natural remedy to unclog the fallopian tubes and get pregnant quickly, click here

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    What is a tubal closure?
    The closure of the fallopian tubes is a constriction of the fallopian tube, which prevents the union of the egg and sperm in the fallopian tube (fertilization).

    Closure of the fallopian tube is a common cause of infertility. But we must consider here the severity of the tubal closure. After all, a woman naturally has two fallopian tubes. If a fallopian tube is affected, then the woman can also ovulate on the other fallopian tube and of course, get pregnant.

    For the two fallopian tubes to be completely occluded is already rare. But tubal closure is not necessarily synonymous with infertility.

    What happens to the eggs when the fallopian tubes are stuck?
    In this case, the egg cannot be carried further by the small eyelashes, which inside the fallopian tube normally transport the egg to the uterus. Thus, the ovum cannot meet with a spermatozoid and there cannot be a pregnancy. In principle, it is the same thing that would happen if no sperm were present. The egg is recycled by the body into the fallopian tube. It practically dissolves and simply disintegrates.

    Causes of obstructed fallopian tubes
    The fallopian tubes are sometimes disturbed by adhesion phenomena that prevent the passage of the ovum, sperm, and embryo. These anomalies, that may be responsible for infertility, can have three origins:

    This is called salpingitis or inflammation of the fallopian tubes. It is often linked to a sexually transmitted infection, in particular, transmitted by the chlamydiae microbe. This infection can either lead to the creation of tissue around the fallopian tubes which then mechanically impede the free passage between the ovary and the fallopian tube, or an obstruction of the fallopian tube at its end. Poorly removed uterine curettage (following a miscarriage) or improper placement of an IUD can also cause infection.
    In this case, these are tubal problems due to post-operative complications. Many interventions, however banal, can damage the fallopian tubes: appendectomy, gynecological surgery on the ovaries or the surgery on a uterine fibroid.
    This common gynecological disease, which appears as small fragments of the endometrium (pieces of the uterine lining) on ​​the fallopian tubes and in the ovaries, or even on other organs, can damage the quality of the fallopian tubes or even block them.

    Closed fallopian tubes: medical treatment
    I would like to keep this part simple so that it is understandable for laymen and therefore does not go into details and only gives an overview. Basically, in pure medicine, there are only two solutions to treat the closed fallopian tubes. It is very important to say that purely medical methods do not eliminate the causes of blocked fallopian tubes.

    Here, the closure is surgically removed. There are very different operations, depending on the objective you have and where the fallopian tubes are closed. At an early stage, surgery can be avoided by stopping inflammation of the fallopian tubes using oral or local antibiotics.

    Flushing the fallopian tubes (cannulation)
    Here, the fallopian tubes are flushed using a catheter and thus exposed again. This therapy is not possible in all cases. Among other things in cases where the fallopian tubes are completely closed.

    Other options do not involve drugs. There are, of course, different success rates and risks for each surgery, which you can discuss with your doctor.

    Closed fallopian tubes - natural treatment
    Yes, there are also natural options for treating the occluded fallopian tubes. The basic idea is very simple. The occluded fallopian tubes are more often the result of inflammation and adhesions. Especially in the area of ​​inflammation, there is much that can be done to counteract the closed fallopian tubes. In general, natural treatment for the causes of closed fallopian tubes makes sense, as the fallopian tubes can close after surgery or cannulation. This is particularly the case in diseases such as endometriosis.

    1-Optimizing fertility
    The idea is simple: Cleanse all toxins from the body and eat right because the causes of inflammation come from the body. Smoking and alcohol, for example, should be stopped because they reduce general fertility, etc. Some special naturopaths specialize in this type of therapy.

    2-Enzyme therapy
    Enzyme therapy consists of systemic enzymes (the body's enzymes), which help the body reduce inflammation, occasional pain, and scar tissue. Traditionally, athletes have used systemic enzymes to recover. In addition, enzyme therapy should always be performed in the supervision of a specialized naturopath or a specialized alternative practitioner.

