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  • Natural solution for safe penis enlargement

    Is your dick small? Are you looking for a natural way to enlarge the penis without side effects? You are not the only one.

    Most men want their penis to be a little larger, regardless of its current size. Many of you say to yourself: it is too small, with 8 cm more, my girlfriend will be fully satisfied.

    Dawabio experts recently conducted a survey of more than 20,000 people. This study revealed that 45% of men wanted a longer penis.

    Many of you have probably first thought about penis enlargement surgery or penoplasty to enlarge your wiener. Be aware that any penis enlargement operation involves a risk and it can become dangerous very quickly. Unlike the operation, there are natural solutions to quickly enlarge the wiener without side effects.

    You have a micro penis, a medium-sized bangala, a small dick, a short penis. You wish to make the lady come and avoid humiliation. We have what you need.

    1-The best plants to enlarge and lengthen the penis

    Dawabio experts have done extensive research for 25 years to offer you the best solution in the world to make the wiener bigger and longer. This is a blend of African medicinal plants that allows you to grow and lengthen your dick without side effects.

    This natural treatment surpasses conventional treatments. Indeed, even if they can increase the size of your penis, they have side effects that could be much greater than the benefits you could find them, it will make your penis grow naturally, permanently and simply by stimulating your testicles to produce more testosterone (a hormone of virility and the development of secondary sexual characteristics).

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    2-The GOURO roots

    GOURO roots are very popular in West Africa, especially in Ivory Coast. They make it possible to enlarge and lengthen the penis very quickly. GOURO roots are also very effective in permanently curing premature ejaculation. These roots will make your penis grow quickly, naturally and permanently by stimulating your testicles to produce more testosterone (a hormone that promotes virility and the development of secondary sexual characteristics). No matter if you have a tiny penis, these natural roots will make it grow and grow to the desired size. And even if you already have a "normal" penis size, this treatment will make your penis bigger and bigger.


    3-The penis stretching exercise

    Stretching the penis is an excellent tactic that will help you add a few inches to your penis. It may seem a little strange but it really works. You must follow the following steps:

    • Eating foods high in saturated fat and calories during physical inactivity can cause your penis to contract significantly. It can also lead to serious virility problems and poor health in general.
    • Lack of physical activity increases cholesterol levels in the arteries, which disrupts the circulation of blood in the penis, causing it to shrink. A healthy lifestyle will improve penis size and health.
    • Use your hand to massage the tissues along your penis. This is intended to stretch the skin and create "micro-toles" in the tissues. Tissues may appear clogged during healing, which will lengthen your penis.
    • Some exercises (jelging) can also increase the circumference (size) of the penis.

    To properly perform penis stretching, you may need several devices such as:

    • The penis pump: A penis pump is a cylinder-shaped chamber filled with air that you attach to your pelvic area. They are known to produce an immediate erection. Proper use of the penis pump will increase the length of your penis.
    • Penile traction devices: The device pulls on your penis to change its curvature.

    4-Vitamin E

    Vitamin E is often used to cure premature ejaculation and sexual weakness.

    Indeed, vitamin E facilitates blood circulation and also stimulates penile growth. This ensures that blood circulates well in your penis. This allows your wiener to increase in size very quickly and become more solid.

    5-Ginkgo Biloba

    Ginkgo leaves are very rich in natural ingredients used to make natural supplements. The Dawabio experts did an excellent job of examining and testing it.

    For a very long time, men have used ginkgo supplement to increase penis size, strength and also for sexual desires.

    It has been scientifically proven that ginkgo facilitates the circulation of blood to the extremities of your body. It also allows your penis to increase in size very quickly and become more solid. In other cases, Ginkgo Biloba is used as a remedy to reduce the problem of aging.

    6-Vitamin B5

    At present, vitamin B5 is one of the remedies to enlarge and lengthen the penis. It helps in the cellular metabolism of the penis by ensuring that the penile cells are well irrigated.

    Vitamin B5 also speeds up the recovery process and helps to increase energy. It is very useful when penis enlargement.

    7-Goat grass or Epimedium

    This plant is called HERB TO GOAT because, in 1230, herbalists noticed a change in goats after consuming the plant. Goats have become more sexually efficient and their sex has become longer.

    In traditional African and Chinese medicine, Epimedium is used to treat the problem of erectile dysfunction. This is due to the reason why it contains compounds that have an effect similar to that of Viagra.

    When combined with other herbal medicines, it helps men to stimulate penis growth. It is effective and can promise excellent results for men.

    8- Shea butter

    This miraculous fat, known as "Shea butter" to our English-speaking friends, is extracted from the nuts of an imposing plant that grows only in Africa, more precisely in countries like Nigeria, Mali and Cameroon: Shea butter. You will find it everywhere in your everyday cosmetics.

    Shea butter is rich in mono-unsaturated fatty acids, oleic acids. They represent between 40% and 60% of all the fatty acids in this butter. These are commonly referred to as "good fats". These properties rank it alongside olive and canola oils, which are the oils recommended by doctors for our diet. And so, dear readers, unlike palm oil, consuming shea butter will only do your cardiovascular system great good.

    Let's get back to our main topic, here are some tips you can put into practice by using shea butter to lengthen your penis:

    • Lubricate your penis with shea butter, lubricate all along the plant penis from the pubic area to the tip of the penis.
    • Massage the base of the penis and the perineum (compress your penis and slide your hand from the base of the penis to its head while maintaining the same pressure, do it very slowly to allow the muscles of your penis to better interpret exercise) this exercise will allow your penis to gain length made as many times as you can
    • Massage the penis in width (this exercise consists of lubricating both hands, take your penis with both hands and put both hands to push at the base of your penis, compress the penis with your shoots and slide them to the head of your penis, maintain the same pressure and do it very slowly to allow the muscles of your penis to properly interpret this exercise done as many times as you can -Pull the penis with sudden, dry movements as if your intention was to tear off your penis, but be careful to do it with great delicacy to avoid hurting yourself

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