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tephrosia toxica and hepatite b

  • Is there a natural treatment for hepatitis C?

    QUESTION: “My mother was diagnosed with hepatitis C, and she must receive treatment which consists of taking 17 tablets per day and one injection per week for 6 months! I do not agree, I believe that this treatment will cure the liver, but it will destroy what is already healthy. I wanted to know if there is a natural treatment or remedies to treat hepatitis C. Thank you very much. "

    ANSWER: The hepatitis C virus (HCV) as well as the hepatitis B virus (HBV) are common causes of chronic hepatitis. About 75% of cases of HCV infection are chronic. Although the mechanism that causes chronicity is unknown, liver damage mainly depends on the patient's immune response to the infection.

    In chronic HCV infection, patients may be asymptomatic, although general malaise, anorexia and fatigue may appear as frequent symptoms and are sometimes associated with not too high fever and nonspecific discomfort. the upper quadrants of the abdomen. It can also happen that it is sometimes associated with other diseases.

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    Our natural remedy also has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, which help in the treatment and prevention of liver problems. It also gives the antioxidants that help maintain overall liver health.

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    Hepatitis C does not always require treatment. There are 6 genotypes of the virus and each can respond differently to treatment. For this reason, before starting, it is necessary to carry out a careful evaluation to determine the most suitable therapeutic method for the patient.

    Combination therapy with interferon and ribavirin has been the basis for the treatment of hepatitis C. Unfortunately, interferon is sometimes not well tolerated and many patients do not complete treatment. In addition, some genotypes respond better than others.

    Scientific advances have made it possible to obtain new antiviral drugs that may be more effective and better tolerated than current drugs to treat hepatitis C. Recently, some countries have authorized the use of telaprevir and boceprevir, two new drugs.

    In chronic hepatitis with HCV, treatment should be indicated if the levels of aminotransferase (AST / ALT) are high and if the biopsy reveals an active inflammatory disease with progressive fibrosis. Treatment aims to permanently eliminate HCV RNA (sustained response), which is associated with permanent normalization of aminotransferase concentrations and halting histological progression.

    Combination therapy with pegylated IFNα (interferon) and ribavirin gives the best results.

    What is usually done is an assessment of the condition of the liver, as I have already commented, and from here, and depending on the genotype of the patient, the start of conventional treatment with dual or triple therapy is evaluated (in genotype 1), a treatment which will last between six and twelve months.

    In addition to this conventional treatment which helps us to reduce the viral load, there are other types of treatments which can be adjuvant and provide us with a higher rate of positive results, reducing the side effects of conventional treatment and offering better quality. of life, as well as helping our body to reduce the inflammatory processes that perpetuate the disease and promote liver fibrosis.

    That is, they will help the patient maintain a better physical condition, exhibit greater organic resistance to the virus, and obtain a better response to conventional treatment.

    We must include in these treatments acupuncture which will help us to correct the energy disorders caused by the disease itself and the conventional treatment if it is carried out, thus reducing fatigue, the decrease in immunity, anemia, nausea, muscle pain, emotional disturbance involved. Homeopathy minimizes side effects and the drainage of the liver improves the functionality of the organ. Keep in mind that the disease itself and conventional treatment raise free radicals, so it should be supplemented with orthomolecular therapy, with supplements of vitamin C, selenium, vitamin B12 ...

    We will not forget to adapt the patient's diet which helps regenerate damaged cells and avoid alcohol and other toxic substances, including usual consumer drugs.

    It is important to have good control by a professional who assesses the start of conventional treatment and indicates the possible integral treatments to follow for adequate control and restoration of the patient suffering from chronic hepatitis C. This helps prevent the progression of the disease to cirrhosis of the liver and in some cases, hepatocellular carcinoma.