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    Heavy and tight feeling in the legs, night cramps, swollen varicose veins indicate insufficient venous circulation. There's a lot we can do about worsening initial complaints - we'll show you how.

    Today, chronic venous disease affects about a third of the adult population. Venous valves in the walls of the veins ensure the proper direction of blood flow from the legs to the heart. However, if this mechanism fails for some reason (for example, inadequate venous valve function or damage, especially after deep vein thrombosis), the return of blood and stagnant in the limb increases the pressure in the venous system and blood vessels. Inflammatory tissue processes begin in the venous wall and on venous touches.

    In this, white blood cells and free radical reactions play a leading role. Later micro circulation (the permeability of capillaries increases) and then the lymphatic drainage system is damaged, leading to swelling of the lower limb.

    Natural herbal treatment for venous insufficiency 

    This natural remedy is the secret to curing heavy legs with plants. It is much more effective than conventional drugs. Indeed, plants have real assets to relieve the symptoms of venous disease, and at all stages. It would be a shame for you to miss this opportunity.

    Our natural solution to cure venous insufficiency / heavy legs is a herbal remedy and balm. Our natural treatment for  heavy legs is made up of herbs  which have a protective effect and stimulate the walls of veins and small blood vessels, which reduces inflammation and swelling. It dilates the blood vessels and promotes venous engorgement, causing unpleasant sensations of heavy legs.

    This natural remedy also contains tannins and flavonoids, which gives it venotonic and capillary protective effects. Our balm decongests and thins the blood. This helps strengthen the walls of the veins. It will therefore have very positive effects on heavy legs. From the first weeks of the natural anti-heavy legs treatment, you will feel a significant reduction in pain, swelling and tingling. You will feel much better. The use of plants offers a major advantage, the cure is permanent.

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    Symptoms of chronic venous insufficiency

    Chronic venous insufficiency is a disease caused by increased venous pressure in the lower limbs, which can take various forms, from varicose veins to swelling of the limbs to ulceration of the legs.

    After the first complaints (feeling of heaviness and tension in the legs, fatigue of the limbs, swelling of the legs, mainly nocturnal calf cramps, intense urge to move the legs after bedtime, feeling of ants climbing and stabbing in the legs, itching ), the surface has progressed brown discoloration of the skin, swelling of the legs and a leg ulcer can be observed.

    There are several medical procedures that can remove varicose veins, but rarely home treatment for varicose veins will eliminate them.

    However, the habits you can have at home will prevent new varicose veins from appearing. See what they are:

    1. Regular physical activity

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    Physical activity is very important for circulation, especially activities that exercise the muscles of the legs.

    “In order for the blood to return to the heart, it must also be pumped. And who does this work, in part, are our muscles, ”says vascular surgeon Leonardo Almeida.

    It can be any exercise, as long as it is to strengthen the muscles of the thighs and calves.

    2. Specific exercises

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    In addition to general physical activity, there are some simple exercises that can help bring blood back to the heart. "They activate the muscles of the calves and feet, pumping the blood present in the venous system," says Almeida.

    The specialist describes two simple exercises:

    • Stand on tiptoe and come back again and again
    • Sitting, straighten your legs and move your feet up and down as if you are accelerating a car.

    3. Leg elevation

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    Moreover, a simple recommendation that helps a lot in the home treatment and prevention of varicose veins is to elevate the legs above the heart whenever possible.

    “This causes the force of gravity to act, helping the blood to return to the heart,” explains the vascular surgeon.

    It sounds complicated, but it's quite simple: While lying down, place a pillow high under your feet, allowing your feet to be higher than your lying chest.

    4. Horse chestnut gel

    Horse chestnut - Dissolvurol laboratory

    The Indian chestnut (not to be confused with the Indian nut!) Is a seed closely related to vascular health.

    “It works by reducing cellular activities that are very common in patients with chronic venous insufficiency, by decreasing the amount of fluid outside the blood vessel, which keeps the legs swelling,” Almeida believes.

    Horse chestnut is usually applied as a gel, which can be purchased ready to use.

    5. Foods that Boost Circulation

    Certain foods stimulate circulation and can be used simultaneously with other treatments for varicose veins, be aware of them:

    Fresh garlic

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    Garlic is rich in a series of minerals that help improve the tone of blood vessels, such as: "manganese, potassium, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, selenium, sodium, iron, zinc, copper", lists nutritionist Andrea Geson.

    The bioflavonoid quercetin and the complex of vitamins A, C and B also play an important role in this process.

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