    3-Fertility massage
    Some practitioners of alternative medicine suggest fertility massages to unblock the fallopian tubes. These usually involve massages with hot oil on the abdominal area. How to do a fertility massage?
    -Lie down on an exercise mat with your face up and a pillow under your lower back.
    Relax and apply almond, olive or lavender oil on your hands and apply by massaging your pubic bone, because the uterus is below this bone.
    -Gently massage from bottom to bottom and pull your abdominal wall towards the navel. Maintain this position, count to 10 and release your hands. Repeat this maneuver 10 to 20 times.
    NB: Do not do this if you are bleeding or if you are pregnant. Also, if possible, visit a massage therapist specializing in abdominal massage for best results.

    4-Clear Passage Therapy (Wurn Technique)
    Clear Passage therapy is also commonly known as the Wurn technique. This technique works without the use of drugs or surgery. Numerous studies prove the success of this technique for the natural unblocking of the fallopian tubes. These studies were published in 2004, 2006, 2008 and 2015 in the journal Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine. There are currently only 7 clinics worldwide offering this therapy, five in the United States and two in the United Kingdom.

    According to a study published in Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine (2008), the Wurn technique had a 61% success rate in opening blocked fallopian tubes. The results of this therapy will last for many years in most cases, compared to surgery where the scar tissue usually grows back and the fallopian tubes are blocked again about 6 months after surgery. However, it should be clear that the Wurn technique needs to be better studied, as very few women (26) participated in the study.

    5-Herbal therapies
    There are still many herbal therapies from natural medicine, which are not scientifically confirmed. These should have 4 effects: antibiotic, anti-inflammatory, circulatory and hormonal regulator. If you are interested, you should also look for a specialist naturopath nearby.

    There are many other natural therapies, I would like to show that there is not just the classic pure medical variant. Most natural therapies have not yet been studied, so their effectiveness has not been proven. They are mainly used in combination with medical therapy, otherwise, the fallopian tubes can usually be blocked again within a few months. Here is a list:

    Apple cider vinegar
    Apple cider vinegar is a fermentation product that produces yeasts and bacteria that are beneficial for unblocking the tubes. Vinegar contains several vitamins and minerals, including magnesium, potassium, copper, group B vitamins and vitamin C. Taken daily, it can help unblock the fallopian tubes by balancing hormones and reducing fibroids.
    How to take it:
    -Mix 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar in 1 glass of water
    -You can add a touch of honey or molasses to soften the mixture.
    -You can drink the mixture right away or sip it for 30 minutes.

    How can NFP help with closed fallopian tubes?
    So now we come to the most important question, how NFP (= natural family planning) can help in closed fallopian tubes. First of all, we have already shown that there are different natural and medical treatment options to reopen the closed fallopian tubes. If it is possible to reopen the fallopian tubes, there is nothing to prevent a natural pregnancy.

    However, women with blocked fallopian tubes have a problem. Just when the occluded fallopian tubes are cleaned again by surgery and when the causes of the fallopian tube closure are not resolved, the fallopian tubes may close. The result is a race against the clock.

    With PNF, women with blocked tubes get pregnant faster according to studies
    And that's where the PNF comes in. Which woman gets pregnant faster? The woman who has sex every day for optimal fertility or the woman who has just had sex at some point in the cycle? Right, studies clearly show that women who use NFP to determine their fertile days get pregnant faster.

    In studies, 81% of women became pregnant after just 6 months. It is the same percentage in percentage as without the method in 12 months. Especially when you have a tubal occlusion and it happens in each cycle, the NFP is extremely important to use the time that remains until the fallopian tubes can close.

    The same benefit is given if you have only one fallopian tube or if the fallopian tubes are only partially closed. The fact that the odds are increased, makes sense. The more sex you have with ovulation, the larger the sperm that go to the egg. Thus, they can more easily overcome resistances such as a semi-closed fallopian tube, etc. However, we must always make it clear that we associate the symptothermal method with the PNF. All the other methods for determining fertile days are less well suited.

