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How to get rid of frigidity with herbs recipes

How to get rid of frigidity with herbs, recipes

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In some cases, frigidity can be based on a congenital insufficiency of psychosexual functions. In this case, it is believed that such frigidity is constitutional and that a woman is never and in no way capable of experiencing sexual satisfaction.

These women can be healthy in all respects, they retain the ability to have children. Their sex glands are functioning normally, secondary sex characteristics and femininity are well expressed. Many of these women never feel sexual attraction to a man and do not enjoy hugging, kissing, etc. The sexual side does not play any role in their life, but it cannot be said that they are not able to love and cannot provide family happiness to their husbands and children.

Frigidity can be temporary or permanent. It can manifest itself not only as a complete absence of orgasm, but also as an aversion to sex. It should be noted that the lack of sexual satisfaction of a woman can most often be the result not of frigidity, but of the lack of harmony in sexual life. The cause of frigidity can be the delayed development of sexual feelings. It is known that sexuality in women often wakes up after marriage and even after pregnancy. The first marital relationship can be determined both by individual characteristics, temperament and upbringing. In some cases, frigidity is associated with infantilism, when the sexual feeling does not reach its development until the age of 26-28 years,

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Temporary inhibition of sexual function can be observed with neurosis, post-infectious asthenia, vitamin deficiencies, overwork, lack of sleep. Oppression of sexual desire can occur as a secondary defense reaction in a capricious woman, if she has remained dissatisfied for a long time during sex.

As a woman's sexuality develops, frigidity subsides and sexual attraction and sexual interests arise.

Mental trauma can also be the cause of frigidity. Basically, the onset of orgasm in women depends on psychological mood, and any unfavorable factors can prevent its occurrence. Unwanted mental factors that sometimes lead to frigidity can be: a feeling of disgust for a partner, disappointment with the chosen one, psychological incompatibility, a feeling of stiffness in an overly shy woman, fear of pregnancy, as well as endocrine disorders, traumatic, infectious or other diseases of the nervous system, intrauterine lesions, chronic intoxication (lead, nicotine, drugs), gynecological diseases that cause pain during sexual intercourse, altered sensitivity after trauma to the birth.

Treatment is carried out depending on the very cause of the disease. If the cause cannot be established, treatment is general.


There are observations that some herbs can reduce sexual coldness due to the peculiarity of their physiological effect on the body. In particular, it can be camphor (garden) basil, which has white or pink flowers and contains an essential oil rich in camphor. It improves blood circulation, improves the functioning of digestive organs, relaxes smooth muscles in the uterus, has an antimicrobial effect when taken orally, and has a positive effect on frigidity. You can collect flowers from plants several times during the summer, harvest them for future use, since it has an antiseptic effect, and therefore it is useful to use it during epidemics of influenza.

• For the treatment of frigidity, you need to take a mixture of 5 tbsp. l. basil flowers and millefeuille (1: 1) and pour 1 liter of Cahors wine, insist for three weeks, shaking occasionally. Take 3 tbsp. l. tinctures after meals 2-3 times a day.

• In vegetable gardens, abandoned plots, you can often find individual hemp plants. Collect the seeds of these plants, add salt lightly and take a teaspoon per day between meals.

• Coriander seeds are used to reduce frigidity. The seeds are harvested in the second half of August, when the fruits are already brown. For treatment, take two teaspoons of coriander seeds, pour a glass of water and stir. Drink this solution throughout the day. How many days to continue such a reception, only you can decide, because the recovery process is individual.

• Popular methods of treating frigidity also include the use of maple leaves. Its leaves are five-lobed, large. The fruit is a leaf with two wings. The leaves and shoots, which are harvested in the spring, are used as medicinal raw materials. Infusion and decoction of the leaves have a diuretic, choleretic, anti-inflammatory, analgesic and healing effect.

The main thing here is that maple is a tree that gives energy, it invigorates, raises the tone. To reduce frigidity, you need to take 1 tablespoon of dried crushed leaves and insist for an hour in 1 glass of boiling water. Drink 2 tablespoons three times a day.

• To improve sexual sensitivity, it is good to wear on your body, on the sides, 2-3 roots of verbena in the pharmacy, which should be changed every two weeks, and before rubbing a woman should take 1 teaspoon. bee honey soup.

Women should consume dairy products rich in fruits and vegetables. Spicy foods, alcohol and tobacco should be completely eliminated. In the morning it is useful to drink a decoction of oats for breakfast. To do this, boil 1 glass of oats in 1 liter of water until the volume is reduced by half, add 2 glasses of milk and boil. Drink 1 glass each, adding 1 teaspoon of cocoa and honey to taste.

Before lunch, be sure to have a salad of fresh coleslaw with the addition of a small amount of wine vinegar and vegetable oil.

It is useful to drink a decoction of celery instead of water. For this you need to take 4 tbsp. l. stems and leaves of celery, 25-30 berries of wild rose and cook them in 1 liter of water for 10-15 minutes.

It is advisable to consume with food three times a day, 1 g of powdered dried parsley leaves, and if using fresh leaves, 5-10 g.

We wish you success and be in good health!

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