natural epilepsy treatment

  • natural treatment of epilepsy with medicinal plants

    Epilepsy is a dangerous medical condition because seizures can happen anytime, anywhere. An epilepsy (brain storm) attack is an excessive and uncontrolled surge of nerve cells in the brain. There are many types of seizures that cause symptoms ranging from lightning-fast muscle twitches lasting less than a second to full convulsions lasting two to three minutes.
    Epilepsy, if left untreated, can dramatically degrade a person's quality of life, work, and serious injury or even death. If you have a child with epilepsy, it may even prevent him/her from playing certain video games.
    Medication can help patients take a big step forward in managing their epilepsy by identifying the triggers for epilepsy. Each person with epilepsy reacts in a unique and often unpredictable way to treatment. Over the counter drugs can help prevent seizures, but over time, patients may become resistant to the effects of these drugs.
    If you are in this case, be rest assured! nature offers more effective alternatives. The research of dawabio experts has allowed them to identify certain plants that are very effective in spacing as much as possible, or even completely preventing epileptic seizures. There are 7 natural remedies for epilepsy. They are:

    The natural treatment to cure epilepsy that we offer allows you to naturally decrease the frequency of epilepsy attacks. We use the best natural plants in the world to cure epilepsy. This natural remedy blocks the electrical impulse in the brain by decreasing the reactions of the neurons which provoke the crises.

    1- African medicinal plants

    This mixture of medicinal plants naturally reduces or even permanently eliminates the frequency of epilepsy attacks. The herbal tea is made of plants whose active ingredients will help you prevent or space out your seizures for a permanent cure for epilepsy. How does it work?
    First, this natural remedy blocks the electrical impulse in the brain by decreasing the reactions of the neurons which provoke the crises. Second, it has a property on brain receptors which amplifies the action against seizures.
    Finally, herbal tea also helps to eliminate anxiety and stress in people with epilepsy. When you know that stress is, in many cases, a trigger for epileptic seizures, it immediately reassures you. This natural treatment is very effective and has already enabled many patients to no longer suffer from seizures. This is the quick fix for fighting epilepsy.
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    2-Vitamin B-6
    Vitamin B-6 is used to treat a rare form of epilepsy (pyridoxine-dependent seizures). This type of epilepsy usually develops in the womb or soon after birth. It is your body’s inability to properly metabolize vitamin B-6. Taking vitamin B6 will allow you to space out your seizures. Here are the foods rich in vitamin B6: fatty fish (mackerel, salmon, tuna), organ meats (livers), poultry, meats and potatoes.
    3-fish oil
    According to a study by Dawabio experts, only 3 capsules of fish oil per day, or approximately 1080 mg of omega-3 fatty acids, significantly reduce the incidence of epilepsy in patients.3
    Indeed, low doses of omega-3 fatty acids, a key component of fish oil capsules, can help reduce the frequency of epilepsy attacks in people who have developed resistance to drugs.
    4- Vitamin E
    In some people with epilepsy, there is a deficiency in vitamin E. Or vitamin E increases antioxidant capacities. Which is beneficial for patients with epilepsy.
    Regular consumption of vitamin E helps reduce seizures in people with epilepsy whose symptoms are not controlled by conventional drugs. However, if you want to use vitamin E, don't give up on your medication. Here are the foods rich in vitamin E: wheat germ oil, sunflower oil, avocado oil, sunflower seeds, cod liver oil, hazelnut oil, Canola oil, cooked eel, etc.
    5-Grape seed extract
    The grape seed extract contains oligomeric proanthocyanidins, which are "highly protective compounds, especially for your hippocampus", the part of the brain involved in memory that "also houses one of your" input switches ".
    6- The mastery of oneself
    Some people with epilepsy try to control their brain activity to reduce the rate of seizures. Indeed, if you can detect the symptoms of an impending crisis, you may be able to stop it.
    Many people with epilepsy experience aura symptoms about 20 minutes before an attack. You may notice unusual smells, strange lights, or blurred vision. You may also experience symptoms for several days before the event (anxiety, depression, fatigue, bad headache)
    But, there are several methods of self-control to prevent or decrease the intensity of the crisis once it has arrived. However, all these techniques require good concentration. These are: meditation, walking, diving into a task, sniffing a strong smell,
    literally say the word "no"
    The problem with these methods is that there is not a single technique to stop a crisis. And nothing guarantees their effectiveness
    7-Cissus quadrangularis
    Cissus quadrangularis is a medicinal plant that has long been known to heal ligaments and tendons. But it is also very effective against epilepsy attacks. How do I use it?
    Put the roots of Cissus quadrangularis in a pot and make herbal tea.
    Drink a full glass of water morning and evening until symptoms improve