    Treat closed fallopian tubes with cycle diagnostics
    The problem with many medical exams is that often outside there is no obvious symptom of a closed fallopian tube. With PNF, however, the causes can be very easily limited using cycle diagnostics. Suppose that the man has a perfect spermogram and that the woman has a good cycle, and that there is no pregnancy within 6 to 12 months despite the use and circulation of NFPs on fertile days, then the tube is more likely to be blocked.

    If something else is blocking your pregnancy, such as luteal weakness or ovarian failure, you can easily see it with PNF, temperature curve, and the appearance of mucus. In endometriosis, which can also be a cause of occluded fallopian tubes, there are also unusual bleeding patterns that can be recognized with some knowledge of the cycle. In short, with PNF, you can diagnose more quickly if there is a tubal occlusion, as you can very well rule out many other causes of infertility.

    Locked fallopian tubes: the final diagnosis comes from the doctor
    Of course, the final diagnosis of the existence or not of a tubal occlusion can only be made by a doctor. Here, a so-called hysterosalpinogram (HSG) is performed, which colloquially called effervescent irrigation. HSG is an X-ray test using a contrast agent. This dye is introduced through the vagina into the uterus. It then passes through the uterus into the fallopian tubes. X-rays make the contrast medium visible, which also makes abnormal shapes of the uterus and blockages of the fallopian tubes visible. However, it must also be said here that such interventions are of course first billed to the body. For this reason, the prior diagnosis or exclusion by NFP is very useful to assess when such an examination makes sense.

    Locked fallopian tubes - ultrasound
    Some doctors in Germany perform hysterosalpingosonography, in which case a contrast agent is also administered through the vagina into the fallopian tube. Then ultrasound is used to see what is going on. Unfortunately, this method can only be used to determine if the fallopian tubes are closed. Further diagnosis is not possible with this method.

    Closed fallopian tubes and laparoscopy
    Some doctors perform laparoscopy in addition to HSG. This is particularly useful in suspected endometriosis, as laparoscopy has so far been the only option for diagnosing endometriosis without a doubt. Endo-herds can also be operated on immediately by laparoscopy.

    Closed fallopian tubes: when is IVF useful?
    We have already shown many options for reopening the closed fallopian tubes. Just when the fallopian tubes are reopened, there is a chance of getting pregnant naturally. From our perspective, you should take advantage of this opportunity. With NFP, you can significantly improve your chances of getting pregnant through sex linked to ovulation.

    If you have not become pregnant despite the PNF and have had optimal sexual intercourse within 6 to 12 months, we recommend that you consult the Fertility Center for alternative options. But it should be made clear that with methods of reproductive medicine, oviduct pregnancies and miscarriages are much more likely to occur. About 20-25% of women have an abortion after IVF treatment. Now you should know that women with blocked fallopian tubes have an increased likelihood of miscarriages anyway.

    So, I already find that the attempt after the fallopian tubes are free again, first to get pregnant with PNF, completely legitimate. In my opinion, IVF should be the last way to get pregnant with closed fallopian tubes. It should be used if you have failed with a treatment that cleanses the fallopian tubes or if the attempt to become pregnant has failed naturally with PNF for a period of 6 to 12 months.

    I also find it very important to say that purely medical methods do not eliminate the causes of the occluded fallopian tubes. This is also demonstrated by the fact that the fallopian tubes can close relatively quickly after surgery. Most closed fallopian tubes come from (previous) illnesses and inflammation of the abdomen, so I find holistic treatment in combination with naturopathy which has a very useful anti-inflammatory effect. It's just my opinion. It is up to you to decide which direction you want to take. I wish you all the best on your way to the desired pregnancy!

  • Desire to have children with endometriosis: natural solution

    Definition of conventional medicine

    Infertility has been a growing phenomenon for about 40 years. If most couples had at least one child a hundred years ago, it now seems difficult to conceive. Endometriosis is a common cause of infertility, but not the only one. In a woman who has endometriosis, cells will go up and migrate via the fallopian tubes. Endometrial tissue-like tissue that grows out of the uterus then causes lesions, adhesions, and ovarian cysts (endometriomas) in the colonized organs. This colonization, if it mainly takes place on the genitals and the peritoneum, can frequently extend to the urinary, digestive, and, more rarely, pulmonary apparatus.

