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  • Result after varicocele surgery: natural treatment

    A varicocele is a magnification of the veins in your scrotum. Varicocélectomy is a surgical procedure performed to remove these dilated veins. The procedure is performed to restore adequate blood flow to your reproductive organs. When a varicocele develops in your scrotum, it can block blood flow to the rest of your reproductive system. The scrotum is the bag that contains your testicles. Since blood cannot return to your heart through these veins, the blood pools in the scrotum and veins become abnormally large. This can reduce your sperm count.

    Many of you have a varicocele and want to do the operation. But they would like to know the results after varicocele surgery of other patients and their opinion. In this article, we will talk about natural treatment to cure varicocele without surgery and restore fertility. We will also give the floor to Jean Dominique Kouchner. A patient who has undergone varicocele surgery and who tells us about his results after the operation.

    How to cure varicocele with plants and avoid the operation?

    First, varicocele is not a fatality whose only way out is an operation. The use of natural plants makes it possible to cure varicocele permanently by avoiding surgery. The natural remedy for the cure of varicocele that we offer is entirely herbal. It is a natural remedy that successfully cures varicocele by strengthening the valves  located in the veins of the spermatic cords. So the veins become tonic and tenacious to facilitate the dynamic rise of blood along the veins. This is to join the most important veins such as the left renal vein and the inferior vena cava. So it has proven its effectiveness with dozens of solved cases. Combined with an adapted diet, it makes it possible to treat varicocele quite easily. So, it is the best natural remedy to cure varicocele and avoid the operation.

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    Here is the opinion and results of jean Dominique after varicocele surgery:

    Jean Dominique Kouchner: Last year, at this time, I developed intense groin pain. It seemed to come and go, but I was driving a lot for work and it was much worse when I was sitting in the car for long periods of time. At first, I thought it was cancer. After a few weeks of worry and discomfort, I visited my general practitioner. He examines me and then does an ultrasound. The radiographer told me it was a varicocele. He explained to me that it was a testicular varicose vein. So I was relieved. My attending physician referred me to a specialist, Dr. Pierre Crowe, a radiologist at Priory Hospital in Paris. Dr. Bennett explained that varicocele, like varicose veins in the legs, are caused when the valves are defective. Normally, these valves open and close and are connected to the heart, but when they do not close properly, blood accumulates in the veins around the testicles. That's why you can have this discomfort that drags on and hurts you. Dr. Bennett said the problem could easily be solved. The usual operation is to cut above the scrotum, then cut through the tissues to reach the problem and tie it up - as they do in varicose vein surgery.

    But I could have a new procedure, where a small injection of local anesthetic was inserted into the groin. Then, under radiographic control, they would go to the end of the testicles. Then, tiny reels would be injected into the blood. While these seals the vein, one of the other veins naturally takes control of the blood supply. I knew there and then that I wanted the procedure. Last September, during the operation, I was well awake, but I couldn't feel anything. It was about half an hour and I didn't need a bandage on the little cut they made in the groin. After a few hours in the recovery room, I went home. It didn't hurt and I was back at work the next day. Unfortunately, since my varicocele operation, the pain has been felt all the time, especially in my left testicles. I also found that sexually, I am sometimes helpless.

    Disappointed, I tried the natural treatment to cure varicocele. They delivered this treatment to me in Paris in 24 hours by Dhl. The treatment to last 2 months. I'm so glad I did it. My varicocele has completely disappeared. More pain, more heating of the testicles. I am cured. Now I can drive long distances painlessly.