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  • Epilepsy and work: natural remedy to treat epilepsy

    What is epilepsy?

    The term epilepsy comes from a Greek word meaning "to be seized". Epilepsy is a neurological disease that can take many forms and occur through seizures. A seizure is a symptom: it derives from the fact that one or more groups of neurons, or sometimes the whole brain, have synchronous paroxysmal electrical discharges associated with hyperexcitability. The seizures have very different manifestations which vary according to the localization of the electric discharge, but also of the very localized or diffuse character of this discharge. Almost unpredictable, epilepsy can be a real social and professional handicap

    What is the best natural treatment for epilepsy?
    After 25 years of extensive research, Dawabio experts have discovered the best natural herbs to cure epilepsy. This natural remedy is active in all epilepsy attacks. Thus, it is suitable for children as well as adults. Modern medicine offers drugs for epilepsy: phenytoin, carbamazepine, valproic acid, gabapentin, etc. Unfortunately, these drugs often cause many disastrous side effects and are not always effective. They inhibit seizures but are not curative. Trust us! Our natural treatment is the secret to preventing epileptic seizures by plants.
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    Can we work when we have epilepsy?

    Finding a job is one of the most common challenges faced by people with epilepsy. About 50% of people with epilepsy have difficulty finding and keeping a job. Up to 50% of those who find a job are underemployed, which means that their positions do not make full use of their skills and experience.
    First, having epilepsy doesn't necessarily prevent you from working. However, when you suffer from epilepsy, certain precautions are to be taken for certain jobs.
    Indeed, anyone who suffers from epilepsy has his or her work affected. It mostly depends on the type of work done and the risks that epilepsy attacks can cause.

    How epilepsy affects your physical ability at work
    If your epilepsy is controlled, it will not greatly affect your ability to do physical work. However, it is obvious that you cannot do any type of physical work during an epileptic seizure. The possibility of an epilepsy attack can also be a significant risk in most workplaces where physical work is performed. In addition to the danger it represents for you, it is also a threat to your colleagues. Obviously, the degree or risk involved depends on the type of seizures you are having and your symptoms.

    How epilepsy affects your mental capacity at work
    For many, the mere thought of an epileptic seizure at work is enough to cause significant anxiety. Sometimes this anxiety is so severe that it is impossible to keep gainful employment. Others believe that environmental conditions can trigger crises, preventing them from functioning in many workplaces. Many people with epilepsy also experience depression, anxiety, or other psychiatric or neurological conditions that can also interfere with their ability to concentrate or do any type of work.

    Social security epilepsy and disability
    The Social Security Administration (SSA) has guidelines for determining whether your epilepsy is severe enough to be eligible for Social Security disability benefits. To be eligible for disability benefits, your epilepsy must be documented by a doctor. Ideally, your request should include as much testimony as possible from those who have witnessed your seizures. You must be able to demonstrate that you are undergoing medical treatment (for at least three months) and that the treatment does not control your epilepsy and other symptoms to the point where you can reasonably function on a job site.

    Whether you have seizures during the day, overnight or both, you need to show that your epilepsy has a big impact on your ability to function during the working day. If generally, you experience more than one attack per month despite treatment, you must meet the registration criteria. If your seizures are less frequent but still make it impossible to function in a work environment, you can still be qualified, but you will have to prove that you cannot reasonably expect to work.
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    If you are considering applying for Social Security disability benefits for epilepsy, consider contacting a Social Security disability lawyer to review your claim and represent you. Applicants with professional representation are almost twice as likely to have their disability claims approved.