    At about 5%, they should be able to attach to the bladder, lungs, or other body tissues. The growth of these cells is hormone dependent and therefore occurs only at the sexually mature age of women. We often associate endometriosis with severe pain before and during menstruation. These women may become depressed during illness due to pain resistant to treatment. Fertility is reduced in most concomitant regulatory hormonal disorders. However, permanent organic barriers to pregnancy are rather rare under therapy.

    Here is the best natural remedy for curing endometriosis with plants and getting pregnant. Combined with a suitable diet for endometriosis, this natural remedy can cure endometriosis easily and without side effects. It is specially designed for patients who do not want to have surgery because each operation involves a risk. It surpasses conventional treatments that relieve pain but do not attack the root of the disease. How does it work?

    This natural remedy contains herbs that reduce the level of estrogen in the blood. This helps block the proliferation and bleeding of endometriosis lesions. It will remove the pain you experience during your period and allow you to go through normal cycles.

    To discover our natural remedy for endometriosis, click here.

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    Endometriosis and infertility

    Unfortunately, in many women with endometriosis, the desire to have children remains unsatisfied: more than half of all patients can not spontaneously become pregnant. The best treatment, in this case, is surgery, experts say. Surgical removal of the endometriosis herd can improve fertility in many women. Read all the important information about endometriosis and the desire to have children and in which cases artificial insemination is recommended!

    Endometriosis: reasons for infertility

    Endometriosis and infertility often go hand in hand: more than half of women with endometriosis have difficulty getting pregnant. Conversely, the disease is found in over 50 percent of all women with an unfulfilled desire to have children.

    The causal relationship between endometriosis and infertility has not yet been elucidated. One thing is certain: Endometriosis can cause adhesions in the fallopian tubes. What can constitute a “mechanical” barrier to pregnancy?

    It is unclear whether endometrial foci are foreign to the body (uterine lining in the wrong place) and trigger the immune system to prevent the fertilization of a fertilized egg. It is also unclear whether endometriosis affects sperm migration through the uterus and fallopian tubes, oviducts mobility, and egg maturation. However, there is some indication that egg development and early embryonic development may be disrupted in patients with endometriosis.

    Notes: Endometriosis may also be associated with infertility if the condition causes no discomfort!

    Pregnant despite endometriosis thanks to surgery

    If, in women with endometriosis, the desire to have children remains dissatisfied, surgically remove endometriosis as completely as possible. This can improve the chances of spontaneous pregnancy, at least with pronounced endometriosis. In mild cases, if the fallopian tubes and ovaries are not affected by the growths of the lining of the uterus, it is uncertain that an operation can help: in such cases, one may wonder if endometriosis causes infertility.

    Surgery of endometriosis is called laparoscopy. Via a small incision in the abdominal wall, the surgeon uses an endoscope in the abdominal cavity. This is a thin tube with a small camera and a light source at the top. This tube can be used to introduce fine surgical instruments that can be used to remove implants and cysts from the endometrium.

    Medications for endometriosis do not help

    Endometriosis is sometimes treated with drugs instead of surgery: hormonal preparations containing progestins or GnRH analogs that slow the growth of endometriosis foci and so relieve the pain of the disease. However, this purely medicinal endometriosis treatment does not influence fertility.

    The same applies to treatment with GnRH analogs after an endometriosis operation: the hormones are said to calm the remaining foci of endometriosis. However, so far there is no evidence that the combination of surgery and hormone therapy is more effective than surgery alone: ​​it does not help against the pain of endometriosis, and pregnancy should not become a combination therapy. Also, hormonal preparations can have unpleasant side effects (hot flashes, sleep disturbances, mood swings, etc.). Experts, therefore, advise against postoperative GnRH treatment in patients with infertile endometriosis.